The NRA Is Finally Stepping Up In The VA Gun Control Fight With Billboards


The National Rifle Association has had a lot of challenges lately with infighting and lawsuits. All of this on top of their normal place as the punching bag for anti-gunner politicians and other ignorant people who think that the NRA is the only anti-gun organization in America and the reason that Donald Trump got elected in 2016.

Fortunately, though, while late to the party, they’ve finally started to address the gun control showdown currently happening in Virginia. At least by putting up billboards. Ryan Saavedra writes,

A slew of pro-Second Amendment billboards have started to pop up around Virginia raising awareness of the radical anti-gun agenda that Democrats in the state are prepared to impose on law-abiding citizens with the backing of billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

A source sent The Daily Wire a photograph of one of the billboards on Thursday night, which was paid for by the National Rifle Association (NRA) Institute For Legislative Action, and states:


The billboards come in response to Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam’s announcement in November that he was “working” on confiscating guns from law-abiding gun owners. The Daily Wire reported:

“During a Cabinet meeting on in early November, Northam ‘mentioned universal background checks, banning the sale of [semi-automatic firearms] and high-capacity magazines, restoring the law that limits purchases to one gun a month, and a red flag law that would empower a court to temporarily remove a gun from a person deemed to be a risk to himself or others,’ The Washington Post reported.

“’We will at least start with those,’ Northam said.

“When asked about confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens, Northam responded ‘that’s something I’m working [on] with our secretary of public safety,’ adding that he will work with anti-gun activists on the issue.”

The reaction to the announcement by Northam, who has managed to politically survive his KKK/blackface scandal, has been intense; 90% of the state has responded by declaring itself a “sanctuary” from the Democrats’ anti-gun rights agenda.

I’ll give the NRA the benefit of the doubt on this one and say that billboards are better than nothing, but let’s be honest: the NRA was late to the party, and this is a pretty pathetic attempt to salvage what is turning into an ugly situation for law-abiding gun owners in Virginia. So, the #VAGunRightsRebellion contiues.



  1. Why can’t the US justice department step in and tell these out of control politicians that the laws the are attempting to enforce on law abiding citizens is in direct conflict with the US Constitution and specifically the Bill of RIGHTS 2ND Amendment.
    Unarmed citizens become subjects. No longer free MEN

    • Because the DoJ is just another “bipartisan” agency of a government that cares more about billionaire special interests continuing to pad their paychecks than their citizens rights! And, until political finance limits are put back into place, the billionaires are going to keep buying new lawmakers to carry out their bidding as long as they need to to achieve their goals; a truly Corporate State with the richest elites at the helm!

  2. The Gov is a typical know NUTTIN DUMBOCRAT.

  3. Anti-gun Democrats and Anti gun activists Have no Authority or jurisdiction over the Constitution of the United States of America which is the higher of the laws for all 50 states. These people will use sneaky tactics to try to take over the embedded primary laws that already govern the moral majority of the free world we live in. It is they who need removing from our society not guns.

  4. If the efforts of Virginians result in the defeat of these gun control laws (as in the past), then NRA will claim that they were responsible for the victory and beg for money to “continue to protect Virginians rights”. If Virginians lose that fight, then the NRA will blame the politicians and beg for money “continue to fight for Virginians’ rights”. Either way, it’s an excuse to ply the members for more money.

    • The NRA needs to defend all peoples GUN rights. Their not defending all peoples gun rights has always been the NRS’s achilles heel; the NRA picks and chooses who is worth of gun rights. When the NRA starts defending the citizens then I will send them money.

      • It takes time to get the Bill Board people to get in gear.
        Lawyers always pick the cases they can win.
        The NRA doesn’t have the money to defend everything, so that is why it seams they pick and choose.
        Get more money into the NRA-LGA so they can take on more cases.

      • I won’t send them another damn done because they ain’t done shit for the Second Amendment except boast about this that and the other and there answer to the Virginia thing is put up posters well that’s going to do a lot of good now ain’t it they won’t get another damn dime from me

    • It takes money to win law suits in a court of law. Send the NRA all you can afford of you value your 2nd Amendment ????

    • What an IDIOT! Open your eyes and forget money raising and concentrate on the fact that this governor is acting just like Hitler and wants to disarm the citizens, who, by the Constitution have the right to own and bear arms of all kinds. Remember that Hitler forced and confiscated any and all weapons that could be used against him and his Nazis. The 2nd amendment was established to insure that NO totalitarian government can ever control the UNITED STATES. That is called ‘DICTATORSHIP”.

  5. Ooh boy……………..billboards……….whoa………….they’re goin’ to town now, I’ll tell ya’ boyz…………

  6. In the past I have been a staunch NRA supporter but of late their actions or lack of them have given me pause. Also, when I see Chris Cox and Wayne LaPierre, to name just two of many, wearing $2000 suits, silk shirts and ties, Italian leather shoes etc it makes me wonder “where are the annual dues being spent?”.

    • This is a problem with all institutions like this, be it mega churches flying in private jets, Unions officials, charities, etc. The thieves are everywhere.

