The NSA is back to spying on you again, now with so-called FREEDOM act


Rand Paul struck a huge blow against Big Government by successfully blocking the re-authorization of key provisions of the so-called PATRIOT act.

But you and I knew that sounded too good to be true right?

Rand Paul did  too …

“The Patriot Act will expire tonight,” Paul said after blocking it. “But it will only be temporary. They will ultimately get their way.” 


Among his other comments that show Rand Paul is a critical thinker, he said “It’s hard for me to have trust in the people who we are giving great power to” …

Alas, the so-called FREEDOM act passed just a few days later (Government moves quick when they want more power don’t they?) and none of Rand Paul’s amendments to the bill were passed (because they tried to protect your privacy, you can look them up yourself if you’d like).

Let’s talk about why the so-called FREEDOM act is not much better than the so-called PATRIOT act …

What’s the Difference between the so-called PATRIOT act and the so-called FREEDOM act?

In short? Not much.

Judge Napolitano has much to say about the so-called FREEDOM act. Let’s listen to the good Judge and lover of Liberty now …

“In their continuous efforts to create the impression that the government is doing something to keep Americans safe, politicians in Washington have misled and lied to the public. They have violated their oaths to uphold the Constitution. They have created a false sense of security. And they have dispatched and re-dispatched 60,000 federal agents to intercept the telephone calls, text messages and emails of all Americans all the time.

In the process, while publicly claiming they only acquire identifying metadata — the time, date, location, duration, telephone numbers and email addresses of communications — they have, in fact, surreptitiously gained access to the content of these communications.”

What Happened When The PATRIOT Act expired?

“On June 1, one of the three claimed legal authorities for all this, Section 215 of the Patriot Act, expired, as Congress was unable to agree on either its reinstitution or the enactment of a substitute. At the time that Section 215 was about to expire, President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey warned that the National Security Agency’s (NSA) computers would go dark and the American public would be at the mercy of our enemies. Their warnings were nonsense.

The NSA is a military entity that utilizes the services of military computer experts and agents, employs civilians, and hires companies that provide thousands of outside contractors. After nearly 14 years of spying on us — all authorized by a secret court whose judges cannot keep records of what they have ordered or discuss openly what they know — the NSA now has computers and computer personnel physically located in the main switching offices of all telecom and Internet service providers in the United States. It has 24/7 access to the content of everyone’s telephone calls, emails and text messages.

All This Data Collection Gives American’s a False Sense of Security …

“The data amassed thereby is so vast that the government cannot sift through it quickly or effectively enough to stop such notorious events as the Boston Marathon bombings, the Fort Hood massacre and the attempted massacre last month outside of Dallas. The Justice Department acknowledged this last month when it revealed that all this spying has not succeeded in stopping any terrorist plots and has not aided any federal prosecutions of terrorism.

Then why do it? Because the feds want to calm American nerves by giving the impression that they are doing something — even though we know that they know that what they are doing fails to keep us safe. They are giving us a false impression. But they owe us the truth, not falsehoods designed to make themselves look like they are doing what they claim. Their spying has failed to enhance our safety.

It also has failed to protect our freedoms. The Constitution requires probable cause as a precondition for all search warrants. That is a level of evidence about the place to be searched or the person or thing to be seized sufficient to induce a judge to conclude that a crime probably has been committed. Without this probable cause requirement, nothing would stop the government from searching and seizing whatever it wants. Yet that is where we are today. The NSA’s unconstitutional standard of “government need” reinstitutes the general warrants — search where you wish and seize what you find — which the Fourth Amendment was written to prohibit.

How the (so-called) FREEDOM Act and the (so-called) PATRIOT Act are both two sides of the same liberty destroying coin …

“Both the Patriot Act and the Freedom Act, the substitute law enacted by Congress, do away with the probable cause requirement. Both of those laws permit the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court to issue general warrants based on the government’s needs, rather than probable cause. It is the government-need standard, which is no standard at all, that has resulted in spying on all persons all the time.

When Section 215 of the Patriot Act expired, the NSA’s legal (yet unconstitutional) authority to spy did not. The propaganda that its computers were shut down is false. Section 702 of the FISA law and President Bush’s October 2001 executive order were and are still valid, and both have been interpreted to unleash the NSA.

Section 702 permits warrantless surveillance of Americans who speak with foreigners, and the NSA has gotten FISA warrants to intercept the calls of the folks to whom those Americans speak, to the sixth degree. That alone encompasses all persons in the United States. Mr. Bush’s executive order was given to all military intelligence agencies — of which the NSA is but one. It instructed the military to intercept the calls and emails of whichever Americans it needs to listen in upon to enhance safety. That executive order still stands. This is why the hand-wringing and false claims that the NSA computers went dark is untruthful. The computers violate our privacy, assault our liberty and fail to enhance our safety, but they are not dark.

How Power-Hungry Government Goons Use Double Speak To Steal More of Your Liberty …

“Last week, one of the pro-spying politicians was clever — even cute — when he issued the one-liner: “You can’t enjoy civil liberties from a coffin.” His statement was a craven articulation of failure. The government’s job is to keep us free and safe. If it keeps us safe but not free, it has failed to do its job. Today it does neither. I suggest to him Patrick Henry’s view on this: “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Which one-liner better embodies American values, history and traditions?”

Andrew P. Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, is an analyst for the Fox News Channel. He has written seven books on the U.S. Constitution.

In Conclusion …

Rand Paul did a great thing standing up for the constitution. He seemed to understand that the power-hungry politicians on both sides of the aisle were intent on finding some way to expand their surveillance powers on the American people …

He did put forth a lot of amendments to the FREEDOM act before it was passed–to try to protect your privacy more–and they were all voted down.

