BACKLASH: Sheriff Affirms Constitution, Investigates ATF For Raid


We’ve all seen how the Biden administration has consistently overstepped its Constitutional boundaries in its efforts to steal our rights and, some would say, destroy our country. It’s been a pretty disgusting thing to see.

What is nice, though, is that there are still some people in the world who have the… guts… to stand up and say, “We’re not going to take that!” and go after the Biden administration for their overreach.

Case in point: Do you remember the Oklahoma firearm dealer that the ATF decided to raid a few weeks back? It was an absolutely horrible situation and, by all appearances, completely uncalled for. The ATF appears to have been trying to make him an example to scare other gun dealers into leaving the business (You can read more about that raid here).


A sheriff in that state decided that it was his job to investigate the ATF for that raid. José Niño writes,

The ATF recently showed its true tyrannical colors yet again after conducting a SWAT-style raid of a Pushmataha County, Oklahoma resident’s home.

In response to this shocking development, Pushmataha County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the ATF for its raid on Russell Fincher. PCSO Undersheriff Dustin Bray announced this development on September 5, 2023.

The undersheriff revealed that no ATF functionaries informed the sheriff’s office beforehand that heavily armed federal agents would be carrying out the SWAT raid.

“We weren’t apprised of anything,” Bray said. “We are a Second Amendment County and we are going to protect our citizens here. We are not going to enforce any gun law or rule that violates the Constitution.”

With respect to this investigation leading to criminal or constitutional charges against ATF agents, Bray added, “That’s a good one for the Attorney General. The thing I’m looking at are more constitutional issues than criminal, such as civil rights violations.”

Good for this sheriff’s office for doing the right thing. Biden’s ATF (and Justice Department as a whole) has been running roughshod over the rights of average everyday Americans and weakening our country at every turn. It’s time that the tables were turned and the Biden administration is taken to task for their evil policies.

Now, we just need more state, county, and municipal level officials to do the same thing as this sheriff. The American people deserve better than what they’re getting under this administration right now.



  1. About time someone with authority looked into what the feds were doing which seems to be un-Constitutional …

  2. Was this the case where the “victim” had a Liberty Safe and wouldn’t give them the combination, and ATF called LS Corporate who freely gave them the factory “backdoor” combination, without a judge’s warrant??

    • do you know if anyone has taken Liberty Safe down a few pegs because of this?
      Why would you pay thousands for a safe only to have the company give criminals the key to it? And I do mean criminals. Also how can you know if the person on the other end of the phone line is someone who should be given the key/code? This employee probably lost a lot of business with this company.
      Also if you want to read a good book by an FBI whistleblower get ‘True Blue’ by Stephen Friend.

  3. Lets all call the ADL and report the ATF as a racist unconstitutional terror group. The ATF, the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, etc… are all terrorist groups. They all use the same tactics as terrorists. They have forgotten that we the people are in charge. not them. They are our servants.

  4. Nice job Sherrif, except I think it should be a criminal case against these infiltrators. Turn it all around on these unconstitutional oath breaking scumbag Biden lovers and put them on the run!

    Spokane WA
    Where Jay Inslee thinks he is the king.

