1 Major City FINALLY Shows Some Sense On How To Combat Crime


Why do people in major cities in America keep electing anti-gunners to be their mayors? Why do they keep putting their lives in greater danger by making themselves, basically, defenseless?

Sadly, though, mayors like that keep getting elected. You know, mayors like New York’s Bill de Blasio and like Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot.

Lightfoot has had an unexpected change of heart, though, when it comes to trying to keep her citizens safe, and while it may not be obvious to her why her solution could work, I suspect that it will be as obvious to you as it is to me. Phil Shiver writes,


Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot appears to have reversed course on her failed “defund the police” efforts as soaring violent crime continues to rock the city.

Gregory Pratt and John Byrne give more details:

Mayor Lori Lightfoot unveiled a $16.7 billion spending plan Monday that boosts funding for police, relies on federal money to help fill the city’s budget hole and funds a host of new community programs as she seeks to move Chicago past the ongoing pandemic and to address rampant gun violence.

Lightfoot for the first time outlined her full plan for spending nearly $2 billion in federal funds from the Biden administration’s American Rescue Plan, with most of the money going toward filling the city’s budget hole over the next three years.

That’s right. Lightfoot wants to re-fund the police which should actually make some dent in the crime wave that her city is experiencing right now.

What she should be asking, though, is why more police on the streets (which is what re-funding the police will do) will reduce crime.

The answer, of course, is that police officers typically carry firearms and are trained to use them against criminals. That makes criminals afraid and reduces the number of crimes committed.

Lightfoot could probably get the same or better results by removing all gun control in Chicago and allowing the people of Chicago to be able to defend themselves. But I’m not holding my breath to see that happen.



  1. “…that boosts funding for police, relies on federal money to help fill the city’s budget hole and funds a host of new community programs…”
    Relying on federal money comes with stipulations. I wonder what those new community programs are.
    Social workers responding to 911 calls? Ex felons becoming a $150,000 a year “Street Czar,” whose mission is to come up with “alternatives to policing,”? Community gun “buybacks”?
    For some reason I doubt the sincerity of Lori LightLoafers as well as the effectiveness of whatever communist plan she has devised.

  2. When you’ve hit the bottom, I guess any way to change course is a positive. I’m sure businesses are moving out and refuse to come back. She allowed riots and continued drug and street gang violence to flourish.

    While I agree with the author of the article about relaxing gun control laws; they’re of no importance, if you have liberal judges controlling the court system. When judges turn criminals loose with little to no punishment, but persecute people trying to defend themselves; citizens fight a losing battle.

  3. Chicago? For now at least? Good, as far as it goes, even if not on solid grounds. At first, I thought it was gonna be Detroit. I hear Detroit has been making some right moves when it comes to fighting crime and giving more respect for gun rights.

  4. Common Sense!
    And the “Bleeding stoppage” packages, good for up to 8 people injured, will help saving lives!
    With gauze, bandages, tourniquet, and other supplies, that will help Good Samaritan to get in action to save people!
    I wonder how long it took to browbeat that imbecile into accepting this plan!

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