Anti-2A Thinking: If It Saves Lives, We Must Stop It!


One of the bizarre realities about gun control is that the idea shouldn’t have any support from intelligent people, yet, it still does. The data is out there, and if you look at it in context (instead of trying to torture and edit it to get it to “say” what you want it to say instead of just seeing what it actually tells you), then, the answer is clear.

What is that answer? It’s that gun control doesn’t work. In fact, private gun ownership actually decreases gun violence. Period. Full stop.

It’s not even in question if you look at the data in context.


But that doesn’t stop people who value ideology over reality to keep trying to push gun control, and their latest example that they’re trying to use to push their agenda is Brazil. John R. Lott, Jr, writes,

Although one wouldn’t know it from the media coverage of gun control, the best social science has shown that law-abiding citizens frequently deter criminals. But when ideology trumps facts, policymakers are easily led astray. The latest example is occurring in Brazil, where massive increase in gun ownership in recent years has prompted gun control advocates to reinterpret the data in ways that conform to their political views.

Lott continues:

Nonetheless, [Previous Brazilian President] Bolsonaro’s reforms produced a 600 percent increase in gun ownership. Yet despite all the dire predictions, homicides in Brazil plummeted.

In 2018, the year before he became president, the murder rate stood at 27.8 per hundred thousand people—5.5 times higher than the U.S. rate. But it fell in each consecutive year. By 2021, the third year of Bolsonaro’s presidency, it had dropped to 18.5 per hundred thousand—a 34 percent drop.

This is information the news media can’t get its head around. A new Washington Post article claims that criminologists believe the drop in homicides occurred despite Brazil’s increase in gun ownership, not because of it.

The clowns in the legacy mainstream media will say almost anything to avoid the truth that increased gun ownership decreases gun violence. They are desperate for the truth to not be known.

And because we know that private gun ownership saves lives, we really should be asking why the mainstream legacy media is so desperate to see more people die because they weren’t able to protect themselves from criminals.



  1. Gun owner will help keep a neighborhood safe and be abled to protect not only themselves, but others as well, only idiots can’t see the real truth! Guns do not kill people, criminals with guns and knives, machetes and other weapons as bats, kill people, those individuals will get their hands on guns any day and anyway, law abiding citizens in turn will finish their possibilities of committing a crime or kill anyone as they have done and do in cities as NYC!

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