Local’s Comment On Failed Robbery Gives PERFECT Example Of Why Everyday Americans Need Guns


When I used to listen to the radio often, a local station would play a segment which I always looked forward to called “Dumb Crook News.” They always had a news story about a criminal who was foiled in their efforts or captured due to the criminal’s stupidity (thus, the name of the segment).

There were some pretty hilarious stories on there.

So, in honor of Dumb Crook News, we have a story that, as a responsible gun owner, you’ll appreciate. But it’s the comment that one local had about the situation which takes the cake and makes it clear why this story deserves to be reported as Dumb Crook News. Dave Urbanski gives us the details:


Two men attempted a broad-daylight theft from an Alabama Tractor Supply store on Black Friday, but some customers weren’t having a bit of it — including one who pulled out his gun and blew out at least one tire on the getaway vehicle.

Urbanski continues:

Witnesses told WPMI a customer pulled one of the suspects, Toby Priest, out of the getaway SUV.

The other suspect, Troy Brown, was able to take off in the vehicle — but was stopped when a different customer shot out at least one of the vehicle’s tires, the station said.

That’s right, no one was shot, but the gun usage prevented these criminals from getting away with their crime (the one who drove away was apprehended later, but imagine how far they would have gotten if the tire had not been shot out).

That’s a great, no injury use of a firearm, but it’s the comment that I mentioned earlier that you’ll especially appreciate. Again, from Urbanski:

[Ryan] Maxie also shared some advice for crooks who try their luck in his neck of the woods.

“Don’t come to Theodore and rob a Tractor Supply without knowing the person is going to have a gun,” he told WPMI with a chuckle. “Everyone is walking around with guns in Theodore.”

That says it all.



  1. So, It works. Don’t commit crime where the population is armed and ready to defend themselves. All towns should follow suit

    • The raid on Northfield Minnesota should be an object lesson for an armed population, AND the Battle of Athens Tennessee a lesson on the proper response to a corrupt election.

  2. My all time favorite ‘dumb crook’ story is still the guys who tried to hold up the bank across the street from the police substation. It was back in the day when most folks got paid via check. The picked pay day to ply their trade. Three guesses as to who the majority of the bank customers were.

    • thank you for that big funny,i would of loved to see their faces when they walked into a bank full of cops.

  3. Calling a criminal dumb is like calling a democrap corrupt, just being repetitious — ALL criminals are dumb! If they were “smart” they wouldn’t have to commit crimes for a living.

  4. Their are several gun magazines that have a page or two of armed citizens thru out the United states that stop an assault, robbery, burglary etc. The different news agency need to broadcast these stories every night. I think most US citizens would be surprised at how often this happens. We need our 2nd. Amendment, police departments , armed citizens. Give the laws and rights to our citizens not the criminals.

  5. 2nd amendment should be a federal law. Every state allow concealed carry to exterminate the bad guys. The crime curve would be swift and sweet for law abiding citizens!!

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