CHRISTIANS: To Carry Or Not To Carry A Firearm? [Video]

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To be up front: today’s article is for Christians specifically. If you’re not a Christian, then, this may not be for you, but since so many people who lean towards firearm ownership are Christian believers (or, at least, are concerned about Christian ethics), I suspect that this may be of interest to most readers.

So, the question is: Should a Christian carry a firearm?

It’s a great question, especially, when Christians have a reputation for being peaceful and peacemakers. People ask how believers can feel that they are allowed to carry a firearm as a firearm is a weapon.


The first thing that I’ll comment is that the people who ask this question haven’t studied the original languages in the Bible (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek). In the original language, the Ten Commandments don’t say “Thou shall not kill.” What they actually say is “Thou shall not murder.” In other words, believers are commanded not to seek to kill people for the purpose of hurting that other person.

This information, by itself, should settle the question for Christian gun owners. As firearm owners, we don’t shoot to kill an intruder. We shoot to stop the attacker from injuring or killing someone. I heard a police officer put it this way: “You shoot to stop the attack. That attacker’s death is incidental to the issue.” (I’m not a lawyer, and this isn’t legal advice. Check the specific rulings in your state and area.)

But, maybe, you have some more thoughts that you want settled about this issue. If that’s you, you can watch Stav from She Equips Herself talk about this very issue below.

Stav makes a number of good points there. Jesus didn’t criticize his disciples for carrying weapons (swords in that day and age) but for using them inappropriately for the situation that they were in. As firearm owners, we always need to be careful to only use our firearm in appropriate situations and never inappropriately.

So, in essence, that comes down to being aware of the situation that you’re in, training for appropriate uses of your firearm (including knowing when it’s appropriate to use it versus when it isn’t), and, then, only using it in the appropriate way in the rare instance when it’s acceptable to do so.

And that’s good advice whether you are a Christian or not.



  1. Many anti-gun arguements are based on mis-understanding, mis-interpreting of the Bible! Such as the “eye for an eye” one! Reading further, you find “Vengence is MINE!”, sayeth the Lord! But nowhere in the Bible does it say you shouldnt defend yourself, your family, or property against harm!

  2. Stav is completely correct. Jesus even instructed His disciples to sell clothing, if necessary, to buy a sword (Luke 22:36-38). There sword was to be used for defensive purposes (lots of road-side robbers in that day, as in this). As a full time minister of 43 years, I carry daily and at church, and so do several of our church members, every time we meet. Our church building has been shot up twice and I’ve had angry threats against my life (mostly for not giving homeless alcoholics cash). A long time policeman told me over lunch that we are crazy of we don’t have armed defenders at church. I agree. Numerous churches have been attacked by gunmen and a number of innocent people killed before the perpetrator was subdued. Love one another, but protecting one another from evil is part of that love

  3. You were right on the money, I have said the same thing to others use your Brain God gave you it for a reason! I enjoyed your video very much.

    RA Schaefer

  4. I’m a Christian, and I’ve no problem carrying a gun to defend others and myself.

    • You’re right, in our modern translation that’s what it says. But Bible scholars will tell you that the Greek and Hebrew (origional) verse says thou shalt not murder. Read the first reply from Neal Glenn. That’s just like different denominations read scripture differently. GOD had King David to slay thousands, and many others as well. Not meaning to sound like a know-it-all, as I’m far from being that.

  5. “He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”
    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭22‬:‭36‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    In todays world sword means gun.

    This means don’t be an idiot and protect yourself. This is why Jesus said this himself.

  6. I have been on a church security team, and, thankfully, never had to draw my gun! I do believe in the right to carry, and the duty of every believer to not only protect himself, but his fellow man too. I personally know of several Pastors that do carry all the time. With the condition of the world today, I believe that it’s just smart to be able to protect yourself at any time. Here’s a book written by a Pastor about protecting his church when terrorists invaded, intent on killing everyone. The Author is Charl Van Vyk, and the book is “Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self-defense” and is available on Amazon.

  7. Joel 3:10 Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears. Let the weak say “I am Strong”.

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