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If you’ve thought about gun safety at all, then you have likely considered ways to keep children from getting access to your firearms. Maybe you have hidden your guns. Maybe you have a gun safe. Maybe you hoping and praying that your training and teaching your children will keep them safe.

Whatever else you have tried, you may want to consider a gun lock, and, if you have kids in the house, a new gun lock may be the ultimate way to keep your children safe from a firearm accident at their own hands. Sentinel Inc. has put together a gun lock using cutting edge technology so that you don’t have to worry about passcodes or having your key on you to get access to your weapon, but while still keeping other people away from being able to fire your weapon. David Maccar gives us details:

Sentinel Inc. has taken the concept behind a biometric smart gun and applied it to a new kind of gun lock.

The company has officially released the Identilock gun locking system, saying it will be available at Cabela’s retail stores across the country […].

The device was created to keep “unwanted fingers off the trigger through the use of fingerprint identification technology.”

The story says the device, which fits around a handgun’s trigger and trigger guard, is outfitted with a fingerprint sensor that identifies the user and provides access to the gun in less than a second (300 milliseconds exactly) when the clamshell lock falls off and “harnesses the same computing power and speed as complex consumer electronics.”

In [a] story on, Sentinel founder Omer Kiyani said that his device will ensure that the “right person gets in every time, and the wrong person never does.”

The beautiful thing about this type of lock is that , while children can’t get at the trigger of your gun, because it unlocks based upon your fingerprint, you don’t have to fumble with keys or remember your passcode when you are in a stressful situation and needing to unlock your weapon quickly for self-defense purposes.

So, if you do have children in the house, you may want to consider this as an extra layer of safety on top of everything else that you are doing to keep your children safe.

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Man brings a legal firearm to work, leaves it locked up in his car, goes into workTrigger lock … and is promptly fired by his boss.

We are not sure how his employer found out about this gun, or what they were thinking when they fired him.

Here’s the scoop from The Right to Bear:

… most Americans believe a gun at work is a sign of an unstable person who’ll soon go postal and “will kill everyone.”

That’s more or less what happened to a Mississippi man who was fired for keeping a legally owned gun in his locked car on company property.

When it was discovered he had the gun on the property he was fired for owning the gun. Shortly thereafter the rest of the staff were notified about the termination and were told to report on him if they saw him on the property again.

But then, in an amazing twist of fate, the man sued his former employer, and won…

A unanimous three-judge panel found on Monday that a Mississippi man could sue his former employer after being fired for keeping a gun in a locked vehicle on the job site.

Read the whole story here.

So even if you are a responsible gun owner who has no intention of “going postal” like these “nervous nellie” liberals might think … watch your back if you bring your legal firearm to work.

Hopefully, you’ll be as fortunate as this man was if this happens to you.

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Some people who protest shooting guns might tell you that you should fire a warningDue to Price Increase on Ammo shot before a kill shot when you draw your gun.

That way, according to these misguided folks, no one would have to die.


And according to The Right to Bear, a North Carolina man found out the tragic reason that responsible gun owners don’t fire warning shots:

Around 2:30 a.m., officers with the Raleigh Police Department located a gunshot victim, Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas, in the 3500 block of Single Leaf Lane in Raleigh.

Thomas was transported to WakeMed, where he died as a result of his injuries.

Authorities later arrested 39-year-old Chad Cameron Copley, who owns the home.

According to officials, Copley fired a shotgun from inside his garage, striking Thomas. Thomas was outside Copley’s garage when he was shot, authorities say.

“We have a lot of people outside our house yelling and shouting profanities,” said an unspecified 911 caller. “They were showing a firearm, so I fired a warning shot, and somebody got hit.”

Mr. Copley was probably a well-meaning individual, but the lesson he learned the hard way still holds true:

Don’t draw your gun in the first place unless you intend to focus on and shoot at the target.  Unless you are ready to deal the kill shot, don’t draw the weapon at all.

