Should You Choose America’s Most POPULAR Pistol For Your Personal Defense Gun?


Popularity, in my mind, is a mixed bag. Sometimes, something is the most popular because it is legitimately a great product. Other times, the most popular items are popular due to other factors like marketing, but they aren’t actually very good (if you need an example, I would say to just listen to a radio station playing the “hits” in a genre that you don’t like).

In guns, though, is the most popular pistol the one that you should choose for your personal defense gun? That’s the question that we’re asking today, and at least one writer says that the Glock 19 is their choice for best overall pistol. Gunpros says,

If you’ve decided on a Glock pistol after reading our Glock pros and cons, but you’re not sure which to choose, the Glock G19 is probably the best choice. While not necessarily perfect for all uses, this compact pistol is small enough that it could be used for concealed carry, while still being large enough to fit comfortably in the hands of most shooters when having fun at the range.

Gen 5 Glocks, including the Gen 5 G19, removed the finger grooves of earlier models. They also improved the grip texture. Combined, this makes the Gen 5 G19 a more comfortable fit for a wider range of shooters, when compared to the Gen 4.

The article goes on to note:


Individuals with a focus on recreational shooting or home defense may prefer theĀ Glock 17 vs the 19. If you’re looking specifically for a concealed carry handgun, the Glock G26 or G43 may be better fit (literally).

So, knowing all of that, should you choose the Glock 19 Gen 5 for your personal safety? Obviously, that’s up to you, your needs, and what you can comfortably carry and use.

That being said, the Glock 19 is so popular for a reason, so, if you’re in the market for a pistol and haven’t checked one out, it may be worth taking the time to do so.



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