Video Proof That Limiting Magazine Size Makes Virtually NO Difference


One of the most common bleats that we hear from the anti-2A sheep in the legacy mainstream media and elsewhere is that gun owners should be willing to limit magazine capacities because (according to them) no one needs that many bullets in a magazine and if it saves one life, it’s worth it.

As to the first “reason,” that just goes to show how little these people know about the physiological stress response to being in a gunfight. Even highly trained shooters (hopefully, that includes all members of law enforcement), tend to miss most shots in a gunfight situation. And that stress is worse if you’re the one taken by surprise and needing to defend yourself. So, yes, you do need as many shots in a magazine as you can carry so that you can do the work of self-protection that needs to be done when you are defending yourself.

As for the second “reason” why anti-2A people say that we should support limiting magazine capacity, well, a member of law enforcement was kind enough to give us proof as to why that would do virtually nothing to reduce the death count in a mass shooter situation. Watch the video below.


Now, if you watched the video, then, you noticed that the difference in time between shooting the same number of shots from multiple magazine sizes only has a difference of a few seconds. Taking the example of firing thirty shots from a semi-automatic pistol, the difference in firing thirty bullets from two fifteen-round capacity magazines and shooting thirty shots from six five-round capacity magazines was only 0.81 seconds.

Yes, less than one second difference.

If you know how quickly people die in the first few minutes of the average mass shooting, then, you know that this difference in shooting times caused by magazine changes would not have saved a single life in the typical mass shooter situation. Not one.

Like all proposals being put forth by gun control advocates, efforts to limit magazine capacity under the assumption that it will save lives is nothing more than doing something that feels good without even trying to find out if it will make any difference and which, in reality, doesn’t make any difference.

If anti-2A people actually cared to stop and think about the real causes of gun violence, then, maybe something would be done to reduce gun violence because they would be focusing on the root causes and not on disarming the Americans who are safe to have guns.



    • Good day Alan1018,
      I agree with you. I was trying to think how this would hurt Americans. You nailed it on the head.

  1. This should be required viewing for all voters. There should be a test before being allowed to vote again.

  2. The sound of dozen rounds being fired in rapid succession is intimidating. When a person hears 1 shot go off it often doesn’t register until they hear more then it sinks in to take cover or run. This in itself is why 3 shots is a standard first action. It reminds me of a case I heard about in Fla. long ago when a woman was mugged and she was carrying a 6 shot revolver in the fold of her purse on the night she got her pay for work at the diner, while standing outside in the dark waiting for the bus she would ride home she was assaulted and the criminal managed to get her purse from her but she managed to retain control of her pistol. while fleeing the scene she fired all six rounds hitting the attacker more than once. In court the Judge asked why she fire six round at the guy, her reply was because when she pulled the trigger the seventh time the pistol simple clicked. Judge dismissed the case with no further comments. As it has been stated before when asked how big of a gun should a person use, the answer is as big as it takes, same logic applies to how many rounds should a person be allowed or limited to. as many as it takes to get the task completed !!!! So suppose a person is attacked by a group of 7 it’s obvious 6 shots will not be enough. Now if you have 16+ and your effective shot placement is less than 20% it easily becomes apparent you don’t have enough to stop 7 attackers ! Now we all know attackers are most often armed with the same fire power or more than an average person and unless the group you are in ( the victims ) each one of you is armed with similar protection, 1 person is not going to be able to fend off the entire group of criminals single handed. The fact has been, will be, until people realize the only thing that is going to assure safety is when there are NO more people with bad intentions walking the streets and then and only then will guns be made un necessary aside from protecting oneself from a non human predator. Now on that note, we may not have that long to go as since animal species are vanishing from human activity, we can rest assured there will always be people that are inclined to harm others though. One example of this is currently unfolding in Ukraine with Russian troops killing and raping all the while officially denying they are targeting civilians.