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President Obama has been trying to restrict our right to bear arms for 8 years.obama

He keeps insisting that 90% of Americans support, in his words “common sense gun control.”

Well, Obama must be high on something, and we don’t know what it is.  Why?

Seems he has some of the facts mixed up, and to a rather disturbing level.

From a recent AP Poll reported on Brietbart

An Associated Press (AP) poll released July 23 shows that 59 percent of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s handling of gun laws, and an even greater majority, 62 percent, believe owning a gun makes people safer by “preventing them from becoming victims of crime.”

Emphasis ours.

Looks like Obama might be living in some fantasy world.  We don’t know if he might be high on something, so the search continues.

But hey, don’t be so hard on the guy, he’s just putting “Rainbows and Unicorns” up there with foreign policy and Obamacare.

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What are some irresponsible people thinking when it comes to the proper useIdiot and handling of a gun?

This homeowner wasn’t thinking at all.

Your right to bear arms allows you to protect yourself, but doesn’t allow you to wave your gun irresponsibly for any purpose.  You might know that.

This guy, who fired on two innocent teenagers playing Pokemon GO in front of his home, is a poor example of responsible gun ownership (at best).

From The Right To Bear

A homeowner in Florida is likely to face criminal charges after firing into an occupied vehicle that had been parked on the street outside his home, and which fled when he approached. The people inside the vehicle were not criminals, but were instead a couple of teenagers playing the hottest new video game, Pokemon Go.

Thankfully, according to authorities no one was hurt in the incident.

But the most salient point from the article is this:

An idling car on the street outside your home does not come close to the minimum legal threshold for discharging a weapon. A car attempting to drive away from you does not come close to the minimum legal threshold for discharging a weapon. You may only discharge your weapon if you or a third party you are attempting to protect are in immediate mortal danger (yes, I’m aware that Texas allows homeowners to shoot at people for certain property crimes under certain conditions; those laws wouldn’t apply here either).

In order to keep the right to bear arms, we must treat this right as sacred.  When idiots like this aimlessly wander outside firing their guns illegally … that only “arms” the gun-grabbing liberals with ammunition for their legislation.

Solidarity, plus proper gun handling and use education are the keys.  Two ways we can make sure everyone is able to protect themselves in a legal way.

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In a sort-of “Hollywood style” scene, an 80 year old man played thePipe smoking vintage characteristic senior man with gray hair and beard. Studio shot against dark background. role of a war-scarred veteran against a villain in a … Scream mask.

We can file this as a win for how gun rights are supposed to work.

From The Right to Bear…

The 80-year-old laundromat owner was in his store on Wednesday night when the armed robber came in, dressed all in black and wearing the Scream mask, and demanded the owner’s cash box. The owner didn’t argue with the armed robber, telling him to take the box full of money. The suspect grabbed the box and ran out of the store.

But the owner wasn’t content to watch his hard-earned cash make a mad dash out of his store, so he picked up his .25 pistol and followed the suspect outside, firing a round into the air.

The shot scared the masked moron, causing him to drop the cash box and sent him scrambling into a nearby vehicle in which he fled the scene.

The laundromat owner got his money back and I’m sure he got a good laugh at how he sent the little horror-movie-wanna-be twit running.

Now, the catch to this “victory” for the right to bear arms is that responsible gun owners know you shouldn’t fire a gun into the air … ever.  You can hurt someone.

But it’s kind of mixed up that we live in a society where we pay more attention to the debate about gun rights (which should be no debate), than properly teaching people how to use guns in the first place.

I wonder what would happen if we shifted focus to ensuring people know how to properly use arms?

Maybe this 80-year old war-scarred business owner wouldn’t have fired his gun into the air AND could have been the hero of this Hollywood thriller at his store.

Sometimes, shifting focus on a simple point is the key to getting real change.

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Little girl wearing eyeglasses writes in notebook at table witj calculator , coins and piggy bank
Not the actual girl from the story.

A 5 year old girl was suspended from school after she was found armed to the teeth…

… with a toy bubble gun.

