Are Federal Firearms Offenders The REAL Danger?


One of the major issues with federal firearms laws is the question about whether they actually do any good or, as some would argue, they are nothing more than another attempt to strip Americans of gun rights regardless of who they are.

Analyzing the real data, though, is something that anti-2A politicians and media talking heads try hard not to do. Why? Because the data, when looked at in context, doesn’t show what they want it to show. In other words, data taken in context shows that gun control doesn’t stop violence.

In fact, the data shows that the overwhelming majority of federal firearms violations have nothing to do with a violent crime happening. Nothing. Jacob Sullum writes,


A new report on federal firearm offenses shows that the vast majority involve illegal possession, often without aggravating circumstances or a history of violence. The data undermine the assumption that people who violate gun laws are predatory criminals who pose a serious threat to public safety. They also highlight the racially disproportionate impact of such laws, which is especially troubling given their excessive breadth.

In FY 2021, the U.S. Sentencing Commission (USSC) reports, 89 percent of federal firearm offenders were legally disqualified from owning guns, typically because of a felony record. Half of those cases involved “aggravating criminal conduct.” But in the other half, the defendant’s “status as a prohibited person solely formed the basis of the conviction.”

Sullum continues:

Many of these defendants surely posed a continuing threat to public safety. But the federal prohibition of gun possession by people with felony records (technically, people convicted of crimes punishable by more than a year of incarceration) is a lifetime ban except in rare cases where people manage to have their Second Amendment rights restored.

That policy, which threatens violators with up to 15 years* in prison, is hard to justify unless you assume that people convicted of violent crimes cannot be rehabilitated and do not change their ways as they mature. That assumption does not seem reasonable in light of research indicating that recidivism declines sharply with age. Yet federal law is based on the premise that, say, a man convicted of assault in his early 20s can never be trusted with a gun, even if he stays out of trouble for decades. Because of that youthful crime, he forever loses the right to armed self-defense.

Furthermore, the USSC’s numbers indicate that two-fifths of firearm offenders had never been convicted of a violent crime. 

Look, we can, and should, have a discussion about whether people with a history of violence should have access to legal gun ownership (I tend to lean towards the side that argues that they’ll weed themselves out of the gene pool quickly if they’re stupid enough to start the gun fight when everyone else can be and is armed), but what is clear is that the way the federal government uses these laws to penalize so many people who haven’t actually used a firearm to threaten violence or to commit violence is, in itself, criminal.

People should be punished when they take evil actions, not for the simple possession of a means to defend themselves.

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  1. It’s not the law-abiding citizens! These guns laws should not be applied to law-abiding citizens! There needs to be a clause within all gun laws that excludes the law-abiding citizens! If you have met the requirement to be prevented from owning, then the laws should apply, and only then!!!

    • No. If a person is that bad. They should NOT be on the street period. You wonder why the so called politicians keep coming for your guns? Because you suckered into this lie. So they figure you will sucker into the next one. They have no authority to stop a person from exercising their 2nd amendment right once they have paid their debt. But they don’t care. They want TOTAL confiscation. Including YOURS. Just remember this ILLEGAL law came straight out of the 68 GUN CONTROL ACT. So if you support it. Never tell anyone you do not support gun control. Because in fact you do.

  2. I think that no person should have to pay with a life sentence of taking away their rights when they commit a felony, that in itself is not right and to refuse the right to keep and bear arms i think is totally wrong, the constitution says this right shall not be infringed, well taking it away for life is sure as hell infringing it i would think, i don’t think the government should have that right, you pay for your crime by doing the time, but they want to make you pay for life,,,not right at all,,,,

  3. Gun control don’t work! Never has and never will. The cities with most stringent gun control have highest crime rates. Just check with cities who have open carry or concealed carry and you will find very little if any crime. Morton grove, IL. If a madman knows there is an armed citizen close he is not stupid enough to molest someone .Any gun control law is just one more step to communism. The Second Amendment is there to protect law abiding citizens from violent people and hostile Government.

  4. I agree. The crime industry feeds on anyone they can catch in a bind. I carry full time and have insurance just in case. It works for any self defense issue.

