The Would-Be Mass Shooting That The Mainstream Media Won’t Report


If there is one thing that we seem to be able to count on from the mainstream legacy media, it’s that we aren’t going to get honest reporting from them.

No, they’ll emphasize certain points while burying other relevant points in the bottom of the story, or they’ll play up the reporting of the stories that fit the narrative that they want to push.

Or, as is the case in a recent would-be mass shooting in West Virginia, the mainstream legacy media simply doesn’t report it at all in the hopes that it will go away.


But this is the kind of story that honest journalists should be telling precisely because it gives perspective on an issue that many people have very strong, very emotional thoughts about (hat tip to here for the lead). From the site:

Police said a woman who was lawfully carrying a pistol shot and killed a man who began shooting at a crowd of people Wednesday night in Charleston.

Dennis Butler was killed after allegedly shooting at dozens of people attending a graduation party Wednesday near the Vista View Apartment complex. No injuries were reported from those at the party.

Investigators said Butler was warned about speeding in the area with children present before he left. He later returned with an AR-15-style firearm and began firing into the crowd before he was shot and killed.

“Instead of running from the threat, she engaged with the threat and saved several lives last night,” Charleston Police Department Chief of Detectives Tony Hazelett said.

We know why the mainstream media isn’t talking about this story: a legal gun owner (and a woman, at that!) was on site and used a pistol to stop a would-be mass shooter (with a criminal record) from killing a bunch of people with an AR-15.

If this lady hadn’t been there, you would have already heard about this on the news. But she was there, and reading this is probably the first time that you’ve heard about this story.

That blatant dishonesty on the part of the legacy mainstream media is exactly why there are sites like this one and why you need to keep reading this site so that you can learn the truth that you won’t hear on CNN, MSNBC, or any of their friends.



  1. Does not fit their narrative , criminal record and a gun , laws say he is not suppose to have one …
    We all know that criminals follow the laws …

  2. If the Conservative reporter’s do not report it…..
    Then they are NOT Conservatives
    I did not hear it on “fox”
    I know I would not hear it on any DEMON RAT shows.
    All the reporter’s are TRAOTORS!

    • Stephane,
      I heard it on a FOX coverage of a Republican REP including the incident in his dressing down of the stupid Demonrats in a speach he was giving them yesterday !

  3. Too many instances a responsible gun owner prevents single or multiple potential deaths just by being a responsible 2nd amendment person.
    Incidentally, why should responsible gun owners be disarmed by a fool in the Oval Office who gave away thousands of rifles and lethal weapons when he turned tail in Afghanistan while there are still Americans there?

  4. That’s the kind of news I wanna hear. Honest truth news. The answer to today gun problems is that not enough good guys have guns. We need more guns. Not less guns.

  5. the news media is so stuck on socialism/communism they are actually causing more deaths than would be mass shooters. why isn’t someone screaming suppress freedom of press because of their actions or inaction cause more deaths and could actually invoke a revolutionary war.

  6. That’s why I call them (the so called mainstream media) the LameStreamMedia!!!

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