Yep, the little “soap bubble bandit” brought this “dangerous” piece of machinery [/s] to school, and just to ensure our safety … was sent home to her shocked mother Emma.

More on this dastardly caper from a video transcript on Guns N’ Freedom…

Brighton, Colo. – A 5 year-old Colorado girl was suspended from kindergarten on Monday for bringing a gun to her elementary school.

It sounds alarming, but the weapon was a bubble gun, a popular plastic toy sold at stores across the country.

The girl’s mother, who goes by Emma, said she was shocked when she got a call from Southeast Elementary School telling her she needed to pick up her daughter and take her home.

Going to file this one in the “common sense just isn’t that common” department.  I get the “policy consistency” that probably “had” to be enforced here, but maybe it’s time to re-evaluate that policy?

Guess they’re worried that kids might all get soapy at recess.  I can’t imagine what it would be like if kids were allowed to be kids again.

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I wanted to real quick give you a quick rundown & review of my “night stand” setup …

This is actually something that I just setup recently and I forgot to tell you about it.

You see, before I had my guns closeby, but hidden away. AKA they weren’t that close to my bed … and they weren’t locked up.

And that worked well before the kids — heck when I was single I kept a handgun between my mattresses (it was never once a safety problem, but insert comments here about being young & dumb).

Anyways, I’ve always debated the practicality of locking up the guns you NEED in a life-or-death defense situation — slowing down your ability to get to them to defend yourself and your family.

However, I’m happy to report that thanks to the innovations of the free market and corresponding technology I can now trust some of the new gun security products.

So let’s get to it …

What I Have On My Nightstand …

Right now, sitting on my nightstand is a Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Gun Safe from Amazon:

I was worried because this thing either has 5 star reviews or 1 star reviews. Some people must have got a lemon I guess, but out of 509 reviews … my thoughts are the factory probably just made a few lemons (it happens I guess, right?)

However, I took the plunge and got one because my good friend Jason Hanson trusts this same brand and make and model.

When I got it, I had to get the battery for it, then it’s a simple process to setup your own finger pad code.

gun vault

NOTE: I recommend this model over the newer “finger print scanning” models or whatever (that are more expensive anyways) because I just don’t trust that the technology is there yet to accurately read your finger print if you’re sweaty, adrenaline pumping (so you’re moving your finger around because you’re shaking), and need your gun fast.

With this, you set a 4-touch code and in less than a second your safe is open and the gun is in your hands.

Now, inside this are my Sig P225 carry gun and my new (to me, lol) Ruger LCP carry gun. These aren’t even really setup for home defense, they’re my Concealed Carry guns.


Well, basically because I go to the safe, open it to get one of the guns when I leave the house. Then when I get home, I open it and stick that gun back in there when I’m taking stuff out of my pockets after I get home.

So convenient.

The great thing is this gunvault is, literally, an arms length away on my bedstand. So all I have to do is roll over and hit the code and grab the gun.

It’s ALMOST as fast as having the gun sitting right there on the nightstand.

But, if the kids ever sneak into my room when I’m not around, the guns are locked up. Which is the whole point right?

I highly recommend one of these and the next purchase I believe will be one of their bigger models so that I can fit more “stuff” in there.

I need to get a light in there and I’d like an extra mag (kind of crowded already with the two guns in there because this is the small model).

Also on the night stand are a couple of daily carry pocket knives, again for the same reason they come out of my pockets when I get home, etc

And the cell phone is typically there charging.

So the home defense plan starts with turning over grabbing the phone and getting the first gun (hand gun). Calling 911, and making my way to the home defense shotgun with the light on it (my home defense shotgun is a completely different topic and I’ll share that with you soon).

For now, if you’ve been nervous (like me) about trusting these new gunvault type gun safes — give the Gunvault Microvault a try — Amazon has a great price and you can read all the reviews there so you can see what to expect.

Ideally, I’d like to get a number of these, and place them all throughout the house — so I have access to a gun anywhere in the home — I’ll keep you updated if (and when) I do this.


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