HUGE SCOTUS 2nd Amendment Win: What Does It Mean For You?


In case you haven’t heard, within the past week (at the time of this writing), the Supreme Court Of The United States of America (SCOTUS) issued three rulings that have anti-2A people (and the people who tend to agree politically with anti-2A folks) wailing and gnashing their teeth.

Frankly, some of the responses from that side of the political aisle have been absolutely appalling including protests and promises of more of those “mostly peaceful protests” that we’ve seen in major cities over the last few years.

It says a lot about how uncivilized those people are that they are willing to burn the country to the ground when the Supreme Court does their job correctly and judges laws based on their constitutionality instead of legislating from the bench as left-leaning judges have too often been inclined to do. But I digress…


So, what did the Supreme Court’s decision about gun rights, do? Jessica Gresko gives us details (hat tip to here for the lead):

In a major expansion of gun rights after a series of mass shootings, the Supreme Court said Thursday that Americans have a right to carry firearms in public for self-defense, a ruling likely to lead to more people legally armed. The decision came out as Congress and states debate gun-control legislation.

About one-quarter of the U.S. population lives in states expected to be affected by the ruling, which struck down a New York gun law. The high court’s first major gun decision in more than a decade split the court 6-3, with the court’s conservatives in the majority and liberals in dissent.

(Notice the dishonest leftist bias in the beginning of Gresko’s article. The SCOTUS ruling was not an expansion of gun rights. It was a reaffirmation of the already-existing Second Amendment right to bear arms.).Gresko continues:

The decision struck down a New York law requiring people to demonstrate a particular need for carrying a gun in order to get a license to carry a gun in a concealed way in public. The justices said that requirement violates the Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms.”

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote for the majority that the Constitution protects “an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home.” That right is not a “second-class right,” Thomas wrote. “We know of no other constitutional right that an individual may exercise only after demonstrating to government officers some special need.”

At least, Gorsko wasn’t biased in that second quote, though, you had to get a third of the way through the article to get that balanced reporting.

So, yes, the Supreme Court has reaffirmed Americans’s right to actually bear arms, as in keep them on their person, if they are legally allowed to own a firearm. That means that if you live in a state which has been resistant to allowing people to carry a firearm even if legally owned, then the situation may be changing very quickly to allow you to carry.

Having said that, though, understand that this ruling doesn’t address who is allowed to own a firearm or the type of firearms that people are legally allowed to own. So, if you live in a state that wants to do silly things like ban certain firearms or limit magazine capacities, for example, this particular ruling doesn’t address those issues.

Still, for people in the State of New York and, likely, also, California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island (who all have laws similar to the New York State law that was just overturned), this court win means that citizens there will be freer to be able to protect themselves without harassment from anti-2A busybodies (at least not about this issue).

So, yes, this is a win, but there is still more to be done to pry the hands of anti-2A zealots from our gun rights completely.



  1. “Radical” For The Second Amendment!
    Want to know just radical *I* am?

    I see NO reason why the “average US (C)itizen” should not have the RIGHT to own fully automatic weapons, AND virtually any weapon they can afford!

    And… 18-20 year olds should not only be able to purchase rifles, but handguns as well as other weapons! IF they are ruled “adult enough” to go to WAR… vote in our elections… be subject to the law as an adult… Then they should have the RIGHTS of an adult! Whether or not the “age of adulthood” should be changed is a discussion for another time…

    All the talk of “evaluating the 2nd Amendment in light of today,” DRIVES ME NUTS!
    It also drives if nuts when the government or anyone talks about “precedent,” or other laws that have restricted the people’s rights since the the Constitution was passed.

    WRONG! We need to remember the 2nd Amendment in light of when and WHY it was WRITTEN!

    When the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment were ratified the PEOPLE were the “Militia!” *AND THEY STILL ARE!*

    Think about THIS… The Founding Fathers put ZERO limits OR conditions in the Second Amendment! They didn’t even have a problem with private (C)itizens owning FREAKING CANNONS!

