Biden Admin Goes Full CLOWN WORLD With New Executive Order


Some people are scared of clowns. Absolutely terrified of them. And stories like Stephen King’s It with the murderous Pennywise the clown certainly didn’t help that reputation among those who feel a knee-jerk sense of extreme fear when seeing a clown.

The clown that most Americans should probably be concerned about, though, isn’t something from a book. No, it’s the guy occupying the White House who, with a recent executive order, went full clown world with how he is approaching one of his pet issues. Caden Pearson writes,

President Joe Biden on Friday afternoon announced the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention to pass gun safety legislation at the state level, saying he’s “determined to send a clear message.”

The newly formed office, which was made by executive order, will be led by Vice President Kamala Harris. The office will be run with the help of gun safety advocates, according to White House officials.

Speaking from the Rose Garden late Friday afternoon, President Biden, a Democrat, expressed his dedication to gun control measures, describing the prevalence of mass shootings as an epidemic.

“This new White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention … will drive and coordinate a government and a nationwide effort to reduce gun violence in America,” President Biden said.

He went on to say that he was “determined to send a clear message about how important this issue is to me and to the country.”

The president noted that Americans have pleaded with him to “do something” to prevent mass shootings.

Here’s the thing, if Biden really wants to do something to prevent mass shootings, the solution is to completely get rid of gun-free zones because more than one shooter’s manifesto said that those murderers chose a gun-free zone to start shooting because they could kill more people before anyone could show up to shoot back at them.


The second way to reduce mass shooting deaths massively (and you already know this if you’ve watched the videos in our post here), is to have someone armed and trained on site to be able to shoot back. Active shooters are overwhelmingly stopped by someone else with a gun. Often that is law enforcement, but if a law-abiding citizen with a firearm is on site, they often save many, many lives by being able to neutralize the threat before law enforcement is able to arrive.

The answers to the mass shooting problem aren’t hard to understand.

Unless you’re a clown pretending to be President of the United States, it seems.



  1. Camel toe couldn’t handle the border. I’m sure she will shoot herself in the foot on this too!

  2. Those of us who are still able to think rationally know the real purpose of these “gun safety measures” is, in reality, an attempt to disarm the American population! As Chairman Mao once said “… we could never succeed in conquering America because behind every blade of grass is an American with a gun!” China Joe, at the behest of his Global Elitist masters, is doing everything he can, legal and illegal, to remedy that situation so the Elites won’t have to face as large of an armed resistance when they bring their troops in to subjugate the American population! Why else would the regime try to push pornography on pre-pubescent kids, except to program them to accept the perverted advances of the “Ruling Elite” as “normal” when they take over!

  3. Commie Joe needs to go!! He has stepped way beyond bounds and trampled the Constitution too many times to allow him to remain as POTUS and the RHINOs who supported him need to be shown the door too, before they get kicked in the…..

  4. Enforce the laws we have there is no need for more laws or committees or office that is only there to create useless positions in government to waste more tax payer money.

  5. Wake the f… up and realize what they are trying to do !! The downfall of American society and total control after the chaos . For God’s sake read Mark Levin’s new book “the Democrats Hate America’ He will open your eyes

  6. It might be even more effective if the armed person – be they a LEO, armed security or gasp a legally armed Citizen were to shoot the would be mass murderer at the outset or early on. Think Jack Wilson, his early intervention likely stopped a mass shooting with ‘only’ one fatality – and no the perp does not count.

  7. Why don’t we impeach Joe and Harris for loss of confidence in their ability to govern? Or failure to honor their oath of office to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States! And do it immediately like the Military does!

    Take the 1st. Amendment ” no law shall be passed ” and the 2nd. ” shall not be infringed ” sounds PROHIBITIVE, now go to the 10th. Amendment “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
    Does that not mean that the federal government can pass no laws against them, it being PROHIBITED to them it is also PROHIBITED to the states …

  9. Besides the obvious answers offered in this article, other simple ways to stop most violence is to lock up the criminals, not give them bail and keep them locked up. The laws are already on the books to prevent criminals from doing damage, but they will never be enforced by liberals and dems (unless you’re a conservative). In fact, dems can’t wait to let the criminals run free with no bail, no sentencing, early release and defunding the police. It’s just common sense which dems do not have.

  10. What we need is a national concealed carry program to allow citizens to carry firearms when out of their homes. That way, the bad guys wouldn’t know who was armed and might think twice before doing something evil. Anyone who had been convicted of any crime would not be eligible to carry legally.

    • First off we already have the right to carry,2nd you are being a little overboard on any crime,that is crazy if you get a speeding ticket or any other bull shit crime that should not effect your right to carry

  11. Just curious – wouldn’t a federal office propagandizing state offciails to pass state-level gun laws fall afoul of the Constitution? Would that also not be “election interference”?

    In effect, would that not make Kamal Harris, all her staff, and all their supporters, criminals for seeking to overthrow the Constitutional goverment of these united States?

    Unless, of course, they acknowledge that States are supreme, which would invalidate all federal laws unless and until specifically agreed to by each single State?

    What a patchwork of confusing issues. Almost as bad as what Bumbling Biden and his VP have already created.

    • The insurrection started in earnest with Obama’s disregard of the Constitution …
      The democrats have been afoul of the Constitution and the laws sense the Civil War …

  12. I’m sure if we point out ONE MORE TIME that gun control is not effective in fighting crime, the leftists will totally cave on the issue.

  13. If any one occupying the Peoples House want to curb Gun violence all that has to be done is build more prisons and jails and sentence the offenders to strict sentences. If you take a life using a firearm,you forfeit you own life, either by a life sentence without parole or a death sentence with limited appeals. Using a firearm in the commision of a crime call for an automatic sentence enhancement. If the shooter dies in the commission of a crime the the shooter’s family will be held responsible and serve a sentence and restitution to the victims/families, because the shooter’s family should have recognized the possibilities of a change in behavior, and warned authorities.

  14. Deport Democrats and remove their citizenship???? That would solve 99% of America’s problems???

  15. Dem DAs have been fudging the gun violence numbers for years releasing violent criminals in hopes they will re-commit crime ti boost the gun violence numbers, get the public worked up, and pass more laws to hinder legal gun ownership. ClSsoc Carl Marx of how to take over a country without a soldier ever firing a shot. As Marx said they are all “necessary idiots” in the final plan.

  16. How many times is this Dick-tater wanna be going to circumvent the Constitution of our Country to try and Ram China’s and his Communist Agenda down the throats of honest law abiding Tax paying Americans. It’s really getting old every time Biden comes up with one of his Idiotic ideas that he knows Congress will throw back in his face, he tries to Ram it through with an Executive Order. I mean seriously what is his running total now on E/O’s. it must be getting close to 140-150 and that doesn’t include proclamations, notices or memorandas. no telling how many of those he’s put out to get what he wants, and we all know what he wants….VOTES!!! And he will do anything to get them. overrun our Country with Illegals, let Americans suffer and Die!!, continue to increase Inflation into the Stratosphere taking care of Illegals every whim, Funding the entire WAR in Ukraine, running up food and gasoline with his moronic foreign policies. The man is completely Incompetent. He continues to sell his Soul to the highest Bidder Ukraine and China so it seems. But what else would you expect from a Career Criminal…And that’s exactly what Joe Biden is a CRIMINAL…

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