What Will Be The REAL Long-Term Effect Of The Rittenhouse Verdict? [Video]


Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few weeks, then, you know that the outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Wisconsin was that he was found not guilty to five charges. Tthe sixth charge, which was the weapons charge, was dropped during the trial because the prosecutor admitted during the trial that the AR-15 Rittenhouse carried during the incidents did not meet the legal definition of the type of firearm that a minor in Wisconsin was banned from having.

In other words, Rittenhouse was cleared of every charge.

Now, if we lived in a world in which everyone wanted real, impartial justice, Rittenhouse would be able to put this behind him and get on with his life. But anti-gunners were, predictably, infuriated by the verdict because they had already judged him guilty in spite of all available information about the case including video footage of the actual shooting incidents (You can see some of that video footage here.). Of course, Rittenhouse will have to deal with this ugly incident for the rest of his life.


What you may not realize, though, is that you and I will have to deal with the outcome of this trial, too. Why? Because anti-gun politicians and their lapdogs in the mainstream media are already showing indications that they are shifting the narrative to push gun control using the Rittenhouse acquittal has fuel for the emotional fire of uninformed people (and there are a lot of uninformed people with opinions when it comes to this case). Braden from Langley Firearms Academy give us examples of this shifting narrative. You can watch the video below.

Remember, not only are they trying to paint Rittenhouse as a white supremacist and vigilante, but they are going to try to paint you and I (regardless of your ethnicity or desire for peace) as white supremacists and vigilantes.

It’s these kinds of blatant lies that are causing Americans to lose what little trust and belief that we had in the mainstream media, and those lies are exactly why you need to continue to look for information on your own so that you can come to your own informed conclusion (instead of following the low-information misinformed conclusions of the mainstream media).

Here at Prepared Gun Owners, we’ll continue to bring you information and solid thinking outside of the mainstream media’s narrative on guns and gun control, so, please make sure to check back regularly for updated news and other information for you about guns and your gun rights.



  1. I quit listening to what lame stream Media has had to say about anything, nearly 40 years ago. They, and they alone are responsible for all the divide in this country with their outright and malicious lies and obfuscations.

    Every single Lying Journalist should be hung as punishment for their crimes as far as I’m concerned.

    • You are correct. The media showed their true colors when Stalin became Soviet Dictator in 1929. “Our Media” worshiped the ground he walked on, even calling for him to come here and show us how to run a government. The second bloodiest butcher in history – second only to Mao – and our media loved him; they also liked Hitler as long as he was Stalin’s ally – until he attacked Russia. Our media – with few except for a very few stalwarts – are that way now.

  2. Kyle Rittehouse proved all over America:
    1 . that the American Constitution is still alive and allows honest decent people to defend themselves with their weapons from pedophiles, robbers and murderers.
    2. Having destroyed the pedophile, Kyle avenged the abuse of the kids and saved the future victims from the vile pedophile Rosenbaum. Kyle did the job the police were supposed to do and didn’t.
    3. America has not yet lost hope that there is an honest Court, honest and courageous judges and lawyers who, despite the threats to their lives and the lives of their families, dare to defend the Law. Perhaps one day the Supreme Court of America will find the courage to stop hiding and begin to do the work for which it was chosen.
    THANK YOU Kyle for teaching us how to fight for our lives!

  3. Self defense…. sure … But why did he bring a gun in the first place??? Was the people he shot and killed threating His property or any of his belongings??? Or did he bring the gun hoping he got to use it???

  4. He didn’t bring a gun with him; a friend supplied him with one when the mob got more and more ugly. Our system does not require an attack victim to kneel for execution – at least not yet. The DemonRats are more than willing to try though. Sort of like NYC now.

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