    The Supreme Court (way back when it was a real court) stated that “any law repugnant to the Constitution is VOID. It’s as if it was never written, and the people have NO duty to obey it!”

    Just because there is a “history” of UNCONSTITUTIONAL “laws” being written and “enforced”, even for YEARS, doesn’t make those “laws” ANY LESS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

    Our Founding Fathers knew that a tyrannical government was the greatest danger to freedom, and the ability to fight against that was the REASON for the 2nd Amendment!

    Those who believe “that would never happen here” have…

    1) never studied HISTORY, and…

    2) have never looked at the very real erosion of freedom in the United States, and how far outside our Constitution our government is ALREADY operating!


    3) What’s worse… demonstrate against a “corrupt” government, while at the same time asking that same “corrupt government” to take all the power away from the PEOPLE, so the “corrupt government” can have ALL THE POWER!

    Over 262 MILLION people were Slaughtered in the 20th century by their own governments AFTER they disarmed the people!

    Now we have people today, who are “standing in line” begging the government to strip more & more of their rights away, HOPING they will “protect THEM,” while it makes THEM subjects (slaves) of the government, instead of government being THEIR servent!

    And the Supreme Court has ruled in at least THREE separate cases that neither the Police NOR the government has a “duty to protect the Citizens”… AND *CAN’T BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE IF THEY DON’T*!

    When the Constitution talked about government duties, it said GOVERNMENT… When it talked about “rights” of the people (NOT government) it said THE *PEOPLE*!

    THAT is what scares the HECK out of me… The colossal ignorance!

    What part of “the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” is so hard to understand?!

    It does NOT say “shall not be infringed, except for how scary the gun looks, how many rounds it can hold, how fast it can fire, where we want to define a (gun free zone), or any other INFRINGEMENT the government wants to impose!”

    • OOOORAH!! WELL STATED!! That is EXACTLY WHY the Founders wrote the Second Amendment the way they did, and BTW….REGARDLESS of what BOZO BRANDON says…the 2nd Amendment MOST CERTAINLY IS ABSOLUTE, and We The People have an ABSOLUTE DUTY to UPHOLD AND DEFEND IT AT ALL COSTS!!

    • Would you believe me if I told you there is no law preventing United States Persons from owning NFA devices?
      By the way, United States Person is the Title 26, Section 7701, clause (a)(30) definition of a citizen of one of the several states and/or the United States.

      When filling out the ATF form to pay for a tax stamp in order to purchase a NFA device, there is no place for a United States Person to place his name. Instead, he has to admit he is an “individual”, which, according to the same IRS Title 26 code, defines an individual as a legal or illegal alien.

      Isn’t it interesting, the bans on machine guns, silencers, A.O.W’s etc., which infringe on the 2nd Amendment are placed within the IRS Title 26 Code. All the rest of the Federal gun laws (based on SCOTUS decisions, although several of them against the compact made between the States) are located in USC Title 18. Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.

      This is the result of the people allowing the enemies of the state and the people, to infiltrate our country at all levels and take away our knowledge of the law and the constitution.

      Learn the law and join the fight to get all of our lost rights and duties back!


      • I am a Mayflower descendant and when my Ancestors disembarcked the Mayflower they took with them their most precious possessions, thier Bibles and thier Guns the first was to save thier souls and guide thier intercourse with God and thier neighbor, the second was to save thier lives and the other inhabitants, as well as to put food on the table. The right to worship as ones concioncious dictates and to defense is a God Given right to every human being. The Decrelation of Independance were written to protect those “Unalienabl Rights” from ever being denied to all citizens ot this country by overzealous politicians who want to dominate us under force of thier power and singular will. They will stop me from worshiping God in the Trinity when they murder me, and take my weapon from my cold dead fingers. My ancestors came here for those exact same reasons to escape over bearing rulers from ruling thier lives, and to provide those rights to thier progeny and Descendants until time shall be nor more! God bless and save us all and the USAA!

