“Obam-illary” Give Their Perspective On the Gun Market – Then Smith & Wesson Chimes In…


If you were only allowed to read what “astute” politicians like Obama and Handwritten graffiti No Guns sprayed on the wall, anarchist aestheticsHillary were saying about the gun market…

… you would think the market is in a tailspin, reacting to their gun-grabbing propaganda.

From The Right to Bear


Obama says Americans really don’t want more guns.

Hillary says Americans don’t want more guns.

Both of them say almost all Americans want stricter gun control, and both of them would argue that everyone is looking for limitations on high capacity semi-autos etc.


Anyone feel like they have to put the hip waders on?  It’s getting pretty deep.  Thankfully, we don’t have to pay attention to this “politi-crap” when we have actual reports from gun companies like Smith & Wesson themselves.

From the same article, quoting a report from the gun maker, we pull back the curtain and get the real numbers from business people (emphasis ours):

Ending its fiscal year and first full year with an accessory wing, Smith & Wesson reported a 31 percent increase in annual sales, which pushed total revenue to $722.9 million.

Well for a country that supposedly wants “stricter gun controls” according to the ex-spurts like Obam-illary … it certainly seems like it wants to, hold on to your seat … buy more guns.

The absolute horror!

You mean a country that wrote the 2nd Amendment buys guns?  No way.




  1. They ARE that divorced from reality! {I can keep my doctor and nothing classified on her unsecured server)

  2. Only a person that is totally dedicated to working for what is best for America can straighten out this country. Basically, Politicians are more concerned with lining their pockets than representing the American citizens interest. The American people are supposed to come first, not the other way around. When American citizens want protection from thugs, terrorist, mentally deranged people and anyone else that would harm us, then the President and the Congress and Senate should work to make that happen. Instead Obama does his own thing and none of it has helped America at all. Bringing in Muslims is the absolute worse thing that he could do and he knows it. That is why he is doing it. His agenda is to divide America and on that account he get’s an A+ He wishes to take away American citizens guns not just more gun control. Black lives matter is about division and getting innocent people killed so he can politicize his gun agenda. He wants ISIS Terrorist in America so he can politicize his gun agenda. He wants black thugs to kill each other so he can politicize his gun agenda. He has not once addressed a real solution to the problem. Concealed carry will help tremendously in the effort to reduce these insane mass shootings. Do away with GUN FREE ZONES and that will go a long way in solving the problems. The kind of people that will committ a mass shooting are cowards and they will always go to a gun free zone to do their mass murder because they don’t want to be shot at. Obama and Hillary say that Americans do not want more guns. That is a big fat lie. Check the record gun sales. People are afraid, and they realize that the goverment under the Obama Administration does not even want to protect them. They also realize that calling 911 in most cases will not offer them any protection because the local police can not get there fast enough to save their lives. It’s up to American citizens to protect themselves and they have the guranteed right to do so according to the Second Ammendment. It’ a shame about the mass shootings that are occuring but Obama wants the American people to believe that gun crime is running rampant when the real truth is that gun crime has gone down every year but one since 1952. There is a fad in America now that many many people want guns that look like Military Weapons. Gun manufacturers are making guns of all calibers that look like military guns but in reality they are the same as hunting type semi- automatic rifles. Liberals call semi- auto rifles full automatic rifles, ASSAULT RIFLES. That’s a lie ! If you want a fully automatic rifle then enlist in the Marines or the Army, etc. The AR in AR-15 does not stand for Assault Rifle, it stands for Armalite, the first company that made these military look alike rifles. You can even get 22 rifles that are designed to look like an AR-15. It’s all a fad. When guns are confiscated then only law Officers, Military, and criminals will have guns. You will never be able to keep criminals from having guns, NEVER. Look at Prohibition and tell me that alcohol was actually done away with or did we have a problem with criminals selling Moonshine.

    • Mr. John Thomas, you nailed it all on the head! Even God never says to put down your armor and weapons but to defend your land, protect your family, and walk with Him. Amen.

  3. Obumnut and his friend, O’hillary should crawl back under the toad stool they were born under and smoke some or eat some of that mushroom. Then they just might experience the closest thing to reality that is humanly possible for those two moronic (NB’s) non breeders.

  4. Well, actually, Obama and Hillary are right. They say that, “Americans don’t want more guns.” They are correct due to the fact they do not consider anyone who would want a gun to be a true “American”. It all works so easily for them, doesn’t it?!?!?!?!?

  5. Obumnut and his dear friend O’hillary should crawl back under the toad stool they were born under and smoke or eat some more of the mushrooms that they live with. That’s their reality, two totally unconnected NB’s (non breaders). Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Sterlington couldn’t write a more abstract view of what is actually reality!

  6. Obumnut and his dear friend O’hillary should crawl back under the toad stool they were born under and smoke or eat some more of the mushrooms that they live with. That’s their reality, two totally unconnected NB’s (non breaders). Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling couldn’t write a more abstract view of what is actually reality!

  7. Barack “OBOMBARDIER” Obama and Hillary “WARMONGERING WARHWAK” Clinton are not for the American People.
    “THEY ARE FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    To “DEFANG AND DECLAW” the American People so they can have “COMPLETE CONTROL” of them!!!!!!!

  8. If Obama/Killary think it is such a good idea, perhaps they should get rid of their secret service armed guards first. See how that works for them. I have not seen that happen.
    I have survived 2 home invasions. First one with 4 men at 0200am, the last one 7/1/2015 at 0830 am two big men 6’4 approx250 pounds according to my neighbor who could not bother to call the police.
    1 attempted carjacking- prior to conceal carry
    4 robberies- prior to becoming a gun owner.
    2 rapes-prior to becoming a gun owner
    Albuquerque, New Mexico is very dangerous with very high and violent crime rates.
    Perhaps they should visit for several weeks without any weapons.
    Might change their mind.

