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A staggering 73% increase in pistol permits over 2015 occurred in Connecticut. The two chief motivator’s behind the increase are probably Daniel Malloy (CT’s anti-gun Governor) and of course, Hillary Clinton.

The Blaze gives us the best theory:

According to WTIC-TV’s account of a Norwich Bulletin report, state police issued 30,000 pistol permits last year — an increase of 73 percent — from 2015 when 17,000 permits were issued.

Gun owners told the Bulletin that they attribute the increase to fears that then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was going to win the White House, and that this would embolden Connecticut’s Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to seek increased gun restrictions.

During her campaign, Clinton said that she was going to “tackle the gun lobby” on day one of her presidency. She also praised New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, who would go on to be named the Senate minority leader, for being “one of the most effective legislators in taking on the gun lobby.”

Connecticut has some of  the strictest gun laws in the nation, with a permit being required to obtain not only a license but also to buy and carry a sidearm.

Democrats have a long history of motivating the American people to arm themselves. That’s really the hilarious part of the left’s gun control efforts: the net result is always more people buying guns. By enacting dishonest laws that serve their short term interest, left wing politicians have handed the long game over to gun owners.

Welcome! We are glad to have all 30,000 new pistol permit holders on board. There will be plenty more to come, but thank you bitter partisan blue state politicians. Your inept laws are only growing our base. With each poorly crafted encroachment on liberty, you shred your own credibility, while reminding Americans that the government isn’t always here to help.


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Hillary Clinton is being encouraged to challenge Bill de Blasio to become mayor of New York City. Many of Hillary’s biggest donors and fans call NYC home. All those huge financial-sector corporations who deposited millions into Hillary’s bank account in exchange for speeches, might finally get their money’s worth.

From the perspective of a gun-owner, it might seem that there’s not much more Hillary can do. New York City has already disarmed most law-abiding citizens and already has gun laws that are more restrictive than the many of the European countries that progressives claim they want to emulate. New restrictions on guns will probably be smacked down by a Trump SCOTUS.

A Mayor Clinton probably couldn’t pass actual bans (NYC already banned most popular guns), but she could threaten the entire firearms industry by making it possible to sue gun manufacturers anytime a criminal misuses a gun. Remember that law about manufacturer liability that Hillary was fighting Bernie Sanders about?

Democrats have been plotting a work around to federal law, such as suing the manufacturers of semi-auto rifles on the basis that their products are simply too dangerous to be sold to the public. Hillary could encourage such behavior, the City of New York could try to sue Bushmaster. She also could require gun owners in NYC to buy liability insurance. So yes, believe it or not, gun control can get worse in NYC.

Hillary for NYC Mayor is apparently a real thing, read about it here.


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Hillary was allowed to trot out blatant lies about gun control because Donald Trump lacked the knowledge to stop her. Hillary claimed that she supports the second amendment while simultaneously supporting the legality of laws that prohibit self-defense and make ownership of virtually all handguns illegal.

Hillary claimed that she wanted to overturn the D.C. v. Heller case because the case prohibited a “common sense” law that kept guns out of the hands of toddlers. Hillary failed to mention that the law required all guns to be lock up in a manner where they would be totally unusable for self-defense, even if no toddler was in the house. The law banned all handguns, even if their was no toddler in the house. Hillary literally made up the toddler excuse, but Trump was unable to pounce on her because apparently the only thing Trump knows about the Heller case is that Hillary doesn’t like it.

Watch Hillary get away with rhetorical murder below:

Could Trump be anymore frustrating? He refuses to learn a damn thing. How many times has he met with the NRA? He still doesn’t understand what the Heller case was all about?

Hillary can get away with opposing a case that declares the Second Amendment as an individual right and at the same time claim she supports our right to bear arms.

You can’t get angry at all the low information voters in major cities who will vote against your right to bear arms this year. If the only information I had to go on was the debate, I would think that Hillary was being totally reasonable. Neither Trump nor the mainstream media could refute her. A lot of urban residents don’t care enough about gun control to research it on their own, you can’t blame them for getting snuckered by Hillary and the media. We need a nominee who understands the issue, Trump simply doesn’t get it.

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screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-5-04-47-pmHere’s how Hillary plans on protecting you: call 911 to report the crime where you are about to be victimized. That’s basically the message behind this new advertisement from the NRA. Watch the 30-second ad below, it’s pretty cool:

Remember, that the NRA is trying to reach moderate voters to change hearts and minds about guns. It’s pretty hard to argue against complicated laws like assault weapons bans in 30 second TV spots. Short appeals to the emotions like this ad are probably the best that they can do with limited time. Attacking Hillary is great, but the NRA might experience backlash by backing Trump.

