Biden Wants To Make Gun Manufacturers Responsible For Their Users


Joe Biden can’t seem to get a coherent sentence out of his mouth, but one thing that he has made abundantly clear in this year’s campaign, despite his inability to make sense when talking, is that he desperately wants gun control across America.

And, sadly, like many anti-gunners, Biden is willing to do whatever it takes, whether legal, ethical, or moral, to get gun control implemented. Lawrence G. Keane tells us about Biden’s latest gun control plan:

As Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders continue to trade blows over who is more equipped to supposedly deliver a knockout punch to the firearms industry, the former vice president has zeroed in on the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) — the law preventing frivolous lawsuits that seek to blame members of the firearms industry for the criminal misuse of legal, lawfully sold, non-defective firearms.  

Biden is swinging wide to do this, making wild and false claims. Before the debate in South Carolina, he told the state’s gun manufacturers, “I’m coming for you, and I’m taking you down.” He liked the tough talk enough that he reiterated from the debate stage, “And I want to tell you, if I’m elected . . . gun manufacturers, I’m going to take you on and I’m going to beat you.”

Biden’s end goal is ultimately to repeal the 2005 PLCAA. This law, passed with overwhelming bipartisan support and signed by President George W. Bush, ended the politically driven lawsuits aimed at bankrupting the firearms industry. Biden and Sanders want to revive the tactic as they pursue the White House, and they’re using disproven and false claims to make their case.

The PLCAA stopped a series of “public nuisance” lawsuits by activist mayors in big cities against firearms manufacturers over the crimes committed by individuals. That law doesn’t grant immunity, but it prevents others from shifting the blame from criminals to a manufacturer. The firearms manufacturer is no more liable for the crime committed by an individual than Home Depot would be if someone committed murder with a hammer. The PLCAA does nothing more than defend an industry that has been targeted by a series of baseless, politically motivated lawsuits.

Yet Biden still falsely claims that this gives firearms manufacturers blanket immunity. Both manufacturers and firearms retailers can be, and are, held responsible for harm caused by defective products, breach of contract, criminal misconduct, or other actions for which they are directly responsible, the same as any other product manufacturer.

Jonathan Turley, the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, underscored this when he wrote, in an op-ed for The Hill, “Product liability and tort actions against manufacturers have uniformly and correctly been rejected by the courts. Guns are lawful products, and holding companies liable for later misuse of such products is absurd. You might as well sue an axe manufacturer for the Lizzy Borden murders.”

So, here we have another anti-gunner politician lying in an attempt to justify their attempt to go after firearm manufacturers for the actions of a few deranged nut jobs. Yet these same politicians won’t go after car manufacturers for drunk drivers.

I smell hypocrisy.

The fact of the matter is that gun control is unconstitutional and immoral and going after firearms manufacturers for the actions of a few individuals is a witch hunt.

We need to do whatever we have to do to make sure that neither Biden nor Sanders win the White House in November because they have both made it clear that they don’t care about your rights.


  1. What a complete idiot!
    Let’s hold automobile companies responsible for what drivers do.
    Let’s hold fork and spoon companies responsible for the various diseases that overeating contributes to.
    This man is an enemy of the sane people.
    Fear a government that fears your guns!

  2. Biden is a full-scale lunatic that is clear by the way he puts this type of thing guns don’t kill people people kill people and you don’t blame it on the gun maker and you don’t burn it blame it on the gun user you blame blame it on the person that does the wrong thing with that gun but that gun is there for your safety according to the constitution it’s there to preserve preserve your life not the lives of others you only get lunatic Ideas like this from full-blown idiots Thomas Jefferson said that the reason the second amendment was given to the people of the United States was so that is the government and the government right now is seeking one thing when it comes to the Democrats and that power when the when the government rise above the people the people will be able to rise up and take it back and that’s what I would do with Democrats ever got in power so you better pray that Trump wins the November election


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