  3. Thank you for sharing this Video and the results. I’m not a LEO or former military, but I’ve been shooting since I was 8 years of age (I’m 62 now). I’ve gotten into many discussions with Pro Capacity Restriction people and have been making many of those same points. I’m saving this video for the next time these discussions come up. Cap Restrictions will not save lives, it may in fact make the situation a lot worse.

  4. Certainly enjoyed the video, it shows the fallacy of the anti’s argument. Of course in a real situation an active shooter would not have the magazines on a barrel in front of them but more likely either in a pocket, pouch or belt. This said I do realize it still wouldn’t increase the reload time significantly, not enough where I would attempt to be a “hero” and try to tackle them! Another thing to consider is the possibility a deranged shooter has the knowledge to electrical tape 2 magazines together whereby they are just flipping them to reload. It would be interesting to see how that affects the reload times. One final comment. I wish the term “gun violence” was not used since there is no such thing, it’s a made up term used to incite anger and promote the anti views within the public. It increases the negative perception that guns are bad among the firearm illiterate. Yes there is violence committed using guns but also machetes, knives, crow bars, tire irons and so on, but I’ve never found any records of a gun committing an act of violence. Thanks for the video it is enlightening!

    • All their words are used to incite anger in people that don’t know better , like ASSULT RIFLE & MILITARY ARMS also the HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINE ( like the magazine makes a big difference ) . It only takes a couple of seconds to change a magazine .
      If a person does not think they are coming after ALL WEAPONS why do they have MILITARY ARMS in there that covers most guns since the musket .

  5. Why is it that the gun banning groups are now the ” experts” on the workings of firearms?

    You never see politicians or news media talking with NRA, GOA, or other pro gun groups about firearms.

    The gun banning groups and gun banning politicians first banned magazines over 15 rounds ( in some areas) saying this would stop crime and school shootings.
    Now these groups and politicians want to ban magazines over 10 rounds.
    Once they get that passed, then they will say that 10 rounds is too many and ban all magazines over 5 rounds. Then they will just ban all magazines altogether.

    The gun banning groups and gun banning politicians want to ban all semi auto rifles claiming, again, that this will stop school shootings and crime. Rifles of any kids and are rarely used in crime. Where have you heard of criminals walking down the street carrying rifles? Criminals use stolen handguns.

    If the politiicians really wanted to stop school shootings, put the police and soldiers at every school with orders to shoot any school shooters. If any school shooters are caught, after their trial, put them on a public hanging, like in the old days, then there won’t be any more school shootings.

    Also put the parents of these school shooters in jail. After all, they are the ones who raised these monsters to act like this, the parents are responsible! Put the parents in jail!

  6. Also in commiefornia, the communist run government passed a bill saying no gun advertising to children. Or advertising that appeals to children. And that anyone who advertise guns can be sued.

    The politiicians say anyone under 21 is a child. There are people who are married at 20 and have a child.

    This is ironic coming from the PORN capital of America. Pornography movies and magazines come from commiefornia. Does this ” law” apply to the porn Industry too? After all, teenagers are ” interested” in porn! Or is the porn industry exempt?

    In commiefornia, criminals break into railroad cars and steal merchandise. If and when they are caught, they are not charged with any crime and are let go as they are ” poor and a minority”.

    In commiefornia, in broad daylight shoplifter’s walk into clothing stores and grab arm fulls of clothes off the racks and walk out to a waiting car and drive off. No one does anything to stop them execpt film it on their cell phones and post it on YouTube. If and when these shoplifter’s are ever caught, they are not charged with any crime and are let go because they are ” poor and a minority”.

    Maybe if these demoncrap run cities would stop listening to a bunch of loud mouth criminals, rioters, looters, protesters and arsonist and stopped trying to defund-abolish the police and let the police go out and arrest these criminals then the crime rate would go down. It’s as simple as that.

    The gun banning groups and gun banning politicians say that you don’t need a handgun for protection as you will get” confused” and shoot yourself or your family members. Huh?

    They say the police will protect you. Say, aren’t these the same people that want to defund-abolish the police?

