CNN Makes Rare Excursion Into Telling The Truth About Firearms


In my experience, the mainstream legacy media has a hard time telling the truth about a lot of subjects. The one that they are most likely to give you “misinformation” about is firearms, though. They’ll give you their opinions and a bunch of nonsense said in a way to try to make it sound believable that, when you look into it, is just fabricated nonsense.

But CNN, one of the worst about spreading misinformation (aka fake news), recently has been pushing to (they say) be less biased. The jury is still out about that, but they recently reported something that you may be shocked to read about (hat tip to here for the lead). Ray Sanchez writes,

Jenn and Shelby are part of a growing number of Americans, particularly women and people of color, on an extended national gun shopping splurge – many for the first time.

The heightened interest in guns comes amid a horrific spate of mass shootings and – according to the CDC’s most recent figures – firearm fatalities that outnumbered motor vehicle traffic deaths 48,830 to 45,404. 

Okay, so Sanchez (writing for CNN) does put the expected CNN spin on it by titling the article “A nation rocked by mass shootings goes on an extended gun-buying run” to push their guns are scary angle. And the quote above pushes that narrative, too, by conveniently leaving out the fact that for the last two years, millions of Americans have been working remotely, so, they haven’t been commuting to work. In other words, they haven’t been driving, so, they haven’t been getting into accidents. It’s easy to understand why continuing gun violence in the same places that had gun violence before the pandemic (Chicago, Baltimore, etc.) still was happening throughout the pandemic when car accident deaths haven’t been keeping up. Criminals didn’t stop shooting just because so many other people stayed home.


But, hey, maybe we should give CNN credit for actually reporting that more people are legally buying guns. Baby steps in the right direction, right?



  1. I also didn’t see any mention of what percentage of those shootings were self-defense and what percent were by criminals.

    Getting shot during the commission of a felony is a work hazard.

  2. Yet, still the expressed Bias. By following along with the Gun Violence Associations Selective definition of “Mass Shootings.”
    The GVA adds all the gang bangervdrive by’s into their figures which makes it look like Mass Shootings happen every day. They don’t, and GVA’s claims are Intelectually Dishonest.
    It’s Violent Crime’s increase that is driving sales, not Mass Shootings. The Robberies, Car Jackings, Targeted Murder are really what people are afraid of. Mass Shootings are just a small part statistically.

  3. How many were suicides, gang related or accidental discharges by stupid people(Alec Baldwin)?

    • Excellent point you make. There has still never been a reliable report on gun owners that practice safety at all times. Abide by the laws of concealed carry. Teach firearm safety to their children and keep firearms locked away properly when small children are around. That’s all my freinds and family that own firearms. I know there are a hell of a lot more out there. We will only hear about the crazy ones that the media uses as the header for all gun owners. Mr. Biden thinks he’s a tough guy but trying to crush the 2A will never happen. Definatley not in his pitful lifetime and certainly not anytime soon.

  4. “When the government takes away the right of the citizens to bear arms, it becomes the duty of the citizens to take away the right to govern them from the government” – / George Washington /

  5. Don’t be fooled by “Left-Handed ” Remarks because all that “Opinion Reporting” did was call attention to Gun Buying! Just another Fear-mongering attempt to bring attention to “Guns” where People have a sincere and well-established desire to “Defend” themselves and their families due to the “Lackadaisical approach” to the Administration’s Non-Effort to secure the Southern Border from Repeat Offenders who keep returning from deportation multiple times to harm American Citizens!

  6. More people are killed by knives and hammers than guns. No matter what tool is used the result is the same. People die for many different reasons whether by self defense or by criminals.

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