    • Yes tho there’s more to the 2nd then that…and actually opinions do not count = ONLY intent and that is how one MUST look at it to be honestly Contitutional inline with their wishes…right…?

      OK then the 1st part is directly about a well trained(regulated) militia const tly training with literally true weapons of war…!

      Problem is after the unCivil War with now having a “Standing Army among us is unConstitutional” as the local militia groups slowly faded out into Rod n Gun Clubs” nationwide mostly involved with hunting and fishing sports and competitions even highschool shooting teams for everyone hunted or learned how to handle firearms as a way of American life tho that phased out to by the 80’s & 90’s…!
      I maintain militias should be reborn in local county groups that practice on weekends having armorys for every so many in population per county(nationwide); at that armory for weekend practice are kept armored vehicles, full auto portable & stationary machineguns, ma deuce mounted hummers, .338 Lapua’s .408 Cheytech etc, different, artillery pieces, mortars, light tanks etc, antiaircraft shoulder launched units, claymore + land mines = kept at the armory if and when needed:
      – tho semi’s of various the calibers are to be bought and kept by those militia men with them as well as all none felons…!
      Sorry there’s to many morons to be out and about in the neigh orhoods with full auto which has no purpose but waste ooddlez of ammo fast…but not with beer drinking fools making a big ooooooopps ~ as NO alcohol of drug infested dumb@$$’z allowed in the militia to train with the hard core stuff…!
      I have wtitten for yrs as to just how these can be set up carefully and sequentially in line with Earned positions of Order & Command = not rednevk dorksout for a wahoo but zeriously commited people to learn serioys defense if ever invaded:
      – which once set up well will preclude any fool nation from even thinking of invasion = WHICH IS what OUR Founders wanted; as Reagan stated “PEACE THRU STRENGTH”

      • The reason the Japaneese did not invade mainland USA was because of the poliferation of weapons among the citizens, thet believed that every citizen was armed. I recall that in the fifties and sixties thier was at least3 guns per household and better that 40% of the population hunted for meat and fished for a living.

  2. If you’ve never heard of “Hegalian Logic,” you need to look it up, and UNDERSTAND how the left is using it against the people, the Constitution, and this country… EVERY DAY.. IN EVERY ASPECT of of our lives!

    Apply Hegalian Logic to the “gun control debate.”

    The Second Amendment states CLEARLY…

    “The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!”

    Yet, since the first “gun control law in the country (written after the [Civil War] to prevent freed slaves from owning guns, we have gone from “shall not be infringed,” to OVER 26,000 laws on the books, because of “common sense,” and “keeping people safe.”

    The debate in Washington (yes, among liberals, but conservatives are almost as bad) has gone from “shall not be infringed” to “it depends on what you mean by infringement,” or “it only means the militia,” or “if we can save even one life.”

    And now, they have millions of people standing in line BEGING the government to take away their right of self protection, and make them virtual slaves!

    Liberal Logic:
    “Only the government and the police should have guns!”


    “The government is corrupt and the police are Racists who shoot unarmed people!”

    The dumbing down of the people… Along with Hegalian Logic… Has brought us to this point.

  3. What’s going on with “Gun control” MUST be ASSESSED, AND UNDERSTOOD, in the context of what liberals ARE DOING (or attempting to do) with ALL their actions…

    Liberal Ideology Explains
    Everything They Say & Do!
    You have to understand… Liberals only care about one thing… Their IDEOLOGY!

    They do NOT have, or even feel it necessary to have, an Allegiance to this country!

    How could they when their first priority is its DESTRUCTION! ￿

    Nothing is more important to them than their ideology and it’s god… LIBERALISM!

    • Not character…
    • Not their oath…
    • Not honor…
    • Not morals…
    • Not honesty…
    • Not values…
    • Not facts…
    • Not truth…
    • Not the Constitution (which they hate)…
    • Not patriotism…
    • Not this country…
    • Not their spouse…
    • Not their family…
    • Not their parents…
    • Not even their children!

