WSJ / NBC Poll Will Have Anti-Gunners Spitting Mad


It’s no secret that the mainstream media tends to be hostile towards gun owners and gun rights, so it’s refreshing when one of these organizations actually tells the truth about these issues. In this case, the facts that the Wall Street Journal and NBC are highlighting are facts about the American populace’s true position on gun rights versus gun control.

The mainstream media’s position on this issue is typically that the American populace wants to take away all guns from private citizens, but that’s not the result that this poll tells. An NRA-ILA commentary gives us the details:

Among the gun-related questions in the survey, respondents were asked to choose which of the following statements concerned them more. 

Statement A: The government will go too far in restricting the rights of citizens to own guns
Statement B: The government will not do enough to regulate access to firearms

50 percent answered that they were more concerned with government overreach on guns, while 45 percent were more concerned that the government would do too little. To put this in historical perspective, when asked this same question in 1995, respondents were more concerned about a lack of gun control by a margin of 58 to 35.

The poll also sought to measure how significant the gun issue is to voter decision-making by asking the following question. 

Now, let me read you a number of issues that create much discussion, but unlike foreign policy, national defense, and the economy, they sometimes do not get as much attention. Of these issues, which one or two, if any, are important enough to you to have an impact on how you vote in an election? 

Demonstrating the importance of the gun issue to the American electorate, 35 percent of respondents reported that “gun rights or gun control” had an impact on their voting behavior. The issue was the highest-rated answer, beating out issues such as the environment, immigration, abortion, drug use, religion, gender equality, and gay rights.

Think about the significance of these numbers. Anti-gunners want to say that Trump won the most recent Presidential election because of election fraud or because of some other red herring issue, but they don’t want to face the fact that one of the reasons that Hillary Clinton was defeated in the most recent election is because Americans recognize both that their government can’t protect them at all times and also (probably because of the Obama administrations hostility towards gun ownership) that their government may not always be working in their best interest.

The American people have been waking up to the importance of gun rights and gun ownership, and, as responsible gun owners, we should lead this charge and continue to fan the flames of personal liberty and responsibility in our country which is protected by gun ownership.


  1. I believe our forefathers were right in giving us the right to bear arms so we can defend ourselves. They understood that there would come a time when some people would want to take our rights away. That would open us up to becoming a nation with no rights.

  2. Why is it that the most vocal gun controllers have armed security and live in gated communities.
    This begs an honest answer which we probably will never get from the gun controllers.

  3. In 2005 when I was 66 years old, a 24 year old man was running from police, doubled back down my alley, jumped over my 6′ fence, ran in my back door. If I had not had my pistol, HIS OWN DADDY told me his son would have killed me! (High on meth!) I will never give up my pistol!

  4. Europe gives us an example of the usefulness of guns. Britain has the most restrictive gun laws in Europe. It also has the highest violent crime rate. Switzerland has the least restrictive gun laws in Europe. It has the lowest violent crime rate. Switzerland wants every household to have a gun. When a male comes of age, he must enter the army. When his term is up and he is discharged, he is given his army gun to take home with him. During the two world wars, Switzerland was the only neighboring country not invaded by Germany. Even Hitler was not stupid enough to invade Switzerland.

  5. Anti-gunners: Life is made up of priorities, and our success is usually based upon our ability to get them into the right order. The bottom line, nothing beats it, priority is “remain alive.”
    So – let me get this straight. You want to deprive me of the only ultimately useful way to remain alive, for WHAT reason? You seem to forget that those I would defend myself against are either criminals or totally out of their minds – so I’m to believe they will not be armed? Just what imaginary dream world do you live in? Were you to see the statistics, you’d find that the armed person has either successfully defended himself, or discouraged the potential perp, some several thousand times a month in the US. Virtually all robbers, muggers, or other scum-bag types, carry a deadly weapon, usually a gun. Laws mean nothing to them. So, now, because of foolish folk like you, in several parts of the US, one must behave like a cornered rabbit on the street at night. I don’t believe the founding fathers had it in mind that we would have to “escape and evade” in order to go home after a movie, or party. I won’t drive in certain parts of certain cities after dark, just because I don’t wish to have to stop for a red light. This is MY country, God Damn it all, and I believe I should be able to defend myself if need be.

  6. Gun control will never stop a criminal from having a firearm. The only thing gun control would do is make law abiding citizens, more vulnerable to criminals, and increase the number of shootings in the country. The second amendment was written, not only to protect citizens from criminals, but to protect them from an encroaching federal govt. More people have been killed by the government, in their countries, once their guns were banned than by any other means in history. Germany under Hitler was a prime example.

  7. It’s better to have a fire arm and not need it>>Than to need one and not have it??WHEN YOU HAVE ONLY SECONDS TO LIVE THE POLICE ARE ONLY MINUTES AWAY(ACTUALLY YOU ARE DEAD WHEN THEY ARRIVE) FACT.

  8. When Our Elected Representatives in Washington DC understand Our 2nd Amendment was passed to allow USA Citizens the right to own and bear Arms without infringement – as it explicitly states – the Safer We USA Citizens will be… Our Constitution was established to form a “Lean, Mean Fighting Machine” in Our Defense, and Our Congress and President and Federal Courts to be granted Rights by the States, not the States being granted Rights by Our Congress and President and Federal Courts…


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