Biden’s DOD TARGETS Completely Wrong Group


The Biden administration is simply wrong on so many things. And the scandals and controversies that surround Joe Biden and his family would make a mafia boss green with envy with how much Biden and his family have gotten away with.

But, since this is a site about firearms, we’ll stick to that subject for today’s story.

And, wow, did Biden’s Department of Defense get it completely wrong in who they are targeting on behalf of Biden’s political ambitions… I mean, efforts to combat gun violence. They couldn’t have gotten it more backwards by any definition for that word. Candace Hathaway writes,


The Department of Defense recently held a staff event discussing the “rise of far-right terrorism” in America, according to a Tuesday report by the┬áDaily Caller News Foundation.

The DCNF revealed that the Pentagon launched a new “brown bag events” series featuring both internal and guest speakers. An email invitation obtained by the outlet appeared to invite “all” staff with the DOD’s Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict office, also known as the SO/LIC.

Bruce Hoffman, a professor at Georgetown University and senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, and Jacob Ware, a research fellow at the CFR, were invited by the Pentagon to discuss their book titled “God, Guns, and Sedition: Far-Right Terrorism in America.”

Hathaway continues:

“This is the first of what we hope will be a series of brown bag events featuring internal and external speakers,” it continued. “This talk, derived from the speakers’ new book, God, Guns, and Sedition (Columbia Univ. Press) discusses the rise of far-right terrorism in the United States, the impact of U.S. domestic terrorism on our foreign policy and our allies, and policy recommendations to counter far-right terrorism.”

Now, you’ll notice that “guns” is prominent in the title as they are trying to tie in gun owners with terrorism, and you’ll also notice the absolute lack of left-wing terrorism being mentioned including mass shooters who did it to push gun control (more here about that) and the lack of mention of “mostly peaceful protests” which saw people killed and billions of dollars of damage.

This book and event seem to be about nothing more than the continued push by the left to paint legal gun owners and those on the political right as the terrorists that those on the political left are much more prone to be.

It’s absurd and offensive.

The American people deserve better than the anti-Americans in the current administration.



  1. You know I wouldn’t be surprised if the Anti Christ himself is actually dictating Biden. But, of course, in the background. The one and only puppeteer himself. I never claim to be a religious man, but I do read my bible. You can call me crazy, but the scriptures are coming to pass on a daily basis.

  2. In the end, if the ballot box doesn’t work, and I don’t think it will, there’s only one way to stop this trend.

  3. Yes, you are correct, .. Remove the treasonous pc of #$!+ That swore he would protect our constitution, not murder it.B

  4. I have posted on my personal Facebook page a notice calling for Biden to resign the White House due to his outright refusal to uphold the Constitution and his consistent and continual abuse of the American people along with his absolute refusal to honor the Constitution by stripping the people of their rights. Bidens presidency is unconstitutional and therefore no laws he has passed are legitimate. Once someone sworn to uphold the Constitution violates that constitution they violate their oath of office. Once they violate their oath of office nothing they do in the name of that office is legal. Technically Biden isn’t even the president anymore due to his violation of the oath of office. The vice president, following Bidens lead, has also violated her oath of office so she is no longer a legit office holder. I suspect we would have to dig pretty deep in order to find someone who legitimately holds office. The messed up thing is that we as citizens have and continue to allow these traitors to remain in office even after they have violated their oath of office and are no longer allowed by the Constitution to hold said office. If we don’t stand up and do something about these traitors remaining in office they will remain there and continue passing laws that violate our constitution. And if we allow those laws to remain then more illegal laws will be passed based on those unconstitutional laws and they will give a foot hold to those who are content only in the destruction of our country. We are already well passed the point where we should have been removing these anti American pigs, by force of necessary. Continuing to allow them to remain in office means the results are our own doing. Many Americans are to fat and lazy, and too scared to lift a finger to do anything about it. How can we tuck tail and hide and yet claim the Constitution and all it offers when we won’t stand up to protect it. Our forefathers would be ashamed to call us brothers. They laid down their lives, they killed those who they once called their countrymen in order to establish this great country. And the American citizen just over 200 years later would tuck tail and cry like a bitch before they will stand to defend the Constitution they enjoy. Disgusting!

    • So, what are the options for us? Is there a group to join? (not just the NRA) How can like minded people network? I don’t think facebook is an option.

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