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If you concealed carry, then you know about taking the time to think through what you are wearing (part of the point of concealed carry is that you aren’t drawing attention to the fact that you are carrying, isn’t it?). Some clothes will be easier to wear to prevent advertising that you are carrying than others.

You probably also know that you’ve had to tend to shop in gun shops or other specialty stores to find clothing specifically made for carrying, but this may be about to change. It appears that Wal-Mart is, at least, testing the waters to see if it will be profitable for them to carry clothing for gun owners (other than camouflage for hunting). Dean Weingarten writes,

WalMart is carrying a jacket specifically designed for concealed carry. Clothing designed for concealed carry has been available commercially for decades. But most of the shops marketing it were specialty oriented. WalMart may have seen the latest CPRC report. It shows the presence of 16.2 million concealed carry permit holders in the United States. The 16.2 million does not include the populations of the 14 states that do not require a permit to carry concealed pistols. Second Amendment supporters are winning the culture war. From

Rothco’s Lightweight Concealed Carry Jacket has 2 inner pockets for concealed carry, one on each side, as well as 2 inner mag pockets on each side for ammo. The mirroring pockets on both the left and right, give the jacket a unique ambidextrous feature.

The jacket is a product of Rothco, and comes in Coyote Brown as well as black. The price at WalMart is $60-$78.

I have not examined the Rothco jacket. But its existence in the WalMart inventory is a powerful statement about the normalization of the exercise of Second Amendment rights.

(You can see the jacket at Wal-Mart by clicking here.)

I have to agree with Weingarten that a major retailer carrying clothing specifically for permit holders is a sign of our influence and, hopefully, this is a sign of other retailers to come who realize that 2nd Amendment rights advocates and law-abiding citizens carrying is, again, becoming a normal part of American society and culture, no matter what anti-gunners would have people believe.


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