Springfield Armory’s New PCC

Screen capture from YouTube video.

Springfield Armory has been aggressive in putting out new models over the last few years, and the popularity of some of their firearms seems to indicate that it’s paying off for them.

Certainly, their Hellcat models, which prompted the explosion of higher capacity micro compact pistols in the market, really put the manufacturer on the map for many people.

Those familiar with Springfield Armory’s pistol lines, though, may not know that they make a number of other firearms, too. Recently, they unveiled a new pistol caliber carbine (PCC).


Now, if you’re not familiar with PCCs, they are just what the name implies: a carbine which is chambered in a pistol caliber. Garrett Negen gives us details of Springfield Armory’s new PCC:

The first thing that stands out to me about this rifle is its ergonomics. I know what you’re thinking -“it’s an AR… it has the same ergonomics as every other AR”. While I guess you would technically be correct, the way this rifle comes from the factory just works for me. Many features play into this so I will start with the ones I appreciate most.

The slim-lined 15” free float handguard gives me plenty of room to make use of my long arms and grip far out on the rail. It also provides plenty of M-Lok slots for accessories, and it has a small piece of pic rail near the muzzle, which is perfect for mounting a front sight.

Negen notes that the ejection port is specific to 9mm ammunition and points out that this is a dedicated design for PCCs and not just a reuse of standard AR platform equipment.

Negen continues:

Other than one failure to eject halfway through the first mag, this rifle ran reliably with multiple brands of ammunition and bullet types. I was shooting remanufactured ammunition when it malfunctioned so that may have been the cause. That was the only one experienced.

Negen also notes that the SAINT Victor comes with a nickel boron coated trigger with an averaged 6.5 pound trigger pull that feels similiar to mil-spec triggers. Also, the SAINT Victor comes with adjustable Springfield Armory sights. Negen concludes:

Overall, I had a great time with this rifle, and I have no problem recommending it if you are in the market for a PCC. The $1300 MSRP seems a little high, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable when you consider the build quality. 

Clearly, Negen likes this PCC, and Springfield Armory has built a solid reputation for quality firearms with their recent releases. So, if you’re in the market for a carbine and, specifically, a PCC, then, you may want to consider looking into a Springfield Armory SAINT Victor.