    In many demoncrap run cities, they have a” no bail required” and release criminals back on the streets.
    Many of these demoncrap run cities have a $1.00 bail for people who murder, and release the murderers back onto the streets to commit more murders.

    There are some misguided bleeding heart liberals who think that murderers shouldn’t be sent to prison, what they need is a ” yoga life coach”. and to roast marshmallows over a campfire.

    Not only do the far leftist politicians want to ban all magazines over 10 rounds, then over 5 rounds, they also want to ban law abiding citizens from owning bullet- knife proof vest claiming that this will stop school shootings. What? How?

    In NYC, crazies go on subway cars and pull out knives and stab subway riders for no reason at all.
    If and when these people are ever caught, they are not charged with any crime and are let go because they are ” poor and homeless”.

    If law abiding citizens and store owners can wear bullet- knife proof vest, then it will help save innocent lives! Communist New York banned bullet- knife vests and will put you in prison just for owning one! Crazy.

    Many of these demoncrap run cities have a so called ” gun buy back”, where uninformed people turn in unwanted guns for a $50 gift certificate to purchase tennis shoes.
    If people have guns that they don’t want, they can take them to a gun shop and sell them and get more money for them.
    At these ” gun buy backs”, the police will have a undercover agent in disguise putting guns on the tables to make the ” gun buy back” look more effective.
    Also at these ” gun buy backs”, the police will have surveillance vans with cameras and videos taking pictures of all the people who show up and of their cars and license plate number. This is so one night the police will show up at your home, kicking in your front door to see what other guns you have that you didn’t turn in.

    These far leftist politicians claim that this will get illegal guns off the streets and crime will go down. Do they really believe that criminals, gang members and drug dealers will show up in front of dozens of police officers to turn in their illegal stolen guns?

    Rifle shootings are about 400 a year.
    Train accidents kill over 2,000 a year.
    Fist and feet kill over 2,000 a year.
    Animals kill over 2,000 a year.
    Drowning kill over 2,000 a year.
    Knives kill over 25,000 a year.
    Guns kill 25,000 a year.
    Car accidents kill over 50,000 a year
    Doctors kill over 100,000 a year through malpractice.
    Illegal drugs kill over 125,000 a year.
    Lung cancer from cigarettes kill over 500,000 a year.
    Heart diease kills over 1 million a year.

    Russia invades the Ukraine. The Ukraine government hands out AK-47’s to it’s citizens to fight off the Russians.
    Biden and Beto say ” hell yeah, we are going to take away your AR-15’s
    and AK-47’s!”

    Russia, North Korea, Cuba and Iran are sending military vechiles, soldiers and advisors and tanks to Venezuela, Nicaragua and Mexico.

    Mexico refused to place any sanction on Russia.
    Russia has thousands of government officials and soldiers in Mexico.
    Does anyone remember the 1984 movie ” Red Dawn”?
    Russia did the same moves in the movie as they are doing today.

    The gun banning groups and hunting banning groups are run and funded by Micheal Bloomberg, George Soros, the Chinese government, the U.N., Russia, North Korea and Mexico.

    China wants Australia, New Zealand, and America.

    China, North Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabia are buying up American farmland and ranch land and no one does anything to stop them.
    What will Americans do for food when these countries own all our farmland?

    American farmland and ranch land for American citizens only!

    America is the only country in the world that allows it’s farmland to be bought up by foreign countries.

    During WW2, Germany and Japan had plans to invade the east coast and west coast of America and they wanted Mexico to invade the southern states promising Mexico to give them Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas but they were afraid of all the Americans who owned firearms and would fight them off. Nowadays, these countries are joining up to ban all firearms in America. They consider America their enemy.

    The administration is having sections of the border wall taken down and sold off for scrap. This allows the cartels, M13 gangs, M18 gangs, G9 gangs,. drug dealers, murderers, criminals, felons, rapists, terrorists, spies and prostitutes to cross the border and the administration welcomes them and the crime that they bring.

    The Central America countries and South America countries are emptying out their jails and prisons and sending thousands of felons and criminals to America and the administration welcomes them and the crime that they bring.

