1 State Puts Legal Discrimination In Place When It Comes To Guns


One of the areas which most people would say that progress has been made in the U.S. is in the area of discrimination. Unless indoctrinated with victimhood propaganda, most people would agree that people, regardless of race, sex, or any other characteristic, are treated more equally than, probably, ever in American history.

But, now, anti-2A politicians in one state have decided that not all legal-aged adults are actually equal.

Yes, one group is being discriminated against. Roy Francis gives us the details:


A new Colorado law will raise the legal gun buying age from 18 to 21 years of age on Monday.

The new law, SB23-169, is part of a collection of new “gun reform” laws that were approved and signed by Governor Jared Polis (D-Colo.) in the spring.

The law will go into effect statewide on Monday, with the only exceptions being active members of the United States military, peace officers, and people who have been certified by the Peace Officer Standards and Training board.

The sponsors of the new law clarified that this was not meant to criminalize legal gun owners, but to protect the young people of the state. The State Majority House Leader, Monica Duran (D-Colo.), said that this law is a result of the increase in domestic violence.

That’s right, adults aged 18-20 can serve in the military, can be thrown in adult jails, and can do all kinds of things since they are legal adults. Except buy guns in Colorado, apparently, where they are still considered children.

So, this begs the question: How is this not discrimination? And if this is allowed to stand (it’s already being challenged in court), what will that mean for other rights that adults have in that state? Could they be compromised, too?

We’ll have to see what happens with this law, but as it stands, it appears to clearly be a violation of the principle of equal treatment under the law.



  1. Hey, I just can’t get too bent outta shape, here. Once, the drinking age was 21, but you could get drafted when you were 18. Fair? No, probably not. Unbearable? Nah.

  2. You are using the same argument that pro-drinking and alcohol enthusiasts use to criticize State laws banning alcohol sales and use by people before their twenty-one birth date. After all, I may be old enough to fight in combat, but I can’t drink a beer!? However, I agree with you. As it is now, “intent” is ignored in American jurisprudence. For example, I may want to drink beer as long as I refrain from committing a crime.
    That in itself is a freedom. However, we make it illegal to consume alcohol prior to the prescribed date a person is an adult. This same mentality authored all laws we are required to obey. “We simply deny social behavior that these laws are designed to prohibit. Thus, another example is obvious. We at one point, made it illegal to consume alcohol among adults with “Prohibition” laws. One of the selling points was to prevent a drunk from going home and beating his wife and children. Freedom alone would suggest an adult has a right to drink and if a drunk does as stated, he committed the crime of assault.
    We already have laws to discourage assault and can and should be enforced. But, to assume the government should make a blanket law to deny a right, i.e., drinking is in itself contrary to freedom and liberties. As far as I’m concerned, charging a person with a crime should only be a result of the crimes inflicted after the fact. Therefore, driving under the influence is not a crime if I go from “A” to “B” without harming others. But if I do, a law should exist that addresses all crimes involved, and a DUI should be issued if my behavior caused the same crimes.
    But, not here in America. The land of the free is now the nation of laws. “Dubya” Bush said that himself. We are a nation of too many laws as a result and theatrically, driving to work can’t be managed without breaking the laws and ordinances we have on the books. Hell,… building a deck over your patio requires the “authorities” to pass the work with an inspection. And, if any of the vertical railings are too far in distance from each other, and a child can get their head between them, it won’t pass and you will have to tear it down and rebuild it. Plus, building the deck without notifying the authorities is a crime in itself. And, let’s not forget, that it’s illegal to cut off the tags off your mattress!…lol.
    So, in all reality, we are free to deny people their rights and liberties. We do it every day. We simply can’t go with our day without “infringing” the sensibilities of people and their intolerance. And every federal, state, and local government entity whose legislatures churn more and new laws that “we” must obey is underway and on steroids! Therefore, one must realize that “all” laws are designed to inhibit a person’s freedom(s). Some are necessary for we can’t have murderers and rapists roaming the streets. But the bulk of laws are not only obnoxious but also quite opposite to our freedoms. And a person’s intent is no longer a part of the equation.

  3. Yup another governor committing a felony, why don’t the gun gropes file charges, for breaking the oath of office its Illegal under Title 5 USC sections 7311 and 1333, also taking tax payers money under false pretenses.
    There is no more accountability, and no one is holding them so.

  4. good thing I’m 64, I was born and raised in Colorado, my late wife lived here since 1980. I have known and seen more felons with firearms, than those of us whom buy firearms legally. but even when I have informed law enforcement and they have been to our building 4-5 times a week for domestic violence, they have never arrested either one of the parties, they sell drugs in the alley, and it upsets me to see that the police don’t want to do the paperwork, and or arrest bad people. I am so glad I have to move and will be in a 55+ community since my wife was killed a year ago by a 23 year old whom lied and the cop took his word for it because my wife/soulmate was dead on the pavement. WOW,


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