Former ATF Agent Has Federal Anti-Gun Prosecutors Panicked With His Testimony


It’s always interesting to watch when someone changes sides in a battle. One thing is that it’s good to see someone come to their senses about gun rights. Another part of it that can make it fun is that the person who changes sides knows where the weaknesses are on the opposing side.

It’s this latter idea which makes the situation with a former agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) especially interesting. Scott Glover (at CNN of all places) writes,

In his 23 years with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Dan O’Kelly was one of the agency’s top gun experts.

He served for five years as the lead firearms technology instructor at the ATF National Academy, where he co-wrote the curriculum for incoming agents.

These days, however, O’Kelly is using his formidable firearms expertise and institutional knowledge of the ATF to take aim at his former employer.

He’s at the center of a brewing legal dispute that federal prosecutors say has the potential to upend the 1968 Gun Control Act and “seriously undermine the ATF’s ability to trace and regulate firearms nationwide.”

As O’Kelly sees it, the ATF has been deliberately misinterpreting a key gun control regulation for decades because officials fear that following the letter of the law would allow criminals to build AR-15s and other firearms piece by piece with unregulated parts.

He said he voiced his concerns to an ATF official two decades ago, but was rebuffed.

Now, however, his view is gaining traction in courtrooms around the country.

In December, a federal judge in Ohio dismissed weapons-related charges against two men after O’Kelly testified that the AR-15 part at issue in their case was not subject to federal law or regulation.

US District Court Judge James G. Carr for the Northern District of Ohio called the ATF’s long-standing interpretation of the regulation “unreasonable and legally unacceptable.”

To put this into plain language: the bureaucrats at the ATF who are sympathetic to Biden and his gun control agenda (see here for more information on that foolishness) are about to be (and probably already are) panicked because O’Kelly knows the lack of legal basis for the ATF to touch ghost guns or 3D printed firearms or even such firearms as AR-15s.


This is huge, and legal rulings like the one in Ohio noted above and others that O’Kelly has testified are cases which could easily pave the way to prevent anyone in the Biden bureaucracy from being able to stop Americans from owning private firearms. Why? Because these legal rulings say that many firearms today are outside of the definition of anything which the government can legally trace or regulate.

That’s a huge win for you and me and the Second Amendment.

So, if you’ve been hesitating in considering getting a ghost gun, now may be a good time to look deeper into that because you have even more legal protection on your side with these rulings.



  1. Police dont respond to NYC Mayors wife or the mayor or any Government official call for help. If they defund you you dont really work for them. Tax payers pay you. And a these anti gun politician that go against the constitution they swear to uphold Are they no committing treason

        • They are BUT the real bosses are not even in the US!
          If you go to Europe, Davos, for example, you will find that the owners of the Federal Reserve live in Switzerland. And other parts of Europe. The ONE WORLD ORDER is instigated there. china is a thorn in their side, but they plan to take care of that as soon as the US are following their plans to institute socialism in the US!
          Remember Hitler: he took all the guns away! All the sicialist regimes desarmed all their citizens. So no more revolutions. France beat them though. Forks and scythe did the job too in 1789.
          Beware! BE AWARE! GET READY.

    • Nowhere in America is there a requirement for anyone swearing an oath to support and defend the Constitution to first pass a test on their knowledge of the Constitution. I would submit less than 10% could pass such a test.

  2. WOW!! It’s about time! BATF came to stand for “Bad Attitude Toward Freedom.” Adding the E simply adds “Everywhere” to the interpretation. When the National Firearms Act was passed, sportsmen screamed loud and long because the single-shot Stevens Bicycle Rifle and Marble’s Game Getter (with two single-shot barrels(one rifled and one smoothbore) were banned as well. Also licensed and taxed is the so-called “Silencer” (ain’t any such thing; it reduces muzzle blast to be easier on the ears but it doesn’t silence). They used to be the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Unit – known as the “Revenooers” until firearms were added. With fewer people smoking and drinking then ATF expects gun makers, sellers and buyers to make up for the tax revenue lost to the other two. I would like to see the Short Barrel Rifle and the Muzzle Blast Suppressor legalized because there is no valid reason to keep restricting them. Even the .22 Short wasn’t silenced. the “Scratch Pistol” still made a sound like striking a kitchen match. BATFE should concentrate on things like IED’s and other terrorist devices and leave us alone.

  3. All the ATF “heroes” who wanna go bust down doors should start in south side Chiraq and see how serious they are about carrying out Slojoe’s wishes! If they still like it maybe we’ll talk……naw!

  4. The only thing I continually wish for is a COMPETENT teaching staff in our schools!
    Comments on articles like this scare the hell out of me, knowing my grandkids are
    being”taught” by incompetent jerks who, in all likely can’t even spell their own names ! ! !

    • It’s like that teacher and mother of four who REFUSED the Covid-19 vaccination, because the protection percent is not 100%. I hope she does not teach math. I would hate to see our children being taught that 0% is greater than 95%.
      There is a person who has been educated beyond their capacity.

  5. It’s like that teacher and mother of four who REFUSED the Covid-19 vaccination, because the protection percent is not 100%. I hope she does not teach math. I would hate to see our children being taught that 0% is greater than 95%.
    There is a person who has been educated beyond their capacity.

  6. They want America as bombed out as Iraq, Iran and Afganistan.
    The illegal malitias will mount guns on their pick up trucks and rob every civilian of everything. If the military does come around, the malitia will run and hide.
    People with out guns are basically already dead, in the bean count.

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