He also voted against the FREEDOM act so it’s nice to see he’s not flip flopping under pressure.

Anyways, again, the best thing you can do is make it hard for Government snoops to violate your privacy. Protect your data, use encryption services, don’t put all your info online (especially not social media) and don’t ever expect Government to do the “right thing”.




  1. Even the Declaration of Independence states,,,that the government DERIVES their ,”just powers,;”’ from the governed and when that government becomes destructive with those ,”just powers,” it is ,”our” duty to dissolve the political attachments to that government and find new guards for our freedoms.We have ever legal right to disband the n.s.a.,,the d.e.a.,, the d.o.j.,the f.b.i.,the c.i.a,,and all those black ops,budgets we don’t know about,,,none derived their just powers from the very people who they govern,,,none of them,,Orwell said it best,,in a world of mass deceit,,,,telling the truth is a revolutionary act,,,,,and that revolution should be,,,,NOW!!!!!!!!!!!,,,MARYW

  2. The day and time for the people to act is without a doubt…NOW. Tomorrow may be too late. Hell, it may be too late already. One thing is for sure, the government is gearing up for something big, huge, MASSIVE.
    I think we all know what that is, so I hope you are all gearing up also. So many out there know, and feel something is coming to a head, but most “sheeple” refuse to think, or believe the truth.
    They believe if they simply bury their heads in the sand this massive event will not happen. All it takes for me to KNOW what is going to take place in the VERY NEAR future is the fact that they have the so called “Freedom Act”, they have stockpiled billions of rounds of ammo, purchased more than 2600 MRAP vehicles, have built enormously huge underground bases, and are creating a total separation of the people by political party, racism, etc., etc., etc.
    Folks, you don`t got to be a rocket scientist to realize what`s going to happen, and very soon I may add.
    Be prepared as best as you can because the government sure as hell is!

  3. We the people have to act on this now & hold the government responsible for their actions . Revolution is the only way now . There is no other way , politicians allow the government to do whatever they want .Its time to put a stop to it all LIVE FREE OR DIE TRYING .

  4. When the ultimate is bestowed upon our reps, the power gets super charged and is/cannot be removed short of a revolution…

  5. It is surprising that even the totally corrupt Congress would Not want this because they are being spied on also and even their crimes would be exposed !!

    • How do u think their blackmailen them to get anything they want,,,Our forefathers would be spinning in their graves,,Paul Revere,,Sam Adams,,John Adams,,George Washington,,,would be disgusted with ,”our government,”,,mary

  6. l am speaking for myself. it makes me sick to see how this crap heads
    so call leaders in the Senate and the House would vote for the Obama
    Freedom Act. Its a invasion of our privacy. President Obama . Rand Paul
    had you worry. But at the end you still had all your jellyfish in the Senate
    and the House to suck up to you. isn’t that sickening ??

  7. Without a doubt politicians are solely responsible for the condition of our country, both sides of the isle, I might add! The condition of this country right now is the worse it’s ever been! I must be honest and say I blame Liberalism for nearly 100% for our problems; they have taken over our educational systems, at the elementary level right on up to and including the highest of the college level, they are in the process of attacking our religious convictions, they are bowing down to the Islamic doctrines, they want to do away with our second amendment rights and folks this list goes on and on and on, never stopping, everyday there is a new scheme contrived by this Obama Regime! This Muslim, future Dictator, has his sights set on not only the ruination of our country under the direction of George Soros and their chosen Disciples but also with the help of the Communist American Jews he has chosen to assist in his ploy! I say {Communist American Jews} because that’s exactly what they are, the real Jewish people are in Israel, they are not Obama’s chosen Disciples such as the likes of Charles Schumer, Dian Feinstein and a host of others just like them. Just sitting here typing my rant makes me want to “PUKE” right on my keyboard, I never dreamed the Ignorant American people would ever put someone in office that would vow to “FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA and while doing so, make such a damn mess out of his dastardly deeds……………………….Thanks for your time…..

  8. Do a “Pledge to Support Rand Paul”.
    They’re 30 million-strong as US/world-wide activists. They’re #1 among the handful of petition companies that exist. There’s also a comments section on biggest issue of the moment in America on C2 Causes. They liberal sheeple who don’t know any better. They need you to wake them up.
    You could even do a repeal of the ‘Patriot & Freedom Acts’ that’ll work if you just flood congressional offices with these signatures.
    Too busy on my own anti-Big Brother petition issue.

  9. America, through our apathy, has become an Islamic Marxist country, we have allowed via Congress for the government to be infiltrated by those who oppose freedom, freedoms which GOD has given America by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

    I believe Congress is in fear, from within and without, I also believe Congress people have been threatened with death and/or harm to their families.

    Further, I believe, every Congress person and every department has been infiltrated with the equivalent to Hitler’s Gestapo, watching and reporting to Obama or his aids, and those who dissent are removed. This is why there have been so many military “retirements” and why some are not running for re-election.

    Look closely and you will find an Islamic operative in every branch of the American government, or their supporters. On any given day there is the threat that the doors of government will not open because a muslim has the keys to those doors.

    Obama and islam, both foreign and domestic, are national security threats and must be expelled from America. But, that will take a revolution, are we up to it? Will today’s Americas face death to save the Republic?

  10. Nothing Patriot about Patriot Act and nothing Free about Freedom Act. Goes back to what Benjamin Franklin said in 1759; ” They that give up essential freedom to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither freedom nor safety”.

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