  5. I’m a happy camper hearing this! In which someone has the backbone and ball’s to stand up against the destruction of our country , the Constitution and its citizens. Our homeland. Our “Rule of Law , Our Law of the Land!” Our real innocent law abiding citizens of this country. Who are under attack by this invading , coup committing regime. What really upsets me? Absolutely no one is doing anything about it! Just spurts of last breaths of last dying breaths of true Americans like this man. He’s not only a champion for liberty and freedom? He’s not a coward! Who hides or acts like he doesn’t know what to do? He took charge and grabbed the bull by the horns. He’s fighting fir what is right! Unlike. Everyone else I’ve seen. Who cave in for temporary monitory gain. Or want to hide and pretend nothing is happening? Or they don’t want to hear it! It’s because it gives them anxiety or scares them? Whatever happened to protesting? Why the compliance with Unconstitutional Orders etc.? Especially. Executive Orders by a dictator? Who has no authority to even be making up laws period! Nor do Mayors , Governors or anyone else! Except the Legislature Branch! Gee! I wonder what Legislators job is? Besides does the House of Representatives. I’m sick of really stupid people complying with Unconstitutional laws , rules , orders , mandates and executive orders! Pure ignorance , stupidity! Why does it take only one real man or woman? To step up out of the cracks in our society to wake people up to reality? Then get attacked for what we all should be doing! While our way of life and our home land are being invaded and taken over. What is the matter with you so called people? I call “Cowards!” No back none to stand up for Your county and yourselves and especially your children? WTF? Many have paid the ultimate sacrifice for what we all have and are losing day by day under this rotting bag of flesh in the White House! While no one is willing to sacrifice for their legacy of their families or family’s history! As that Manchurian Candidate Commie l boot licker sells us all out! Who is told what to say and do by the other non legally elected president. Who really got the ball rolling in the destruction of America period! Then is compromised by the NWO and the Commie Chinese. Who is getting away with mass genocide literally! Then is protected by the fake news and other sell outs! While the truth is stifled or nit reported. The opposition is silenced. Or attacked into submission or oblivion. Totally destroyed! Especially. By unconventional means Americans are being defied of their constitutional rights! As it is? Smerica is essentially destroyed! They use the Constitution to protect themselves. Then wipe their asses with it and defy us of our constitutional rights! I’m tired of hearing about all these whiner’s! Sniveling and crying about what they want? Then use violence like an immature brat throwing tantrums to get their way! I’m sick of the lies snd attacks! Besides the use of criminally insane incompetent lawyers and Judges protecting them. Especially. With get out of jail free cards! While innocent law abiding innocent people are put in jail or prison longer than a murderer. Doesn’t anyone see what’s wrong with this picture? I find it disgusting no one is standing up not only for their freedom and liberty and America? I don’t get it? Cowards are helping destroy our homeland and way if life. My question is? Why are people here in the first place. Why do people come here in the first place? Why are you here? If you love communism so much? Why are you here? Why are you not in the crap 💩 hole you came from? Where are those Americans who are willing to sacrifice for what they believe in? Sm I to believe a small hand full of wacko , psychologically insane , wackos run and are getting away with destroying us? Many who are running and hiding? To supposedly save everything they have? Oops! They are coming for everything we have. Including our kids and us! It’s not conspiracy theory if it’s happening! Right in our faces. Doesn’t anyone get that? Or am I right! There’s too many cowards! Who think? If you are not high profile? You won’t be attacked and you’ll survive? Oops! 🤡🤪🥴…

  6. This is great! The Demo’s don’t really care about the US constitution, in fact, would like to do away with part of it anyway, real american hero’s those Demos are. NOT!! Why not go after the real gun law violaters? And the cities with the most problems have the tightest gun laws in America, not to mention the fact that they’re demo cities anyway.

  7. This last week or so we have seen how bad it’s gotten when ‘The Squad’ spoke up for HAMAS and the ugly things they did.
    With our border wide open I’ll guarantee you we now have many who came through that may even be HAMAS.
    That sheriff did what needs to be done, more need to do the same.
    I expect that many want to but either are not schooled in the constitution or need to hear from the citizens that they want them to follow in the footsteps of this smart and brave Mr Nino.

  8. Sounds like “We the People” are finally starting to wake up to these woke Tyrants. Cudos to the Sheriff. We need more just like him to resist the way OUR COUNTRY is being dwindled by these TYRANTS. Stand up AMERICA. We are FREE because of the BRAVE. “We the People” put these Tyrants in office and we can darn sure take them out of office. We have that power to reject such tyrannical officials that is destroying this Great Country. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights was left for US to maintain control over such tyranny. Our Country needs US more than ever, now that these tyrants have gotten a grip and a taste of Power. WE are our ONLY hope to regain and return that Power back to…”We the People.”

  9. Going to need more than one at a time, we will see soon enough when mandates @ fed and state level happens, read and follow the Constitution, state and federal-The government does not own those or what they guarantee. Bastardized by lawyers and politicians who are plain greedy for power and all the dollars they can squeeze out of you with fancy wording and BS.

  10. Read ‘True Blue’ by Stephen Friend
    He is an FBI whistleblower and you will be amazed at what he reveals.

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