[Video] Watch Black Gun Advocate DESTROY Alec Baldwin: ‘Baldwin Shooting Happened Because He Is Anti-Gun’


I think that we can all agree that what happened on the set of Alec Baldwin’s movie Rust is a tragedy. Anytime a human life is taken, it is a tragedy, and even more so when the person who was killed was innocent (as in not being an aggressor or committing a crime). Clearly, the woman who died on that movie set should still be alive, and it’s sad that she is not.

Having said that, I think that we can all also agree that Alec Baldwin, over the past several years, has been an absolute jerk in his treatment of legal gun owners and gun rights advocates. In fact, he has accused legal gun owners and gun rights advocates of being the cause of gun violence rates in America.

Even though the overwhelming majority of legal gun owners in America have killed less people with guns than Alec Baldwin has.


It would be comedic irony if it weren’t so terrible a situation.

Still, because Baldwin has been so vocally obnoxious and hostile towards legal gun owners, it doesn’t seem inappropriate to point out what is obvious to you and me: that woman would still be alive if Alec Baldwin had simply followed basic gun safety protocols. You know, the four basic gun safety rules:

  1. Treat every gun like it’s loaded.
  2. Keep your finger off of the trigger until you have your target in our sights and you’re ready to fire.
  3. Never point your firearm at anyone or anything that you aren’t willing to destroy.
  4. Know your target, what is around your target, and what is behind your target.

You’ve heard those rules before, sometimes phrased a little differently, but they are pretty much universally known by legal gun owners.

It would seem, though, that Alec Baldwin didn’t know them, and black gun rights advocate Colin Noir argues that it’s because Alec Baldwin is so rabidly and irrationally anti-gun that he didn’t know (or didn’t bother to follow) the basic rules of gun safety. You can see Noir take Baldwin to task in the video below.

What do you think? Is Noir right that this tragic killing happened because Alec Baldwin is anti-gun? Tell us your opinion below.



  1. There is one other reason Alec Baldwin had he been a gun owner. Check your ammo in your weapon you load your gun.Also if it was real loads the weight of your gun is different. Even from blanks. You would think after Brandon Lee’s death Hollywood would have a better check system. I’m guessing someone on set wanted to use the six gun for target practice. We that grew up with guns know the need for practice with a weapon but also the rush. I like guns first they’re a tool for protection second some are a work of art,Like John Wayne’s matched 45’s in the “The Shootist.” Third value most guns go up in price after purchase. I was raised that everyone should own a shotgun for quail and dove a scoped rifle for deer hunting a pistol for home protection, and all under lock and key
    . and no one borrows your guns ever.

  2. He needs to be tried for manslaughter, period! He is an ignorant man who thinks his shit doesn’t stink. He shot someone. He should be tried for it.

  3. Are all Hollywood actors that handle fake guns on shows required to take a firearm safety course? Are all actors that handle fake explosives on shows required to take safety courses involving explosives? If the answer is ‘no’ to these questions, why would anyone assume they know the safety rules? If a child picks up a gun and accidentally shoots someone, that child is never charged with murder or manslaughter, but the person responsible for the gun could be. In this case, the armorer handed out the weapon, and Mr. Baldwin was told it was ‘cold’, which is a Hollywood term for a weapon that cannot fire. Unless there is proof that Hollywood, the producers, or the director demanded that all actors handling alleged fake guns go through firearms safety training, any actor mishandling what he thought was not a weapon should never be considered guilty.

    • B.S. If you are not trained in handling firearms, and never had training in firearm safety you should not ever be in possession or have a firearm.
      I totally disagree with your complete article. If you have a firearm you are responsible for whatever happens while it is in your possession. Become someone “told” you that it was safe is a cop-out. If you leave a firearm where a child has access, YOU are responsible. If you want to own a firearm of any type, revolver, semi-auto pistol, shotgun, rifle, get some training, especially safety training pertaining to your weapon. Shooting is fun, more so when everyone is safe.

    • Children Lack the Awareness of an Adult, and that is Why They Usually aren’t Held Responsible! Baldwin is an ADULT this is On Him 1st the Others 2nd!

  4. With gun training in my civilian life, military and law enforcement I have seen how dangerous guns can be, I love to go to the range but one little mistake can change your and someone’s life really quick and it will be devistating, real guns should never be used in movies unless there is a modification made where real ammunition can’t be used in the gun, one trajic example is a police instructor thought that he had his simulation gun on him and fired at a cadet with his duty gun, any live fire gun should not be permitted in the training house for reasons like this, it is such a traumatic experience to shoot a person and it has to be so much worse when it is an accident.