  9. Samething with drugs they are supposed to be illegal but they are everywhere and if your a criminal you can get your hands on them just like guns.

  10. “Everyone” to THEM means SOROS, scumocrats, MUSLIMES , ILLEGAL ALIENS black LIES Matter, Hispanic gangs , black gangs, white gangs, and every CROOK that would need US to be disarmed in order to commit their CRIMES without fear of being SHOT by Law-abiding Citizens! Think about it.

  11. I’ve got two new firearms on layaway right now at our local gun store! I am adding to Rossi’s and Colt’s bottom line! By now, everyone except the most inveterate brainwashed Clinton fan knows that they continuosly lie to the American people, and that they want to turn the U.S. into a larger version of communist Venezuela. You would have to hate the U.S. and your own future to vote for such a person!

  12. what gun control going to do, when ex service man are doing the shooting, they are buying these guns, the gov. is giving these guns to them

  13. All I have to say is, our illustrious President, who’s a card carrying Communists. Which makes him the first one we ever had. And the Diva Hillary Clin-Ton (Lard Butt) had their way, they would have us in Concentration camps, like the ones they have in Russia.
    Everybody knows President Obozo is not an american citizen. The proof of that was just Proven & made public. So that means he became President illegally. So I think he should be arrested immediately & incarcerated in a Military Prison (Leavenworth) until at such time he can be tried before a Military Tribunal For Falsifying his eligibility for the office of the President of the United States & any other crimes that proven. And hopefully given a sentence of life in Prison with no chance of Parole.

  14. If Americans TRULY wanted stricter gun control laws I really don’t think that we’d be breaking records for background checks and gun sales every few months.
    But those inconvenient facts don’t mean a damn thing to Obama or Hillary who just prefer to spread their lies and outright BULLSHIT.

  15. The Gun Control Farce

    Surely murder is a serious subject, which ought to be examined seriously. Instead, it is almost always examined politically in the context of gun control controversies, with stock arguments on both sides that have remained the same for decades. And most of those arguments are irrelevant to the central question: Do tighter gun control laws reduce the murder rate?

    That is not an esoteric question, nor one for which no empirical evidence is available. Think about it. We have 50 states, each with its own gun control laws, and many of those laws have gotten either tighter or looser over the years. There must be tons of data that could indicate whether murder rates went up or down when either of these things happened.

    But have you ever heard any gun control advocate cite any such data? Tragically, gun control has become one of those fact-free issues that spawn outbursts of emotional rhetoric and mutual recriminations about the National Rifle Association or the Second Amendment.

    If restrictions on gun ownership do reduce murders, we can repeal the Second Amendment, as other Constitutional Amendments have been repealed. Laws exist to protect people. People do not exist to perpetuate laws.

    But if tighter restrictions on gun ownership do not reduce murders, what is the point of tighter gun control laws — and what is the point of demonizing the National Rifle Association?

    There are data not only from our 50 states but also from other countries around the world. Professor Joyce Lee Malcolm’s empirical study, “Guns and Violence: The English Experience,” should be eye-opening for all those who want their eyes opened, however small that number of people might be.

    Professor Malcolm’s book also illustrates the difference between isolated, cherry-picked facts and relevant empirical evidence.

    Many gun control advocates have cited the much higher murder rates in the United States than in England as due to tighter gun control laws in England. But Professor Malcolm’s study points out that the murder rate in New York has been some multiple of the murder rate in London for two centuries — and, during most of that time, neither city had serious restrictions on gun ownership.

    As late as 1954, “there were no controls on shotguns” in England, Professor Malcolm reported, but only 12 cases of armed robbery in London. Of these only 4 had real guns. But in the remainder of the 20th century, gun control laws became ever more severe — and armed robberies in London soared to 1,400 by 1974.

    “As the numbers of legal firearms have dwindled, the numbers of armed crimes have risen” is her summary of that history in England. Conversely, in the United States the number of handguns in American homes more than doubled between 1973 and 1992, while the murder rate went down.

    There are relevant facts available, but you are not likely to hear about them from politicians currently pushing for tighter gun control laws, or from the mainstream media, when those facts go against the claims of gun control advocates.

    Despite hundreds of thousands of times a year when Americans use firearms defensively, none of those incidents is likely to be reported in the mainstream media, even when lives are saved as a result. But one accidental firearm death in a home will be broadcast and rebroadcast from coast to coast.

    Virtually all empirical studies in the United States show that tightening gun control laws has not reduced crime rates in general or murder rates in particular. Is this because only people opposed to gun control do empirical studies? Or is it because the facts uncovered in empirical studies make the arguments of gun control zealots untenable?

    In both England and the United States, those people most zealous for tighter gun control laws tend also to be most lenient toward criminals and most restrictive on police. The net result is that law-abiding citizens become more vulnerable when they are disarmed and criminals disobey gun control laws, as they disobey other laws.

    The facts are too plain to be ignored. Moreover, the consequences are too dangerous to law-abiding citizens, whose lives are put in jeopardy on the basis of fact-free assumptions and unexamined dogmas. Such arguments are a farce, but not the least bit funny.

  16. What makes a criminal? The fact that he will not obey the law. If he will not obey the law against robing, rapeing, or killing, what makes anyone think that they will obey a law against having a gun.

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