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Leftists on the progressive protest circuit have taken an irrational protest to a new level. They staged a die-in to protest Donald Trump’s speech to the NRA. Their fake deaths were a perfect symbol of the fake struggle between courageous politicians and a supposedly evil gun lobby.

Organizations like  Handgun Control inc. used to be interested in public safety, not just politics. Their logic was simple, by making virtually all modern firearms illegal, heat of the moment homicides and suicides would be less common. These anti-gun citizens, were willing to deny normal law abiding citizens the right of gun ownership for an anticipated reduction in crimes of passion and suicide. Their platform was gun registration followed presumably by confiscation.

The Hand Gun Control Inc. platform was extremely unpopular with the American public and politically untenable. Eventually, Hand Gun Control Inc. changed it’s name to The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, they began pushing politically expedient lies. Instead of trying to “solve gun violence” with gun control they now stand on the graves of dead children after mass shootings, pretending that some ludicrous new do-nothing law would have prevented the tragedy. Utterly nonsensical laws have replaced the old registration/confiscation platform of the past.

At this point in time, the left doesn’t have any honest organizations actually interested in public safety remaining.

With that in mind, enjoy watching these hysterical nutcases faking their own deaths for a fake cause.

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The immediate threat of national gun control has been greatly lessened with Trump’s upset victory. The NRA got on the Trump train early by taking the unusual step of endorsing Trump during the primary. If President Donald J. Trump repays the favor to the 2nd Amendment community, here’s what we can expect (from Bearing Arms):

Ending Gun-Free Zones On Military Bases

President Trump will have the authority to executive authority to pass an executive order allowing the United States military to carry firearms on duty. Our domestic military bases and facilities have been the site of numerous terror attacks and mass shootings. Trump can reverse that with the stroke of a pen. He would also apparently have the authority to end firearm bans on other federal property, but there are so many laws and regulations that I don’t want to make that claim prematurely.

National Concealed Carry Reciprocity

There is significant momentum towards establishing national concealed carry reciprocity in all 50 states. President Trump, working with a Republican-controlled House and Senate, should be able to get this passed into law within the first 90 days. There are four different bills to choose from in the House and Senate.

Legalizing Silencers

Making a hearing safety device criminal was one of the dumbest things ever done under the Administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt… and that’s saying a lot. The Hearing Protection Act is already written and has co-sponsors. It should be passed within the first 60 days of President Trump’s administration, which is a blessing to high-volume shooters such as myself who would like to better protect our hearing.

NICS Background Check Reform

Gun control supporters want a “universal” background checks on all gun purchases in order to create a de facto gun registry… and that’s just not going to happen. What is going to happen is that President Trump, the House, and Senate are going to work on legislation to close the gaping holes in the existing background check system so that it is more effective, ensuring better and more accurate updating of prohibited persons. This will likely run in conjunction with mental health reform to both help people in crisis obtain the help they need, and ensure that fears of losing their Second Amendment rights won’t keep people from seeking help for a temporary but important mental health crisis.

Allow Importation of Collectable Historical Firearms

President Obama has stymied the importation of historically significant firearms provided to allies after the Second World War and the Korean War through executive orders. The Collectible Firearms Protection Act will allow the reimportation of hundreds of thousand of M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, and M1911 pistols.

Of course, the selection of a pro-second amendment Supreme Court justice will be the most important thing Trump needs to do.

Recall, that leftist David Souter was put on the SCOTUS by Ronald Reagan. Gun owners need to be vigilant in vetting any Trump selections. Democrats in the Senate will be threatening to filibuster, so the battle has just begun for the Supreme Court. However, the future of the Second Amendment looks much brighter today than it did on Monday.



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