Donald Trump doesn’t exactly have a perfect record on guns. Plenty of #NeverTrump conservatives canceled NRA memberships over the NRA’s endorsement of Trump during the primary.

The NRA is a single issue organization and they’re right to go after Hillary, but should they also aggressively be pushing Trump? Might getting behind Trump backfire and turn off libertarians, independents, and conservatives who have beef with Trump on other issues? What would you do if you were in charge of the NRA?

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Glass chart and red arrowBarack Obama wasn’t just a great gun salesmen, he also presided over the largest increase in concealed carry permits in our history.  Under Obama, permits skyrocketed a stunning 215%. That doesn’t even include the states where no permit is required.

A new report from CPRC is packed full of facts the mainstream media would rather you not know. The bottom line is that the number of Americans choosing to arm themselves outside of their homes is exploding.

Highlights of the new report from CPRC:

During President Obama’s administration, the number of concealed handgun permits has soared to over 14.5 million – a 215% increase since 2007. Among the findings of our report:
■ In ten states, more than 10% of adults have concealed handgun permits. Indiana has the highest rate — 15%. South Dakota is close behind with 14.7%.
■ Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas each have over a million residents who are active permit holders.
■ In another 11 states, a permit is no longer required to carry in all or virtually all of the state. Thus the growth in permits does not provide a full picture of the overall increase in concealed carry.
■ Between 2012 and 2016, in states that provide data by gender, the number of women with permits has increased twice as quickly as the number of men with permits.

Interesting that Indiana has the highest ratio of permit holders among the states that require them. Congrats, Hoosiers!

Another interesting takeaway is that the number of permits among women is increasing faster than permits among men.

Can Hillary Clinton tell us who she is fighting for again? Who is waging a war on women? Who is disarming them?

None of this news fits Obama’s narrative, so don’t expect to hear about it anywhere else.


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This is insane…

If you were to take Hillary Clinton’s “bait” hook, line and sinker … you would breathe deeply knowing that gun laws would only change “a little” if she were elected President.

A Clinton delegate seems to say otherwise.

The “hidden camera” video below reveals the bait and switch clear as day:

The Right to Bear has a report on the video itself.

The bottom line is, Hillary is a liar … she wants to ban all guns.  If she has to use “legi-stealth” to do so … she will.

Watch out.  And vote to make sure she doesn’t get office.

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Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton supposedly assured the public she doesn’t want tothe moment of choice, Republican or Democrat repeal the 2nd Amendment.

Looks good, on paper.

According to The Blaze, if Clinton is elected President she just might do everything else in her power to ensure your right to bear arms is more like an afterthought:

“They may reverse that decision, or they may limit it so it doesn’t mean much,” George Mason University law professor David Bernstein told Fox News.

“They would say, ‘You have the individual right to bear arms, but it’s subject to reasonable regulation, loosely defined,’” Bernstein added.

The “decision” referred to above is a Supreme Court decision in 2008, where the 2nd Amendment was almost lost and gone forever.

So don’t lose vigilance, because if for some reason the suspicion-ridden Clinton gets in office … she might aim for Constitution-altering gun-control.

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If you were only allowed to read what “astute” politicians like Obama and Handwritten graffiti No Guns sprayed on the wall, anarchist aestheticsHillary were saying about the gun market…

… you would think the market is in a tailspin, reacting to their gun-grabbing propaganda.

From The Right to Bear

Obama says Americans really don’t want more guns.

Hillary says Americans don’t want more guns.

Both of them say almost all Americans want stricter gun control, and both of them would argue that everyone is looking for limitations on high capacity semi-autos etc.


Anyone feel like they have to put the hip waders on?  It’s getting pretty deep.  Thankfully, we don’t have to pay attention to this “politi-crap” when we have actual reports from gun companies like Smith & Wesson themselves.

From the same article, quoting a report from the gun maker, we pull back the curtain and get the real numbers from business people (emphasis ours):

Ending its fiscal year and first full year with an accessory wing, Smith & Wesson reported a 31 percent increase in annual sales, which pushed total revenue to $722.9 million.

Well for a country that supposedly wants “stricter gun controls” according to the ex-spurts like Obam-illary … it certainly seems like it wants to, hold on to your seat … buy more guns.

The absolute horror!

You mean a country that wrote the 2nd Amendment buys guns?  No way.



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