    America cannot become the dumping ground for all the world’s poor, unemployed and criminals.
    Do we really want America to end up like India with over a billion people living on the streets, alleys, sidewalks and gutters and having to eat garbage out of dumpsters just to survive?
    Finish the border wall now!

    The gun banning groups and gun banning politicians want to ban all semi auto firearms saying this will “stop” crime and school shootings.
    After they ban semi auto firearms, you can bet they will next want to ban all bolt action rifles, lever action rifles and shotguns too!

    The gun banning groups are joining up with the hunting banning groups to ban all hunting in America. They figure if they can ban all hunting, then all hunting guns should be banned too. No hunting equals no hunting guns. See how these groups work?

    The far leftist power crazed politicians are trying to pass bills to ban and confiscate firearms in America. They plan to start a ” gun control secret police gestapo”!

    One site said that there are over 2 million laws on the books in America, with something like 100 to 200 more added every week. It is said a person cannot drive to work or go grocery shopping with out breaking half a dozen laws. So that makes everyone a criminal and that’s what these crazy, far leftist power crazed politicians want, so they can have control and power over you and crush you.

    The far leftist politicians say ” we are your masters, we are now your gods, you will bow down before us and worship us or you will be put into the cattle cars and be sent to concentration extermination camps!”

    AOC and the squad and Letitia James want to ban the 2 nd amendment.
    AOC and the squad want to replace the Constitution and Bill of Rights with something out of Castro and Stalin handbook and turn America into a ” communist workers paradise”!
    AOC and the squad want to replace the American flag too!

    Why is it that back in the 1950’s, one could walk into a hardware store, gun shop or mail order all kinds of firearms with no background check, no federal forms to fill out and no waiting period and crime was much lower back then?

    Why is it that back in the 1950’s, one could leave the front door unlocked, and leave keys in the car and no one did anything. Today, one has to keep everything locked up with home invasions and car jackings being common.

    Repeal the illegal 1934 gangster gun control act.
    We no longer have gangster bank robbers riding on sideboards of automobiles robbing banks.
    Today they use computers to rob banks.

    Make it legal to put shoulder stocks on handguns.
    Make sound suppressors legal to help protect shooters and hunters hearing.
    Make it legal to own “trapper” lever action rifles with 12″, 13″, 14″, 15″ barrels.

    Protect and support your right to keep and own all types of firearms and accessories.

    Don’t let the evil, power crazed, far leftist, Satan worshipping, politicians to restrict and ban firearms in America.

    Buy more guns, ammo and accessories now before it’s too late!

    • I might want to add more to injury figures.

      Over 2 million people injured in playing sports each year. Many end up going to the hospital for serious injuries. Estimated that 100 to 200 die each year from playing sports.

      Insect stings send over 500,000 people to the hospital each year, with 100 to 200 people die from insect stings.

      Accidents at home kill estimate 3,400 people each year.

      And over 100 people are killed by trees each year. Either by falling off a tree or a tree falls over and lands on them ( due to storms, wet ground)

  7. Speaking of high capacity magazines, how come there are no 50 or 75 round drums for the M 1 Carbine in 30 Carbine?

    There are plenty of drums available for various rifles and even handguns made by Promag and other companies.

    Maybe Promag can produce a 50 round drum for the 30 Carbine.

    There are several companies producing new M 1 Carbines.

    Would like to see new cartridges added to them, like 256 Win. Mag., 9mm Win. mag. 357 Mag. and the cartridge the 30 Carbine is based on, the 32 WSL.

    Shooters like low recoiling rifles.
    That’s why rifles in 223, 30-30, 300 Blackout, 350 Legend, 357 Mag. are popular.

    No one wants to go out and shoot a 300 Magnum all afternoon and get hit with 40 pounds of recoil!

    The 32 WSL duplicates the 32-40 loading, and it is as considered a good deer cartridge, and has light recoil.

    The 32 WSL will duplicate the 10 mm Auto loadings.

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