How Biden Admin Plans To Make YOU A Victim


There’s an old saying that says that you shall know a tree by its fruit, and one way that I’ve heard that Bible verse explained is that you can tell someone’s real heart and intentions by the outcomes of their actions over time. Now, sure, everyone stumbles occasionally, but if the outcomes tend to be more bad than good, then, maybe, we should consider that the person’s intentions are bad. And, based on that thinking, it’s hard to come to any other conclusion than that anti-2A politicians have downright evil intentions.

Let me give just one example.

The Biden administration is pushing for more gun control. No surprise there. What you may not know is some of the specifics of what they’re trying to shove down our throat. Michael Clements tells us about the latest efforts by the Biden administration. Clements writes,


President Joe Biden’s White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention has announced a campaign to promote safe gun storage. The initiative, involving schools and the military, includes pushing for federal and state gun storage laws.

In response to this push for gun storage, you may be saying, “So what?” That’s a valid question. Until you realize that gun storage requirements embolden criminals to commit more crimes because they know that it takes longer for their victims to access their firearm to protect themselves with.

And that’s not speculation on my part. We’ve talked about this before here. In that article, we quote Dr. John Lott who notes that in states with firearms storage requirements, the murder rate increased by 300 people per year, and the number of rapes per year increased by 4,000.

Those are real people injured in very real ways causing lasting harm to both these victims and their families because people like Joe Biden value their push to disarm you over actually saving lives.

We cannot allow the current administration (or any administration) to steal our ability to protect ourselves. We need better, more honest leadership that takes their oath of office to abide by the Constitution seriously.



  1. People need to carry open or concealed in their homes 24/7. Why store anything when it won’t be available when needed? I sleep with my 1911 and open carry on the property at all times.

  2. Will this make the criminals, the illegals stop their crime ?!?! NO….they don’t follow any laws. Oh yeah, for the people who do not realize it; LAWS DO NOT ELIMINATE CRIME, THEY ONLY EXPOSE THE CRIME. The biggest part of this equation is law ENFORCEMENT AND PROSECUTION. This is where corruption and loopholes will have the revealing of the true agenda; this is where MONEY comes into play !

  3. I am an Army veteran and will tell anyone that tries to tell me I can’t open carry on my property to bring there own body bags if they attempt to disarm me . That is not a threat but a true promise .

  4. What I do with my guns in my house is non of OBiden’s business or any government business!
    As long as I am not hurting my self or any of my family! Enough said!!

    • JL – yep – if someone comes in to my house uninvited THEY are the ones that have placed themselves at risk, NOT me. I won’t say whether or not I have any gunms (to quote possum) – that is no ones business but mine. If someone does enter my domicile uninvited they have already committed a crime and likely have nefarious intent.

  5. What the proponents of ‘safe storage’ ALWAYS ignore is two fold. 1) they never say exactly what/how guns have to be stored. Remember that in the district of corruption it used to be that the gun had to be essentially disabled, stored in a locked container and any ammo stored in a separate locked container. 2) In spite of herculean efforts to insure ‘safe storage’ military and/or police armories get broken into. I doubt that most Citizens can afford that level of ‘safe storage’. Prove me wrong.

  6. Breach of the “Oath of Office IS a felony, why does no one arrest this Biden law breaker, hes taking tax payers money, a paycheck under false pretenses, and under ( Title 5 U.S.C. Section 7311 & 1333 )
    Look up the punishment !

  7. Disarm the public against the criminals? Hell even the Romans didn’t take away the citizen’s weapons of self defense in the areas they over came and enslaved. Christ’s own disciples carried the weapons of the day and that is even scriptual

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