UH-OH: Hunter Biden’s Gun Case Problem


Hunter Biden seems to be a complete chip off the old block. Like his father, Joe, he’s a never-ending parade of controversy and activity of questionable legality. In fact, some have compared his family to an organized crime family, sort of a political Mafia.

Is that true? I’ll let you decide.

What is clear, though, is that Hunter has more than his fair share of problems that seem to be catching up with him despite the continued best efforts of his father to keep him out of jail.


And that brings us to today’s story. Of course, we’re looking at Hunter’s court case involving firearms, since we’re a site dedicated to firearms (though, there are other, non-firearms related charges against him in other cases, too), and the recent efforts of Hunter’s lawyers haven’t been nearly as successful in this firearms case as they’d like. Caden Pearson writes,

A federal judge on Wednesday denied Hunter Biden’s bid to halt the prosecution of his Delaware gun case, deeming it unconvincing and “frivolous.”

U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika issued the ruling on Wednesday, rejecting Mr. Biden’s request to enjoin the investigation led by Special Counsel David Weiss.

Mr. Biden contended that Mr. Weiss’s appointment violated the Appropriations Clause, arguing that he is not an “independent counsel” and was not approved by Congress.

“The Court should enjoin the Special Counsel from continuing to fund his investigation and prosecution of Mr. Biden without an appropriation from Congress or promptly deny the motion so it can be appealed,” Mr. Biden’s motion, filed on May 14, stated.

The judge found no merit in Mr. Biden’s claims, stating that the use of permanent appropriations to fund special counsels has been well-established and previously upheld.“Mr. Weiss was lawfully appointed,” under relevant statutes, “to serve as special counsel to conduct investigations and prosecutions relating to this criminal matter,” Judge Noreika wrote in her decision, “and he is an ‘independent counsel’ appointed pursuant to ‘other law’ within the mining of the permanent appropriation.”

Now, I’m not a lawyer and am only an armchair legal scholar, but this sounds an awful lot like Judge Noreika is telling Hunter Biden’s lawyers to, in effect, stop wasting her time.

I would add that it’s about time that someone stopped treating Hunter Biden with kid gloves and told him to act like an adult. So, I love that the judge called out these efforts by Biden’s lawyers for the nonsense that they are.

Hunter Biden should be treated exactly the same way that you and I would be treated if we broke the law, and we all know that if Hunter was anyone else’s son, he’d already be in prison for lying on an ATF form.



  1. This case is bullhockey! I’m no fan of hunter Biden, that being said I’m a pro 2a guy.we should see this as a case trying to infringe on a citizens right to keep and bare arms! I don’t feel that for a gun purchase,on should have to answer any questions to the federal government or any branch of government for that matter. Get the guy on the many other numerous charges that could stem from how Mr Biden lives his life!I e . The drugs shady business dealings overseas, let’s keep guns in the hands of people ,treat it as a tool that has to be respected and safely used arm up! Enjoy our liberty, and God and us Americans shall keep the republic strong and rooted in 2a values for it is the second amendment that has kept this great nation strong.

  2. Wow! Really? So now we the people are supposed to turn a blind eye to criminals? That’s what lawyers, judges, and the left do! He was under the influence of drugs when he purchased the firearm, he is an addict that lied on his DROS form, he then gave it to his sister in law, and she promptly dumped it in a garbage can near a grade school, everyone else is supposed to obey the law accept Cunter! If you think it’s ok for druggies to be armed Steve, you’re an idiot! The whole bidumb family is nothing but a criminal organization, and they are morally bankrupt!

  3. Steve, I am a huge 2A advocate, and also an FFL. Biden’s are anti 2A, and while I appreciate there should NOT be gun restriction, currently, and legally there are. Hunter violated one of the base premises of the required 4473. He lied about drug use. Many times and was backed up by his recordings on his laptop that has been verified by the FBI since 2019! The crucial situation is the Biden Administration going to follow the rules (they have NOT up to now) or are they going to use all their power to run the system for their benefit. We just watched Trump be run illegally into the ground. Which America do you want to represent you?

    • Writing opens a window into the writer’s brain. Well organized, rational writing shows a strong, healthy intellect. Puking out a bunch of hysterical nonsense proves that the author is motivated by hatred, not truth.

      Your idiotic “Reich SS’ nonsense is a classic example of someone who is motivated by hate but can’t muster rationality or facts in support of his gnashing of teeth. So, let me offer you some desperately needed facts:

      Hitler was a communist before he was convinced by the Nazis to become a Nazi. The commies in Germany had him monitoring the Nazis, as they were fighting each other for power, but Hitler betrayed the Nazis because he was offered power by the Nazis because they saw leadership potential in him. Like all commies, Hitler worshiped power and jumped at the chance.

      Despite Hitler’s sudden hatred for communists, he maintained a lifelong admiration for Marx, as did Mussolini, the originator of Fascism. The truth is that there is very little difference between Communism and Fascism. Both are obsessed with political power and with using that power to control everyone and kill those who oppose them.

      Based on your frothing comment — a rorschach test if ever there was — you’re deranged enough qualify as a Nazi. Heil Brian!!!

    • Dear Brian, the only actual NAZI evidence are the series of lawfare attacks and actions by Biden, his administration officials, and their friends.


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