  5. No, the FFL’s are smallest part of problem, check up and see how many weapons are stolen from the military armories. Ghost guns are very small if not smallest part of problem. Sporting rifles are the smallest part of the problem. Now, there’s a significant rise in blades being used in homicides. I, mean a number two pencil can be a deadly weapon. Ball bats, either wood or aluminium, wood preferred according to stats. Axes, hatchets, machetes, saws, drills, hammers the list goes on. Rocks can be a deadly weapon. Garrote are becoming popular again. You can’t ban everything! Mental Health is the key to stopping this. Also, pysops are in play. MK Ultra SLEEPERS by our own government are being awakened and used for the False Flag attacks on schools, religious buildings, police stations, airports. The lists are endless. WAKE UP PEOPLE, WAKE UP!

  6. thank you so much for broaching this about feeling like a small voice crying out in the wilderness for a lot of my life.–not wishing to take up a lot of time and space giving my personal life experience, yet how can I not?wwll dad was in n.Africa,sicily,Italy lived through horrific combat experiences.he said my buddies laid out by the side of the road with tags on them were the real heroes ,so when I tell you stories, its not for self aggrandizement, its for their otherwise never told story.kasserine,anzio,cassino.rapido river.Mom was a typist in DC.her only brother, the uncle I never knew, died in the Bulge. I was born in 46 PTSD was not yet a term when I was growing up.A Tennessee farm boy depression kid, I see now he delt with it,. by nature, hunting and fishing– the woods.A stack of american rifleman mags was my reading material.I was a Cub Scout,boy scout explorer was a refrigeration man, but was a pretty good amature gunsmith in our small e Texas town. I probably teethed on a 22 rifle stock. hand loads, glass bedding barrels, present at countless BS opinion sessions with the greatest generation in hunting camps. Needless to say we were a patriotic family. I was a history major in college but never degreed, wound up in forward, my wifes yoga class did a side thing conciousness raising utilizing extacy, I wound up doing remodeling work for the instructor, did some deliveries got busted, and bingo Im a felon.Guns and hunting were no longer a big part of my life ,but the whole experience has internally twisted up my value system ,yet im law abiding by christian belief and nature.I feel wronged with no ability to probably already know this, but the snares and hoops they require you to jump through are designed to make it almost impossible to get your rights back. the need for some official to verify you is a dead end because they feel they are jeprodising their own future if you are not what you say you are.nobody wants to take a chance on you is what it comes down to.I could teach a gun safety course even after all these years.I would have had, not my grandfathers, but my great- grandfathers mod 95 Winchester in 0-6 come down to me.Its like the old shoshone arrowhead Jim Bridger carried under his shoulder blade, the pain never quite goes away.I dont know the answer I am old now, but I love America and I wonder if there are thousands of variations like me out there.we are taught to forgive ,but we are given no way to be forgiven. it is a life sentence.Ive been to DC and stood and read what is carved in marble and granite why cant I be part of that.Ill finish up with a silly humor, grandpa was a newspaperman,I know he had a hole in his heart about Joe bill being killed in Belgium I have sat on his tombstone many times.He and grandma and I took a trip to the DC area and went to Independence hall, we were in the tour group and as the guide was talking to the crowd ,I as an 8yr old, was bothered about the rivet in the crack in the Liberty Bell. I thought the velvet ropes were there for decoration and I ducked under and went and put my finger in the crack boy did I get shouted out of there in a hurry. best wishes vaughn cox

