Father Of Parkland Shooting Victim Unloads On Anti-Gunners About The True Causes Of Mass Shootings


I think that we can all agree that the school shooting in Parkland, Florida was a tragedy. I think that we can all agree that it would not have been nearly as bad if the police had done their job and taken down the shooter before he could kill more people. And I think that we can agree that, in a perfect world, this kind of thing wouldn’t happen.

But we don’t live in a perfect world, and anti-gunners are delusional if they think that gun control will save lives.

Now, anti-gunners would have you believe that the parents of the victims of the Parkland shooting agree with them that we need more gun control, but that just isn’t the case, at least not when it comes to Andrew Pollack.

No, on the contrary, Pollack has no problem laying the blame for mass shootings right where it belongs: at the feet of leftists and the anti-gun policies. AWR Hawkins writes,

Andrew Pollack is using speaking engagements and video opportunities to tell audiences that guns do not cause school shootings, leftist policies do.

Pollack’s daughter, Meadow, was killed in the February 14, 2018, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida.

During a TPUSA video, Pollack stressed that the right response to school shootings is “to arrest criminals, not ban guns.”

He noted that people who call for more background checks either ignore or do not know that the Parkland attacker passed a background check to get the gun he used. Pollack said the big problem is that school districts are crippled by leftist policies that prevent them from recognizing and/or reporting criminality among certain students.

Pollack said these “politically correct policies to decrease juvenile arrests” spare individuals with criminal tendencies from compiling a record, thereby leaving a clean history with which they pass a background check when they attempt to buy a gun.

Well, that’s pretty straightforward, and you don’t have to be a genius to see the logic of Pollack’s argument. But that doesn’t mean that anti-gunners will ever hear this truth in the mainstream media, and even if they did hear it, anti-gunners are too busy being offended by people with different opinions to be able to hear the truth.

And this is why you and I need to continue to fight for our gun rights at the local, state, and Federal level. Because (often willfully) ignorant people vote, too, and we need more educated and intelligent people voting than anti-gunners with idiotic policies.


  1. I have heard from other sources that the Stoneman shooter continually displayed “anti-social” behavior over many years, and that the authorities (both school and law enforcement) did not take action.
    The problem is, this same situation is happening now in Baltimore and in other jurisdictions.
    Without proper reporting and tracking, it is literally IMPOSSIBLE for red flag laws and for background checks to work as expected. They become just another ultra-liberal “feel good” that harms the law-abiding citizens.
    Recent history puts the lie to this kind of thinking: My father was on a school rifle team; my high school also had a school-sponsored rifle team. If guns were the problem, then why didn’t we have problems, too?

    • I will one up you. When I was in school it was common, especially during hunting season, for over half the vehicles on campus to have rifles and/or shotguns in them many times easily visible when one walked by the vehicles. This applied to both teachers and student’s vehicles.

      • Same here. And it was also common for those guns to be removed from the vehicles and shown to each other in the student/teacher parking lot before and after school. We had no thoughts of shooting anyone, but were proud to own a rifle or shotgun (in my case both- an over and under), and took the responsibility seriously.

        • Same thing here in Montana and we never locked our vehicles. However here we had guns in the trucks 24/7 365 it’s a way of life here. even today police always assume that when they pull over a vehicle for speeding or ??? there are gns in the vehicle and they ask to put them on the dash and unload them while they write out the citation, except for DUI’s then they take them to their patrol car.

    • It came out that, like true Demonrats, officials didn’t want to lose the federal money they had coming in via education so they ordered nothing be done but hide it…..and nothing was done to them either. I also read that SCOTUS also refused to hear the Colt case to allow parents of the Newtown school shooting to sue Colt for the shootings responsibility which to me opens the way for ALL manufacturers to be liable for any such crime….like driving a vehicle into a crowd, attacking using a knife or machete or a baseball bat, and on and on. This, to me, proves SCOTUS is part of the deep state. Nowhere at any time I’ve I heard it said that the perp was responsible and needed to be properly dealt with. He and/or his failed parents. If you want to sue the responsible party, sue the parents.

    • If you teach your responsible gun safety you would have no need to lock up your guns
      My dad never locked up his guns when I was growing up but he did take us to a gun safety course.
      The biggest problem in society today is lack of parenting

  2. I’m a Midwesterner, when I was in high school not only, during hunting season but our school had a very competitive rifle team. Members (on practice days) would bring their guns to school, they would take them to the office and when last period came they would pick up their rifles and go to the range behind the football field (50 yard range in back of the practice football field. We never had a problem with any school shootings. Football coach was coach of rifle team.

  3. The school policy (in a 50 page document) spelled out what must happen. None of it was followed.
    School student, teachers, staff, administration must report
    bulling nothing was done about this
    repeated problems with students ignored
    threats against students, teachers, staff, ignored or down played
    students with possible mental problems ignored
    This school allowed all this to happen because this would hurt good students chances of getting into a ivy league collage.
    results a misunderstood student on prescribed mental drugs gets even.
    Problem “correct the problems that caused the mass shooting”

    • When in the past ten years has any Demonrat politician followed the law? They ignore those to push an agenda and the justice system has done nothing because it’s infested too.

  4. The more kids that died at parkland the better chance for gun control. Maybe thats why the Broward Cowards waited outside. Liberal logic.


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