Did This State Just Abolish The 2nd Amendment?


Well, this is disturbing.

It appears that Oregon governor Kate Brown believes that she can abolish both the 2nd Amendment and the 14th Amendment in her state. Now, since you’re reading this site, I’ll assume that you are familiar with the 2nd Amendment’s declaration that Americans have the right to bear arms. If you’re not familiar with the 14th Amendment, it is the amendment which states that, among other things, no “state [shall] deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” In other words, the government (including state governments) cannot take your stuff without going through the legal process of finding you guilty of a crime.

Apparently, though, Oregon Democrats (this was a Democratic bill) believe that they are above the Constitution. Ethan Sabo writes,


This new anti-second amendment law allows all officials in the state of Oregon to order the removal of guns from the possession of free individuals. There is no evidence that is needed to perform the confiscation. The gun owner isn’t given a hearing until after.

Worse yet, the only way for the gun owner to get his gun back is to file a case and prove his innocence. Yes, this is guilty until proven innocent. It is unconstitutional in more than one way. If we keep ceding our rights, we won’t have any left.

It’s also a direct violation of the 14th amendment. This amendment gives everyone the right to a formal hearing before his or the tyrannical government steals her property.

This is complete and utter tyranny! And it’s just going to lead to theft until someone in Oregon has the guts to fight this law by suing to have their guns returned and taking this outside of the anti-gun legal system in that part of the country. This could mean taking it to the U.S. Supreme Court.

That will, unfortunately, be expensive and time-consuming. And, until that time, Oregon gun owners will be under threat of the whim of a hostile government who is more concerned about their misperceptions of reality than about people surviving an encounter with a violent criminal.

Frankly, if you live in Oregon, you may want to consider moving because, I’m sorry to say, this one isn’t likely to be resolved quickly.



    • The Oregon Governor should be arrested immediately. No warning at all. Going against the Constitution is treason, and by a Governor no less. cuff her and stuff her. Put Hitlerty in there with her. Two peas in a pod. Both out of their mind Democommies.

  1. I always knew that Oregon was a liberal sanctuary, but there is a kind of quirky irony in a state that sponsors both unwarranted gun grabs AND assisted suicide. Here in the Commonwealth of Virginia we may be stodgy libertarians, but at least we are consistent. Sorry, Oregon. While you have many attributes to recommend you, I think I’ll stick with what I’ve got (at least until the Blue Meanies have completely overrun the Red Staters).

  2. I live in CA and really want to get away from these idiots in office. Oregon is where my family lives and I would be great to see them more but no way am I living in a state that the gov’t has no clue what the people want, like the gov’t inn CA. Next year I’m leaving CA and now Oregon is off my list of places to move. Narrows my choices down to 3. Thanks duesche bag gov’t of Oregon. Time to sell my property in Grants Pass.

  3. Seems like EXPEDITED, much EXPEDITED attention, spelled IMMEDIATE, from the U.S. Supreme Court is needed here.

  4. The once great state of Oregon has sunk into the lowest depths of tyranny. So sad to see a freedom loving people with ample doses of pioneer spirit, buy off on the lie promoted by communist and socialist influenced liberals. Perhaps the frequent rain which nurtures the beautiful green forrests there, has rusted the brains of Oregonians and left them without the ability to differentiate between progressive dribble and truth. Our constitution is very clear in the wording of the second and fourteenth amendments which clearly prohibit such a draconian law. Wake up Oregonians before you find yourself living in a completely tyrannical society in which all your freedoms are userped by power hungry leaders.

  5. Our “king”…. oops…. I mean “governor” in COMMUNIST N.Y. State is attempting to pull the same CRAP. He is trying to make ANY small charge, no matter how petty, a reason to confiscate law-abiding citizen’s guns. I guess this is a “common practice” in DEMOCOMMIE-RUN “states”. If this is even TRIED, I am afraid there will be MANY police and citizens that are killed as these SCUM attempt to circumvent the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and LAWS of this Country to push their CORRUPT, EVIL “agenda”. This will indeed cause a revolution BUT perhaps THAT is their whole intention, so they can declare Martial law) (and theses SCUMBAGS call OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP a NAZI????) Looks like THEY THEMSELVES are following the “tactics” of the Nazi’s RULE under Hitler.

  6. The Oregon Governor should be arrested immediately. No warning at all. Going against the Constitution is treason, and by a Governor no less. cuff her and stuff her. Put Hitlerty in there with her. Two peas in a pod. Both out of their mind Democommies.

  7. “No law, rule or regulation can serve to abrogate any Right guaranteed by the US Constitution”- Miranda v Arizona, USSCt.

  8. Relying on SCOTUS, if and when your case comes up for review good luck them siding against the Socialist islamic party of OR, Federal court justices are guilty of the misinterpretation and often creating laws in the extreme tyranny rules in all 3 branches of Federal government because it is the wicked monitoring and left to hold themselves accountable for their actions and that is something none of them is likely to do.

  9. Where are the militia? 111%? You people need to start talking about taking your state back! Start letting them know that y’all are going to come together to march to the capital and physically remove the governor and all supporters of a socialist fascist system ,and all state and city law officers that want to help come join in! That would possibly put the fear in them. Remember America was born from 3% of the people. Live free or die!

  10. This is totally illegal, we also have a god given right to defend ourselves. Take the weapons from the politicians bodyguards. Time to get the liberals out !!!!!

  11. Tired of the arrogance of our public servants abusing or flat out ignoring our foundation of all of our nation’s laws our Constitution that includes our Bill of Natural (God given) Rights . When the foundation is broken the whole structure will fall . If our public servants can not be honorable enough to stay with in the parameters set forth by our foundation of our nation our Constitution then said public servants have no business being in our seats of public political servitude . These people that abuse the power given to operate our governmental business are tyrannical and our fore fathers warned future generations about such politicians .

  12. I don’t believe a “citizens’ arrest of the governor (small caps intentional) would suffice. There needs to be an immediate appeal to the UNITED STATES Supreme Court, not at some time in the future, but RIGHT NOW. An appeal to the offices of the National Rifle Association might also help. (I am a Life Member).

  13. I think it’s time we take our country back from these Dumacrats and put the Country back to the way it’s supposed to be. Let these commie Libnuts live in russia and see what Communism is all about. They’ll change there tune real quick.

  14. Where is AG Jeff Sessions? Or did he recuse himself from this too?
    Time to get to a Federal Judge that will side on the 2nd Amendment and put a stay on that law just like the Libnuts do to everything they don’t like.
    Also, when are we going to return to a US Senate selected by the state congress members so that its not a popularity contest and we just have 2 houses. The US Senators were supposed to be there to ensure laws that are passed by the “representatives” of the people are also good for their state. The people are already represented, Senators represent their state, not the people.

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