Democrats Pressuring Hillary Clinton To Run For This Political Office

Democrats Pressuring Hillary Clinton To Run For This Political Office

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Hillary Clinton is being encouraged to challenge Bill de Blasio to become mayor of New York City. Many of Hillary’s biggest donors and fans call NYC home. All those huge financial-sector corporations who deposited millions into Hillary’s bank account in exchange for speeches, might finally get their money’s worth.

From the perspective of a gun-owner, it might seem that there’s not much more Hillary can do. New York City has already disarmed most law-abiding citizens and already has gun laws that are more restrictive than the many of the European countries that progressives claim they want to emulate. New restrictions on guns will probably be smacked down by a Trump SCOTUS.

A Mayor Clinton probably couldn’t pass actual bans (NYC already banned most popular guns), but she could threaten the entire firearms industry by making it possible to sue gun manufacturers anytime a criminal misuses a gun. Remember that law about manufacturer liability that Hillary was fighting Bernie Sanders about?

Democrats have been plotting a work around to federal law, such as suing the manufacturers of semi-auto rifles on the basis that their products are simply too dangerous to be sold to the public. Hillary could encourage such behavior, the City of New York could try to sue Bushmaster. She also could require gun owners in NYC to buy liability insurance. So yes, believe it or not, gun control can get worse in NYC.

Hillary for NYC Mayor is apparently a real thing, read about it here.



  1. Hitllary…….as NY Mayor you can really kiss NY goodby DeBlasio and Cuomo are screwing everything up and she will finish the job……NY will become another Detriot……….glad I moved out 19 years ago.

    • NYC and NY state is already gone – they keep trying to attract business like CA but too many are wary of these a-holes…..Only the stupid stay but they’ve taken a beautiful state and ran it into the ground just like everything they touched….

    • This is old. I read it a couple of weeks ago, then I read that she decided to not run for Mayor of NYC. I hope she just sinks into the slime she came out of and drowns there and is never heard of again.

  2. Trump should Put her behind bars where she belongs and the Gun Control Fiasco would be a Distant Memory as All Eyes would be on the Trial and Conviction..

  3. It’s a great idea for Hillary Clinton to run for mayor of New York and hopefully she’ll get elected. The fact that Hillary will have to govern from jail it’s just something New Yorkers are going to have to overlook. The American people nationally rejected Hillary Clinton and instead of the Democrats facing reality they still want to keep things status quo and keep their corruption flowing. The 2018 election is fast approaching and many Democrats are up for reelection and all that they’re doing right now in trying to demonize Donald Trump and his supporters is nothing but political suicide for them. They refuse to listen to the will of the people and that’s why we have to clean the swamp now. Hillary Clinton should be behind bars already and it’s just a matter of time before it happens.

  4. Are these people whom want Hillary for Mayor of New York think N Y wants an corrupt person in Mayor office hell are you people nuts maybe unbalanced. I say hell NO!!

  5. Licking dry rug on Laight Street with the other fellow hajib wearing faux feminists. GO pedophile and lzz bo moozies.,


  7. These Dumbocraps are they nuts why would NY want a corrupt person in office of Mayor!We have Cuomo isn’t that enough for NY?¿???

  8. She is not healthy enough to run a city as big as NYC ! She can’t even make it to her car ! Although I think they deserve her ! I hope their new mayor will be seeing through the bars ! Hopefully Justice will quit being blind in her case ! And it really would be a great year if Billy the pervert was in the same cell with her ! You know those sex charges with children are still laying there . And he needs to go to prison too because all the rest of those involved are already in prison !It would be a great thing to see these two actually live in the same house together for the first time much less the same state and town !

  9. They already have a good candidate that is running. Why would they want a criminal to run for any office, is the democrat party trying to self destruct? Hillary is also a serial liar, incompetent and clueless on how to fix anything. Stop the Madenss

    • Obama is doing everything so his evil muslim islam radical TERRORISTS succeed. Having killary in any office will keep his demonic dream alive.

