Do You REALLY Believe That ‘Only Some Will Carry Guns?’


As we get close to tax day in the U.S. (April 15), many Americans have the Internal Revenue Service on their minds, whether it’s because they’re hoping for a refund or because they’re dreading the taxes that they have to send in with their return (or the hassle of audits).

Even if you’re expecting a refund, though, most people are not fans of thinking about dealing with taxes and with the government’s tax enforcement organizations. After all, it’s one more thing to keep at the back of your mind in our busy, overly complicated lives.

The Biden administration, though, seems to think that it’s their duty to make our lives even more complicated and stressful. They did, after all, increase IRS funding to hire more people to make sure that you and I properly file our “voluntary” tax returns.


And to make matters worse, a number of those new IRS employees are going to be carrying guns.

But don’t worry, the Biden administration says, because only some will carry guns. Tom Ozimek writes,

A watchdog overseeing the IRS has revealed that the agency is hiring 5,582 tax enforcers this year, although it dismissed as “unfounded” media reports claiming the tax agency is hiring “87,000-armed enforcement agents” because only a fraction of the new hires will carry guns.

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), which is the watchdog overseeing the IRS, disclosed the agency’s hiring plans for 2024 in an April 3 report on how the IRS is spending its $78 billion funding boost.

The IRS got roughly $79.4 billion in supplemental funding when President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 into law, though Congress later clawed back around $1.4 billion.

Still, even with the clawback, the massive cash infusion represented a roughly 600-percent increase over the IRS’ prior year budget.

Just a 600% budget increase while Americans were struggling financially through the epidemic. But they’re looking out for us, right?

Ozimek continues:

The smallest number of new hires is armed special agents in the criminal division. The IRS plans to hire 402 of them this year, bringing the total by the end of the current fiscal year to 2,500.

Well, that makes me feel better. Just a 16% increase in gun toting IRS agents. Assuming that the number toting guns doesn’t spread to other divisions in the agency.

And do you really believe that will be the case?

You can call me cynical, but I don’t.



  1. Have you noticed the people in charge are confused. Everything is backwards. No common sense. And if you ask a question they will give you and answer with a question..WHAT. I believe to stick to the Bible. Be always prepared and don’t make friends to quickly.

  2. I’m sure it will be a small number of IRS agents who carry guns, for now. But soon it will become highly encouraged for the other IRS agents to qualify to carry, then it will be mandatory. All the while, Dems will increase their pressure on Biden and other Socialist politicians to disarm American citizens!

  3. Shortly before WW1 this country made the mistake of passing the 16th amendment to the US Constitution, which permitted income tax, which was originally against the Constitution. Then, along came withholding tax, when the politicians figured, “We wouldn’t miss it if we never saw it.” And besides which, we went from being able to keep what we earned, to the government being allowed to decide what we could keep. As they saw it, what they collected was theirs anyway in the first place, wasn’t it?

  4. And if any ones questions it they will most likely be iold some version of “the gov’t needs moneyto operate (and to support or bribe leaders ofother contries).

  5. The IRS truly believes your money is “TheIRS”. The amount you see on payday is refered to as “uncollected revenue” according to them. The active tax withholding is all that keeps the masses from sharpening their pitchforks, and storming the government. We don’t miss what we don’t see, same principle behind 401k, 403b, 457c member funded retirements. The replacement of a defined benefit helps the master class by removing their administrative burden and putting it on the employee/wage slave class.


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