    NOTHING is more important than their ideology, and that means they “must” defeat the Constituion and overthrow our way of life BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!
    Once you understand that, EVERYTHING the liberals say or do becomes CRYSTAL CLEAR!
    * That’s why they’re instituting such horrendous energy policies, that are guaranteed to send energy costs, along with the costs of everything else THROUGH THE ROOF! They are committed to the “Green New Deal,” and hope the pain the American people suffer because of these treasonous polices will “accelerate the process” of switching to “renewable energy.” The fact it helps to destroy this country is an “added bonus” because as I’ve said in the past, THEIR theory is as long as THEY are “in control of the ashes,” they can proceed with their “Socialist Utopia,” where they have ABSOLUTE POWER!

    * That’s why they’re lowering standards and even removing requirements to show a proficiency in reading, writing and math, while teaching revisionist history, in our “government school systems.” It’s much easier to keep people subjugated if you keep them poor, ignorant, dependent on the government, and without a concept of morals and the TRUE history of this country!

    * That’s why they’re pushing for Statehood for the District of Columbia. They know it will give them two more Democratic Senators, and more than likely total control of the Senate for generations, if not forever! The fact that D.C. was established a a “Federal Zone specifically, and CAN NOT be a State, is completely irrelevant to them… Because after all, it’s only that “pesky Constitution thing” again!

    * That’s why they passed H.R. 8, the “Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021.” Because they knew they couldn’t get GUN RESISTRATION passed, and know that the ONLY way to have “universal background checks” is TO *HAVE* A FEDERAL GUN REGISTRY! This will make it easy for them to confiscate ALL weapons later. After all, it worked so well for Hitler… And all those OTHER totalitarian regimes!

    * That’s why they passed the completely Unconstitutional bill, titled the “For the People Act,” that was given the symbolic designation of H.R. 1 by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. A bill that gives the federal government TOTAL control over the Electoral process, ignoring the clear language of the Constitution, which gives that power to each States legislature! Along with removing ANY State law requiring a picture ID to vote… Again a complete usurpation of State legislatures! And, many other measures to make fraud EASIER! This bill will make sure we NEVER see another free, and fair election in this country!

    * That’s why they pushed for the completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL “2nd Impeachment! They hate Trump, and the people he represents so much, and fear the loss of their power if he runs again in 2024, that they’re willing to betray literally at LEAST 6 separate parts of the Constitution. (and at least 10 of their fellow traitors on the Republican side of the house, and 5 fellow traitors on the Republican side in the Senate are willing to betray THEIR oath as well!)

    * That’s why they always talk about whether or not a Supreme Court nominee will vote to uphold, or overturn this or that case, but NEVER ask if they will uphold the Constitution! Since they can’t get their agenda passed in the voting booth, or in Congress, they depend on having activist judges everywhere they can (but ESPECIALLY on the Supreme Court) that will legislate from the bench!

    * That’s why they are AGAINST Voter ID… And FOR open borders! That’s why they’ve fostered panic regarding the Coronavirus… So they could push for mail in voting. They used it to subvert the Constitution with voter fraud!

    * That’s why Obama removed the Citizenship question from the last census… And why they don’t want it placed back on it!

    * That’s why they were trying to overthrow the 2016 Presidential Election by ANY means possible, and why that anti-American and FALSE Impeachment process was undertaken!

    * That’s why they’re always talking about Social Security and Medicare running out of money, but NEVER Welfare or Medicaid. Because people on Welfare & Medicaid are typically MUCH YOUNGER than those on Social Security & Medicare… and therefore can vote for them for MUCH longer!

    * That’s why Illegal Aliens & legal immigrants get free or subsidized housing, utilities, etc. Because not only are they much YOUNGER, they “owe more to the liberals” and the liberals count on getting their votes! As Democrats see more & more Black people waking up to their lies, they’re trying desperately to replace Blacks with Hispanics as their new “favorite minority!”

    * That’s why they push the FALSE “climate change” mantra. Because if they can convince enough gullible people to believe that garbage, it will allow them to control every aspect of our lives from birth to death!

