Try This FUN Shooting Drill That Trains You To Think & Shoot Under Stress


Imagine a drill that teaches you how to present from the holster, get multiple rapid shots on multiple targets, forces you to do emergency reloads and think under stress …

Plus, it’s fun and you can compete against your friends!

Even better — you only need 21 rounds of ammunition. That means you can do this drill TWICE at the range with just one box of ammo.


There’s not a better, more complete drill than this one.

The CASINO Drill by Tom Givens

As you know, I love Tom Givens and I’ve taken a few courses with him. I hope to train with him more in the future too!

This is his drill that I’ve shot a few times at his courses.




Start with 7 rounds in your holstered gun, and 2 7 round magazines in your mag pouch. total of 21 rounds.

You are 7 yards form the target (21 feet).

The time to beat (eventually) is 21 seconds.

You need a shot timer but for starters you could use a stop watch

At the buzzer shoot the 1 once the 2 twice the 3 three times the 4 four times the 5 five times and the 6 six times.  You will need to reload after the 1st shot on the 4 and after the 4th shot on the 5.

So it gets its name  because of the Casino game black jack or 21

21 rounds

21 seconds

21 feet

The goal is of course no misses

We use this as a baseline for our students.  they shoot it and write there time on the target.  The next time they shoot it they get to see how much they improved in accuracy and speed.

Try The Casino Drill and Put Your Time In The Comments Below!

I believe that the last time I shot this drill (If I’m recalling correctly), I did it in 14.something seconds at Tom’s Rangemaster Instructor Course.

See how you measure up!

Shoot this drill the next time you go to the range and post your time in the comments!



  1. Caleb
    Been running this routine on team member recruits for decades (with hand made targets since these are not that old) and it is the best way to get someone acclimated to thinking and shooting. With our drug interdiction team we train for reality and not practice as civilians do for “the possibles” and I can tell you this drill is GREAT. Couple it with adding in a second person to call out specific zones after the entire casino is done and you have a perfect way to warm up dead brain cells and to acclimate the shooters to no longer focus on accuracy but to focus on getting lead into the BG fast with you in the lead rather then following the BG’s lead
    Thanks for posting the drill and thanks to your mentor for doing the video.
    Dr D

    • Thanks for your comment Dr. Dave!

      It’s definitely a great drill and I could listen to Tom Givens talk all day 🙂

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    • @rose harris

      Do you even know what planet you’re on? Or what the subject of this article is? It sure isn’t about the problem that you have.

  3. If I need 21 shots, I best stay home. 21 feet is a wonderful wish. But there is more to shooting than just target selection. Obstacles, others in the line of fire, not knowing what is behind a wall in the line of fire, Plan B if you miss, risk to friends or family in your company, innocent people in the line of fire behinds you. All play a role in your decision process that has to be done immediately.
    Guns are usually barred in places where alcohol is served and rightly so. History has proved folly of that. But everywhere else, thinking is more vital than the defense weapon. Can these obstacles be overcome? Certainly. You may have to move from your present location a bit and you may be able to find a place to steady yourself for as better shot and better protection against any return fire. YOU have time for options if you are not the intended victim

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