  5. Alec is a self righteous pompous ass. He is a nothing actor that is easily impressed by himself. I was brought up understanding ONE principle “Safety First, Every firearm that you see is loaded, someone offers to let you look at a firearm, they Must Proof it first. If you find a firearm that you are not familiar with, call the authorities. Proof it means if someone wants to hand a firearm they must show you that the weapon is fully safe by showing you that the clip or cylinder is empty and there is nothing in the chamber or close by and it is locked open. Safety is not a one person operation, it is everyone near the weapon.
    After 36 years active service, and at least twice yearly “weapons training”, having training personnel “direct” you in every simple operation. There were two of us southpaws in the class, who were told not to follow our example as we were backward and shouldn’t be allowed around weapons. From LAC (private) to Warrant Officer I was treated to the same lessons and insults as the rest. Make a small error, even in terminology, and you could be assisting in weapons cleaning, 40 pistols, and 40 rifles.
    Any person that has to handle any firearm for any reason should required to take this training, given by QUALIFIED serving or retired members of the military. If you don’t pass the training or walk out of the course, you don’t get the qualification and will not be issued a firearm handling card and certificate Legal (Documents) and will be barred from handling firearms of any type. Stay safe and have fun working.

    • I am throwing up the BS flag on your comments.
      I spent 30 years in the MC but didn’t learn a damn thing from them, about weapons safety, that my father hadn’t already taught me.
      BTW, I also worked at weapons training, both pistol and rifle, and weapons safety, yet the state says I have to take a “state-approved” safety course to get a CCW. The military time and expertise is totally ignored.
      The CONSTITUTION says nothing about training requirements… Requiring a person to get a permit IS infringing on the right to keep and bear arms.

  6. Simply THE BEST common sense video I’ve EVER watched in my life. I’m 65 years old, white, male, and very PROGUN like or leave it. This is a free country!!! This young man should run for PRESIDENT! Thanks! Art

  7. I am a firearms instructor, and one of the first things we discuss in class are four simple rules to avoid this kind of tragedy. But as it goes, Baldwin is blaming everyone except the person responsible, himself. And as you pointed out in your video, this tragedy could have been avoided if he would have followed only one of the four basic rules, “Treat every firearm as if it is loaded”. I hammer it into my students, “when do you check a firearm?” “Every time you handle it”. He is now trying to shift the focus to an inexperienced armorer, who by the way, works for him.

  8. Alec Baldwin is surely responsible for the death of that young woman simply due to he was the one whom was handling the firearm. If this was anyone else who is not connected, they would have been arrested and charged with manslaughter, remember that trial just a few days ago, when that young man was charged with murder when he was simply trying to defend himself, and everyone was crying out for his blood? Why has not anyone cried out for Baldwin’s head? That is due to the corrupt politicians that are in the Whitehouse now . My prayers are out to that young woman’s family in these troubled times that we all face together.

  9. Actors like Baldwin are so detached from reality its sickening. In all his ignorance and narcissism he killed a human being. Now, he’ll have to live with it. Just a thought but If i was law enforcement i would investigate if baldwin had any hidden motive. Wouldnt that be a kick in the head if he had planned it?!

  10. Except for Rat Wrangler who seems to be totally out of touch with reality, I agree completely with all of your comments. That said, they, and many more like them (mine included), are really much ado about nothing. Alec Baldwin is rich and a Socialist and he likely knows Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of the hypocritical left. Hence, he won’t pay any kind of penalty for murdering that girl, let alone the jail time he so richly deserves. My only hope is that the events of that terrible day haunt him until he finally passes and goes to Hell.

  11. I can’t believe in this day and age baldwin didn’t have enough common sense to 1st not check the gun 2nd take somebody else’s word about the gun 3rd never point a gun at something unless you aim to destroy it. in reality this is just common sense. If any actor is to use a gun in a movie they should have to take a gun safety class. This man talks crap about guns and legally licensed gun owners and dose this. He should keep his big mouth shut and take a gun safety class. He should definitely be in jail.

  12. There are so many other reasons to dislike Alec Baldwin beyond his basic anti-gun stupidity. At the root, he’s just a rotten, entitled elitist who thinks the world should revolve around him. He’s chronically careless, negligent and doesn’t hesitate to bully anyone he needs to in order to get what he wants.


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