    • Then there is the person that has a document signed and entered into the Court Records stating a person has ‘All’ of there Civil Rights, but not allowed to possess a firearm, and numerous attorneys have said it is a binding order from the State Court yet the Federal Court refuses to admit the Order in trial. It’s my understanding that when you are informed ‘ALL’ the right to possess a firearm is included !!!! According to the Federal Criminal Code, which is in section 18 specifically paragraph 921 when it is ordered a persons civil rights are restored, unless the restoration order stipulates the right to possess firearms is excluded, the Government is not able to declare a person is prohibited. Unfortunately the Government has figured if the prosecution is able to suppress said evidence on the grounds it is detrimental to their case, you have no recourse against them. The matter of record is as said, NOT a matter of record of violence, but simply a conviction. This is precisely what Ricky Rogers is pointing out. I am among the population which has been force to suffer under this condition and there are thousands of others. I have absolutely NO record of domestic violence or any other record aside from a few traffic violations, who doesn’t? To ALL of you out there are bound under the same issue as not having the right to possess and be a full part of the Citizenry of this Nation, MAYBE WE ALL NEED TO ASSEMBLE AND PRESENT THE GOVERNMENT WITH A CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE TO HAVE OUR RIGHT FULLY RESTORED AND RECOGNIZED !!!!! Lets get some internet correspondence organized and do something about it. I’m very interested in what the rest of you have to say about this situation. I have 1 more thing to say about my case. I tried to terminate my defense attorney in Federal court as he had NO intention of defending me according to the law, so I was NEVER allowed to present a valid defense under the law. My case was sent to the U.S. court of appeals with 54 citations of ineffective counsel and other court proceeding impropriaties and still could not present my case under the Criminal Defense Code based on the complete factual texts, at State and Federal levels, it was dismissed and left standing as a conviction and I still have all the information, there’s probably more if I dig enough, but not being an attorney, I’m out of my league for sure. Did I mention I had several Attorney’s tell me I was in the right, even had a law professor from Colorado tell me I was rail roaded but I knew that at the start of the case in 2000. I fought it for 9 years and never got anywhere, other than another conviction and a prison sentence. I was picked up on a sealed federal warrant in another state. I thought a sealed warrant was a closed issue that would not be recalled and used against a person in the future. When you have a sealed record it’s not supposed to be able to be used against you in court in the future. Unless a Judge orders the record unsealed for purposes of prosecution is a case of related issues. They make this shit up so they can do as they wish when they wish.

  7. America is “Anti-Semitism; Anti-Sovereign; Anti Jesus Christ the right to just live!” Since when have we given up our right to freedom from the governmental oppressors!?! Look If you have guns, good you’re gonna need em eh? America is no more! It’s about power n’ control. They don’t give a damn about us!?! I don’t mine going loud, but, stealth is top priority!?! “Like they treat us, what they don’t know never hurts eh!?!

  8. Gun control is all about people control by the government – If you’re an ex felon the feds have you right where they want why? Because they figure that’s one less person they the government will haft to fight when revolution comes, and by all signs, it is coming sooner than they think!

  9. There is a class of people in this country that have suffered the abuses of the State and Federal systems which restricts us from constitutional rights such as the 2A while not affecting the other rights, the number is in the 1000’s. These people have not been accused of violent actions which should preclude the right to own weapons for defense and hunting, hobby. U.S.A Today has down a multi part expose on this. They were successful in constructing a list of 1000’s of names solely in one district in the south east region of the nation. The names on this list were determined by a board of Attorneys to be eligible for restoration of their 2A and the U.S. Justice Dept. publicly stated this was accurate, yet they declared nothing could be done about remedy because they driven by reactionary means to correct a situation that was incorrect and existing. ! It seems to me that if and when a major branch of the Gov discovers such a condition, it behooves them to remedy the situation. When U.S.A. Today did their investigation, it found that there was compelling grounds for many incarcerated peoples to have their sentences expunged and court officials felt amenable to the process yet again no action or reaction was brought forth. With the country committed to such expense as it is to fund the prison industry and such large population incarcerated, to have cases reviewed and inmates released along with a restoration of rights when found to be adventageous, simply for the reason of reducing the strain on resources. But when has the Government done the right thing when the right thing should be done? Again, I say a class action against the Government is the only thing that will get their attention. It has been said the Government cannot be sued, but I know different, it has been and it has been found to be in the wrong more than once ! If a person can be found convicted wrongfully for any other crime and awarded a compensation for time served when that time has been found to be unlawful under the law, it wouldn’t kill them to restore a persons right to bear arms, especially when the person has not shown any reason to be dis allowed.


  11. Are Federal Firearms Offenders The REAL Danger?
    Actually the federal government is the REAL danger.

  12. Supposedly, once a person has completed their sentence they have paid their debt to society. They should have ALL of their constitutional rights returned, INCLUDING the right to keep and bear arms.

    Anyone that is still too dangerous to bear arms should still be in jail, an asylum, or have recieved the death penalty.

  13. i ageed with these statements iam trying to get my rights to own a firearm after a stolen tv conviction that was stolen from my van that i repossed i work for rent to own store it was taken by my step son to hurt me

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