Famous Leftist Website Admits That Assault Weapons Ban Was Useless


The Huffington Post is one of the most popular progressive propaganda websites among left leaning low-information voters. In a recent article, they took the dangerous step of exposing their readers to half-truths instead of the usual full fledged lies.

Check out this tasty morsel from the Huffington Post:

The 1994 assault weapons ban became only the third piece of gun control legislation approved since 1968, but massive resistance left the law riddled with so many exemptions it was basically useless.

Now that the election is over progressives seem to be dropping the insane lie that Bill Clinton’s so-called AWB “saved the children.” Now they can publicly admit that the law did nothing for public safety. They claim it didn’t work because it didn’t ban enough guns. The upshot here is that progressives are at least acknowledging that the ’94 ban didn’t work.


Progressives are demanding more so-called “Assault Weapons Bans,” and next time around they want to ban virtually all modern firearms. In the same breath, they complain that the NRA scares it’s members into thinking that liberals want to ban most modern firearms (which is exactly what liberals want to do).

The never ending catch 22 here is that virtually any modern semi-auto has the fire power to carry out a mass shooting. A quick glance at the polls shows that support for a blanket semi-auto ban is extremely low. With nothing left but contradictory verbal gymnastics, the Huffington Post, is in a tough spot. It’s fun to watch them squirm.