Lawsuit Filed Against INSANE Biden ATF Upgrade Rule


Joe Biden’s administration is, quite possibly, the most anti-Constitutional administration in U.S. history. They consistently overstep their Constitutional boundaries (by any interpretation of the Constitution), and they have consistently worked to steal Americans’ Constitutional rights, and not just Second Amendment rights.

Fortunately, there are still some out there who are working to push back against the Biden administration’s lawlessness.

Take, for example, forced reset triggers. This isn’t an uncommon upgrade on a firearm, but the ATF obviously doesn’t think that you or I should have the ability to upgrade our firearms in ways that they don’t approve of. There is news on that front, though. Michael Clements writes,


The most recent lawsuit [over forced reset triggers], National Association for Gun Rights v. Garland, was filed in federal court in the Northern District of Texas on Aug. 9 over the ATF’s decision that certain forced reset triggers (FRTs) are legally machine guns.

Clements continues:

In addition to the NAGR, the plaintiffs are Texas Gun Rights Inc. and individuals Patrick Carey, James Wheeler, and Travis Speegle. The plaintiffs claim the ATF has illegally classified the FRT as a machine gun regulated under the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the National Firearms Act of 1934.

According to the lawsuit, the ATF deprived the plaintiffs of their property by confiscating FRTs they had purchased or planned to sell. It claims the agency is violating their rights by preventing them from buying more FRTs.

According to the NAGR press release, Rare Breed Triggers began selling FRTs in December 2020. The company reportedly obtained the design from another company. Rare Breed Triggers did not submit any samples, documentation, or plans to the ATF to determine if the product complied with the law.

Instead, the company had the design “analyzed by multiple legal teams and firearms experts.” NAGR maintains that the experts determined that the FRTs comply with the law.

“By January 13 of 2021, the ATF launched efforts to have FRTs outlawed,” the press release reads. “The ATF tried to justify this by saying that ‘multiple concerned citizens’ reached out to them regarding Rare Breed’s FRTs. However, FOIA requests proved that there was no record of a citizen ever contacting the ATF about the triggers.”

So, in typical Biden administration manner, the ATF used the excuse of “concerned citizens” who don’t actually exist to justify their attempts to keep you and me from exercising our Second Amendment rights (as if anyone being “concerned” has any relevancy to whether we have rights which government shall not infringe upon).

Good for the National Association For Gun Rights and these plaintiffs. This lawsuit needed to be filed, and if there’s any justice in this world, the ATF, along with their forced reset trigger rule, will be sent packing.

These lawsuits will continue to need to be filed so long as we have people in government who hate you and me having rights that they can’t trample, so, we’d all do well to continue to work to get bad politicians voted out of office and bad bureaucrats thrown out of office.



  1. The ATF & E (All Trust Federal Execution) is over stepping their charter, again! Congress controls the purse strings (Funding) and the House of Reps under good conservative leadership could slash the money allotted to this anti-constitution group of Fabians!!! Less money, less crap!!!

  2. I agree that the funding for the BATFE should be reduced to the point where they cannot even purchase toilet paper.
    Congress should deal the most crippling cuts to their budget , so they’re forced to close the doors.
    Contact your elected representatives!

  3. Repeal the NFA, GCA and all subsequent Legislation, and Assholes Taking Firearms goes away. “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED,” couldn’t be any fucking plainer.

  4. The ATF is talking out their back sides, and almost no one is buying their BS. With an automatic firearm, when you press and hold the trigger, one round after another exits the business end of the weapon, until the trigger is released. A forced reset trigger on a semi-automatic firearm, ANY semi-automatic firearm, still makes the weapon a semi-automatic firearm. The weapons trigger has to reset before the next round can be discharged from the business end of the weapon. The Biden regime and its cronies have weaponized the alphabet agencies against the citizens of the U.S. It is past time the alphabet agencies are defunded,torn into a million pieces,cast to the wind,then reworked from top to bottom to work with ‘We the People’, not against us.

  5. The SCOTUS has ruled aganst various states, counties, and cities gun restrictions MANY times. As well as ruling against the ATF ‘new’ rules several times.

    Yet they keep having to explain and interpret their rulings and the Constitution repeatedly.


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