    * That’s why they’ve deliberately dumbed down our children for DECADES. It’s much easier to control a population that has no concept of critical thinking, history, economics, morals, etc.


    * That’s why they push for “common sense gun control,” which always seems to call for more more and more CONTROL, along with BANS… And now some of them are even calling for CONFISCATION and prison for those who “don’t comply!”

    The sad thing is that “We the people” have stood by and let it get this bad!

    It’s long PAST time people started paying attention to what’s going on, became passionate about their country, and TOOK THEIR GOVERNMENT & THEIR COUNTRY BACK!

    • You sure said a mouth full, and every bit of it true. Now if we could just get everyone to understand it we’d be moving in the right direction. But the simple fact is you can’t fix stupid. They have the PLEASE US GOVERNMENT TAKE CARE OF ME FROM WOMB TO TOMB attitude.

    • It comes down to one word “CONTROL’. with it you are in control. Look up the communist manifesto on line, it will list the ten items required for a country to become “COMMUNIST”, compare that to the DSA being pushed in Washington by the Democrats, it will explain why they do what they do. They all should be charged with Sedition and jailed, however, that will not happen as long was we ask the fox to count the chickens in the coop.
      Happy days everybody…..

  4. I live in the State of Washington and here, you are legally allowed to carry a firearm with or without a carry permit. Although I personally would recommend having one because you never know how you will be perceived by other people or law enforcement. I carry everyday whether at home or not. My thought is that I am not going to be the one that gets killed because I didn’t have a way to protect myself or the people around me and if anyone does not like the idea of people carrying a firearm for protection than I feel sorry for them because statistics show that they are the ones that are most likely to get killed by the deranged lunatic that walks into Walmart or a school and starts shooting up the place.

  5. It really sickening to me that our employees in government don’t understand the second amendment. Shall not be infringed !!so saying you can’t own these guns despite the government mandates on specs to be sold to public ,or magazine size ammo or even how many guns you own is an infringement honesty if you can’t get ammo what good is the gun . Only wealthy or criminals would have a upper hand

  6. Also government keeping records on what guns we own is a invasion of our privacy, and paying for a license to carry is a infringement it’s our freedom and duty to carry so payment for permission isn’t freedom

  7. The Supreme Court ruling means nothing to the totalitarian government in California. They are bending over backwards all over themselves to pass new legislation to restrict firearms possession and use in every way they possibly can and the will resist every effort to clean up the laws for possession and especially concealed carry in this state for as long as they can, and they have been successful at that for as long as I can remember. What other state has a legal requirement for “microstamping” expended ammunition for a firearm to be legal for sale in the state, and in spite of the rulings by the Court, they still will not allow the sale and possession of standard capacity magazines and long guns that they refer to as “assault” weapons. So, no, it is not necessarily a win for everyone, but it is an affirmation of rights that will allow further and further legal attempts to force their compliance. The problem here in California is that we have so many people that are either ignorant or plain stupid, but the vote, and that perpetuates the idiocy in this state.

  8. Anymore public broadcasting has an agenda! And it’s not for the American people or our constitution. when all you see 24/7 is bad you just get tiered of it! And some people pay with their life for no reason.there is a very good reason or four fathers wrote each amendment !!! Don’t let anyone deceive you ! It’s not gun violence , violence comes in so many other ways, there are people in high places that want you and me to be easy to control !

  9. There are so many lies and deception that we are tricked into believing by people that we try so hard to trust in the past like , but are allowed to get away with riots, burning whole cities,murders,destroying years of evidence,man made viruses,if that don’t work poison will, and this is just the beginning!!!!!! Why wasn’t there ANYTHING DONE ABOUT WHAT THESE PEOPLE WERE ALOWED TO DO. And no Trump had nothing to do with any of this YOU KNOW HO THEY ARE👍

  10. Jim Youwell, Thank you for putting in print what I have been thinking. Well thought out and well said.!!!

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