  10. It’s a huge joke on HC……the dem’s are setting her up for the 3rd strike…….has anyone looked at her, she has crazy, bulging eyes, collapses, looks like she doesn’t wash her hair or showers, unless she want to become president. Then the crew cleans her up and presents her as normal as possible. She is a disgrace to All Americans. A liar, cheat and schemer that has no agenda, she, in her own mind, believes she is owed the job. LOL LOL

  11. Good God people have you lost what common sense that you used to have, this sorry, worthless, sleezy, slimey, criminal, lawless, back stabbing, lying, woman hating, non-patriotic, used up politician is the play for pay puppet of the criminally rich, the whip out the money and she says yes, no matter how bad it is for you. I can not understand why she is not in jail, Well yes I do, Obama the muslim would just pardon her and away she goes again. Kind of like the returning bad apple that never goes away. Why doesn’t she go to EU where she sent 1.8 billion and drive them nuts, we’re tired of the ugly broad and don’t want her away.

  12. Does it really matter who is running NYC as one is just as bad as the other but calling on Hitlery to be Mayor, to her that is a disgrace. She thinks she should be President of which she was short a lot of votes to be it. California had its illegals, democrats, dead, school children and all that takes a breath there whether they were legal to vote or not. Now if it was for Cal. then she probably say maybe. They love the criminal in her as well as one lie after another

  13. New York mayors office is filled with corruption already. And with her overwhelming knowledge of corruption she would fill the office. But I think she will have to wait till after the indictment she is going to receive for her previous lies and deceit.

  14. New York mayors office is filled with corruption already. And with her overwhelming knowledge of corruption she would fill the office. But I think she will have to wait till after the indictment she is going to receive for her previous lies and deceit.

  15. Most liberals today, by nature are lazy, ignorant and hard headed. Now these are traits attributable to most humans but being blind to truth has a shelf life and eventually you turn into what becomes most obvious to many, a blithering idiot. These Liberal bastions that are citadels, NY, Chicago, LA are the largest failures to anything we call progress and like the stink of rot from the never ending mendacity eminating, people just move away. Chicago’s losing people and like these other sanctuary cities can only do is replace them with illegals. Now if that isn’t blind insanity I don’t know what is!

  16. Only those crazy democrats would consider this, but H. Clinton already said no plans to run, but we know how she says one thing and means another. If it happens, New York would taker another dark turn, but welcome her. If she lied and cheated once, she will do it again; particularly since no one has even brought her to any court on any real indictment. Hopefully that will change but still no guarantee either.

  17. I have a better idea,lets prosecute this woman to the full extent of the laws,and then throw away the key,she has not business running for anything,she is corrupt to the bone,rotten through and through,but so is New York,so if she does, providing she isn’t in Jail by then,they are welcome to her,its exactly what they deserve.

  18. Huh someone said there wasn’t much she could do since NYC has disarm their law-abiding citizens. Along with her big financial backers she could rape and pillage your city since everybody loves her there so much.

  19. There is an appropriate analogy for Clinton. She is like a turd. When you flush it, you may think it is gone, but unexplainably, it surfaces. Why can’t she just be flushed away…never to be seen or heard from, again!

  20. She is almost 70 and with her well documented health problems is already past her “sell by” date. She is too old and too unhealthy to run for any political office anywhere, anymore. The only ‘Clinton’ left to run is Chelsea, and she is just an ignorant, uneducated spoiled child who has no hope of winning anything. Hillary – you are a loser; you lost. Now just go away and quit bothering decent people with your socialist/communist crap.

  21. When she ran against Obama I thought, and still do, she’d be a better president than he would be. I’m glad she lost to Trump since she said she’d continue with Obama’s programs (socialist in nature). Hillary isn’t stupid but she’s incapable of independent thinking. She simply goes along with party lines and doesn’t have a belief system. Trump wants to make America great again (we’ll see) but she campaigned with tired old economic ideas and Obama’s wretched foreign policy. I personally feel she was pushed into running and really didn’t have the heart for it. She’s 69 and one has to wonder if she really needs or wants to run for any office. Governing NYC has to the same as running a small country.

  22. Many of us want to see her an billy boy an the kid in JAIL. not mayor, unless she wants to be mayor of cell block A.

  23. Heartening to see the Socialist/Liberal/Democrats eating their own: Hillary vs Bill DeBlasio in NYC mayoral race! Perhaps a Conservative Republican can take that city and Make It Great Again!

  24. Don’t they have a job near her of cleaning latrines? I mean after bathing cats, she should be good at that.

  25. Hillary Clinton is a stupid, lying, criminal Commieonazicrat. She might just win in NYC because they are obviously that stupid there.

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