    • When you have to go to court and deal with moron politicians to do business you can’t look like a BUM.
      You also have to look like there is plenty of money to back up your position.
      If your practically living in business attire cheep doesn’t last long.
      Business attire is deductible. They don’t go to court in a tuxedo.

    • When you have to go to court and deal with moron politicians, you can’t go there looking like a BUM.
      When you have to go to court you have to look like you have the money behind you yo get the job done.
      When you live in business attire cheap doesn’t last long.
      They aren’t going to court in a tuxedo.
      Business attire is tax deductible.

  7. When are people going to wise up and realize that gun control is not about crime control? It is about people control! All laws are backed up with a gun in the hands of the enforcer who will be a bit more reluctant to try to force you to hand over your money or what ever he or she wants to deprive you of be it your freedom of choice as to how you live your life or your home if he or she knows you are also pointing a gun at him or her and are willing to shoot back. Politicians are all about power and if the citizens are in a postition to say NO emphatically they have no power!

  8. Virginia now has a dictator who is using his office to deny citizens of their constitutional rights. When the shooting starts and it will, both civilian and National Guard, and law enforcement will lose their lives. There are many people who will not surrender their arms. The NRA is too often reactive instead of proactive. The governor should be arrested for violating his oath of office to Preserve, Protect and Defend the US Constitution and the Virginia State Constitution. This oath has no meaning unless the people of Virginia see it is enforced. A massive protest, citizens and law enforcement represented at the capital demanding their rights and for the removal of this dictator is now required.

  9. Recall petitions should be started in every county that supports the 2nd amendment! Politicians fear losing power more than anything else!
    Recall! Recall!, Recall!, Do it NOW!

  10. I am an NRA Life Member.
    I am also retired and have a minimum of disposable income! I also understand how the NRA needs income to fight against those who are enemies of America and its Freedoms i.e: Our Constitution and Our Bill of Rights! With that said, why aren’t these enemies placed on trial for treason as they are trying to overthrow are inalienable rights! (Give them a speedy trial and be done with them as the court is obliged to do?)

  11. Stand up America! Do something! Anything! Just do something before these mf Democrats ( communists) take over our country and you have NO freedoms or rights!

  12. The governor took the oath of office that said he would uphold the constitution as he is not doing that we can demand that he be taken out of office!!! with all that backed his i’ll legally laws. Through the governor in prison.

  13. These democrat anti gunner are poking a Sleeping Dragon and when they wake it up they will not be happy campers nor will they be healthy
    Beware Sleeping Dragons T.J. Reeder

  14. These politicians take a oath to UPHOLD and DEFEND the Constitution,NOT CHANGE IT.This not just happening at the state level.Federal government is doing the same thing. Think about it!!!

  15. Caleb you need to proof read better. “…NRA is the only anti-gun organization in America…”.

    The NRA is not anti-gun as you know.

  16. Hey, Virginia, you will soon be California, Connecticut, New Jersey,New York and too many other states and cities, if you don’t stop your commie racist Government!
    Join the NRA and The VCDL, Protest! Protest!Protest! Turn Governor Northam’s black face RED!
    In November, vote like your life depends on it, because it does!

  17. Constitution of Virginia as approved by majority vote on July 1, 1971 (5th complete revision)…
    Art. I, Section 8; Criminal Prosecutions.
    Art. I, Section 10; General warrants of Search and Seizure Prohibited.
    Art. I, Section 13; Militias, Standing Armies, Military subordinate to civil power.
    Art. II, Section 7; Oath or affirmation.
    Art. IV, Section 17; Impeachment
    If you do not learn from history; you are doomed to repeat it. Use your representatives and legal format for removal of an individual violating Art. II, Section 7. or – one of the more extreme alternatives is a force of arms (which I do NOT recommend) for the consequences of such an action is massive and long term (civil war). Remember that actions (any action) has consequences. When action is called for; the worst a good man can do – is nothing.

  18. As far as I am concerned, the socialists and left wing of our government are only one thing and that is they are a bunch of communists. They will do anything to take away our rights and suppress them any way possible!!! They are eroding away “For the People, By the People” by letting illegal people vote!!!

  19. Virginia! Remember your rich history? Your state was were the civil war started. If you are to prevail in your opposition to your nut case governor it’s going to take more than billboards and protests. I think it’s going to have to start at the ballet box with maybe a recall vote. If that doesn’t work then there is always the other option but at least history will show your people tried the legal avenue first. But, maybe you’re already long past that. Just a thought, before it eventually leads to bloodshed. God bless you all in this quest. I’m sure the opposition will try this state by state if they can’t prevail at the federal level. I see it coming our way, eventually.

  20. We can fight the Democommies in the legislature and in the courts and, if necessary, in the streets or our homes. Think Lexington in 1775 or Athens in 1946. Semper Fi!!

  21. As an alternate, consider The Firearms Policy Coalition (! They actively fight for our 2A rights instead of just paying lip service like other organizations. If I wasn’t living on a fixed income I would be donating every spare dime I had to them!

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