Could Even Arnold Schwarzenegger Handle This Pistol? [Video]


Sometimes you come across a gun that is so crazy, so intense that you wonder if anyone can actually use it in real life. The gun that we’re looking at today is one of those types of guns.

Some things just don’t seem to make any sense. They just don’t seem to have any practical use. But someone manufactures it anyway. Why is that?

The short answer? It’s the cool factor. The manufacturer made it and people buy it because it is just something very cool to have. And that’s the only reason that I can imagine that a company made the “pistol” that we’re looking at today.


The pistol isn’t practical. It isn’t convenient. It’s not concealable. And with the potential penetration issues with the ammunition that it’s chambered for, this isn’t something that you’re going to be using for home defense. Unless you’re defending your home from large angry grizzly bears… that are attacking the next home (in which case, you had better be a really great shot with a pistol).

So, what are we looking at today? A pistol chambered in .50 caliber. Yes, that’s not a typo. .50 caliber. And it’s every bit as big a “pistol” as you’d expect, as cool to shoot stuff with as you would think, and looks like it takes every bit of strength that the strongest guy has to keep it from dangerously hitting you in the face when you shoot it. And the guy testing it in the video below still put on a fair amount of safety equipment, including a helmet, to protect against that.

In other words, this pistol is a monster, and what it does to things that you point it at when pulling the trigger is truly a joy to behold.

You can see it in action (along with a good dose of humor) in the video below.

Did you watch that? The slow motion destruction of that mayonnaise bucket and of the bucket of corn syrup were beautiful things to behold.

I will admit that this definitely appeals to the destructive tendencies of the five year old in me when we would destroy toys just for the fun of it.

What do you think, though? Could Arnold Schwarzenegger handle this pistol? The kick from it looks pretty brutal.

But it does look like a lot of fun, too.



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