Will This Biden Screw-Up Justify Less Gun Control To Liberals?


It’s no secret that our country is sharply divided over politics these days, and the current administration in the White House has garnered its fair share of criticism. The situation has gotten so bad with the policies being pushed and the outcomes of those policies, that even traditionally politically left-leaning media like The New York Times have started criticizing the Biden administration.

Even many people who were celebrating Biden’s move into the White House seven months ago are upset about his handling of the recent huge foreign policy screw up.

Of course, I’m talking about the fall of Afghanistan to one organization known to support terrorists and which has now placed both U.S. citizens and Afghani allies of the U.S. there in danger.


It is a terrible mess.

But there is something about this situation that both for pro-gun and anti-gun people need to think about. Lee Williams is concerned that the Taliban having U.S. military materials (firearms, vehicles, etc.) is a real threat to people in the U.S. because of the Taliban’s terrorist activities, and Americans should pay attention to how other parts of the world react to terrorist threats. Williams writes,

[A Taliban terrorist attack on U.S. soil is] almost a certainty, especially with their drug cartel connections. It’s just a matter of time. Therefore, the time to harden the Homeland is now.

When Israel faces an imminent threat, they suspend and relax their firearms restrictions. (Yes, Israel has firearms regulations too.) It’s time for us to follow suit – right now – rather than waiting until after the terrorists strike. National constitutional carry would be a good first step. It would end the confusing patchwork of local, county and state gun laws, and allow American to protect themselves from any threat, regardless of their zip code.

Imperial Japan’s Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto once said: “You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” His quote is as true now as it was then.

We need to make ready now, rather than waiting for the next 9/11-style attack. For once in our history, we should be proactive about a serious terrorist threat, rather than waiting until more American lives are lost.

Political liberals need to take note: when there are real concerns about a terrorist attack, other countries encourage their citizens to have firearms. And we should, too. In fact, that is one of the justifications for private firearms ownership that may actually make sense to political liberals who have tended to hate firearms.

Yes, protecting Americans should be on everyone’s mind, and widespread gun ownership is one of the most effective ways to do just that.



  1. Only a fool doesn’t want to be able to protect himself or herself from criminals! Or terrorists! So if you think guns are the problem trying showing me a gun that kill someone? No! You can’t! Because first of all a gun can’t fire without someone finger on the trigger! So how is it the guns fault that someone get shot? Why, not go walk the street on Chicago without a gun. Let see you survive that!

    • Can’t argue with the facts Wyatt, I would not even think of walking on the South Side of Chicago even during daylight, not even being armed. We cannot afford to count on our government to protect us because we know that they won’t, they actually have no intention to protect us. And, for sure, we cannot expect our local police forces to protect us either, their job is to respond when called, by that time it is too late to protect yourself. And you are right, no guns do not kill, why they can’t even fire themselves without someone pulling the trigger.

  2. The Biden administration shouldn’t even utter the word gun control ever again. They literally turned over nearly 1 million burst/ fully automatic small arms to the Taliban! If a private US citizen sold just 1 gun and 1 night vision scope to an enemy of the nation they’d face decades in jail. Let alone all the military vehicles and aircraft the Taliban now have too. You can have my guns after you go get all the US made weapons back from an enemy of the state . Thanks again Sleepy Joe!

  3. If the Admirals quote was true, we would have never have invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Afghani’s were armed with anti tank weapons, mines and fully automatic weapons, but it didn’t deter the USA and they were conditioned for war.

    Same thing in Iraq.

    America back than wasn’t as divided as we are today.

    I believe the majority of gun owners would turn in their guns when the Gov’t tells them.

    Antifa and BLM would join any invading army and good percentage of Americans would go along with an occupation.

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