ISIS is “officially” here now. They said they’re in my state. Are they in yours?


This past Sunday, May 3, 2015 — two gunman tried to attack a public event where a controversial Muhammad Art contest was taking place in Garland, Texas …

Authorities were already on high alert because many extremist Muslims denounce Muhammed cartoons as offensive to their faith. They were worried there might be an attack like the January massacre at the Paris, France offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine and the February incident in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Unfortunately, they were right.


Luckily, this time the terrorists were stopped …

But a message supposedly from ISIS terrorist Abu Ibrahim Al Ameriki was released a few days later on social media claiming ownership of the attack and that more were coming.

The terrorist claims they have 71 trained soldiers in 15 different states ready to attack and they specifically named 5 states.

My state is one of the states they specifically named, is yours?

Is your state next?

The ISIS terrorist posted this to Social Media earlier this week:

We have 71 trained soldiers in 15 different states ready at our word to attack any target we desire. Out of the 71 trained soldiers 23 have signed up for missions like Sunday, We are increasing in number bithnillah. Of the 15 states, 5 we will name… Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California, and Michigan. The disbelievers who shot our brothers think that you killed someone untrained, nay, they gave you their bodies in plain view because we were watching.
The next six months will be interesting, To our Amir Al Mu’mineen make dua for us and continue your reign, May Allah enoble your face.” (emphasis mine)

Well, looks like ISIS is in my home state — Virginia.

They specifically listed 4 others, are they in yours?

Even if they didn’t list your state – that leaves 10 other states unlisted — think yours might be one of them?

In all honesty, if you live in “Buzzards Breath Nebraska” you probably don’t have anything to worry about. Terrorists use their attacks to cause terror — so if you live out in the middle of nowhere, then you most likely aren’t in danger.

But for the rest of us …

This is a real threat now.

What is the threat?

If we look at the attacks this year by these terrorists there’s a common theme that emerges:

1.) 1 or more gunmen

2.) armed with AK-47’s or other magazine fed repeating rifles

3.) could be well trained and well equipped (with possible body armor)

4.) seem to be choosing shooting attacks (similar to an active shooter attack, but extremely motivated)

This is a lot to cover, but that’s what we know right now.

The point here is that this is not the same as the street thug who wants to rob you with a gun that probably doesn’t even work and where 98% of the time simply brandishing your own handgun makes the criminal flee …

This is not a pissed off teenager shooting up a gun-free zone who will either shoot himself, commit suicide by cop, or give up and surrender as soon as he is confronted or meets any type of resistance …

These are people that are determined to kill. In many cases, they’re willing to die doing it too. They are much better equipped. And they MAY have good training in individual and small unit tactics (as we saw in Paris).

How can you prepare?

I’m going to be releasing a lot more info on this soon because this is just too much to cover in a couple articles, but here’s what immediately comes to mind …

The first step is to be aware. Know that this is a possibility. Don’t be in denial.

A Mumbai or Westgate or Charlie Hebdo or Garland TX style shooting CAN happen in your home town. No matter how safe, no matter how nice.

So if you see it happening, you need to accept it, and start taking the action you’ve chosen.

Which means you need to think about the actions you can take ahead of time. This will reduce your decision making speed and allow you to take action faster.

Some quick hints: if you are with your family, get them out of there as quickly as possible. You need to also decide at which point you will fight. You need to think about your “Go” triggers. Aka, if this happens, then I start fighting.

There’s a lot more to be said about mindset, because it’s so important, but we’ll leave it at that for now …

Second to your mindset, is gear. All the terrorist attacks I’ve talked about thus far have been carried out by gunmen with rifles (AK-47’s if I’m not mistaken. The damn reporters on the Garland shooting can’t stop saying “assault rifle” long enough to identify the shooters weapons).

That means, if you have a handgun, you are under-gunned. You are also going to be surprised because they know they’re going to a gunfight and you don’t — you’re being ambushed and they have speed, surprise, and violence of action all on their side.

To put it bluntly, your odds suck.

Two things might help your odds… One, carrying the best gun you can. Instead of a J-frame, 5-shot revolver in your pocket — maybe a Glock 19 with a spare magazine (or two) is a better choice?

Basically, if you can’t hit the broad side of a barn with the gun you carry, then change it.

Speaking of marksmanship, let’s talk about skill, marksmanship and how you might better your chances here …

Could you make a head shot, on demand, if you needed to?

Read this description of how the Garland TX shooting went down from CNN:

 “about 6:50 p.m., when a dark-colored vehicle pulled into the entrance the Garland officer and school district officer were blocking.

    “When that car pulled up and stopped, those officers began to exit that vehicle, and two men exited the dark-colored sedan,” Harn said. “Both of them had assault rifles, came around the back of the car and started shooting at the police car.”

    According to a law enforcement source close to the investigation, the two men had six guns — a mix of assault-style semiautomatic rifles and handguns — that are being traced back to various parts of Arizona.

    Gunfire reverberated around the complex, from the two gunmen, and the armed officer.

    A short time later, four members of a nearby SWAT team came in firing their high-powered rifles, according to a source familiar with the officers involved. But by the time they did, the Garland traffic officer was the only one standing.

    The school district officer had been hit in the leg, according to Harn.

    And the two attackers were already down on the ground by their car, having been shot by the traffic officer.

    Within 15 seconds, the chaotic eruption was basically over.”

Besides, the obvious liberal reporting (focusing on throwing the word “assault rifle” in there as much as possible, and the focus on “tracing” the guns used by the attackers), there are some important things to note …

This cop had the skills to take out two armed gumen wearing body armor — who were shooting at him with rifles …

Let me put that in perspective …

ANY rifle bullet will penetrate the soft body armor worn by a patrol police officer. So their bullets could go through this cop’s vest.

The attackers were wearing body armor. I assume it was hard armor, and the cop was carrying a Glock .45, so his bullets would NOT penetrate their vests.

That means this officer was able to not only survive, but save potentially dozens of lives, by being able to shoot two guys accurately while in the heat of a gun fight and getting shot at himself.

None of the reports I’ve read state where the gunmen were shot, but I’ve read from what could be a reliable source “Older, off duty, patrol guy engaged, dropped both, head and spinal. SWAT put a few into the one who had the spinal injury because they thought he might have been reaching for the backpack.

So, are your skills up to par? If you had to make a headshot to save your life and the lives of everyone around you, could you?

This is no longer theory. ISIS is here, these attacks will continue. Start Preparing.

I’m not trying to scare you, I’m just alerting you …

We’ve seen some lone wolf attacks by suspected terrorists here in the states before. And for a while now, there’s been talk that ISIS would attempt mass shootings like they’ve done in other countries.

But this is no longer theory. It happened.

My hope is that ISIS finds the United States is truly a different country. Because of our second amendment and deep “Gun Culture”–I hope they find they can’t fight any war on our soil without taking massive, fight-ending, casualties.

My point is this. We have the culture and the ability to NOT be helpless victims in America.

The picture below is footage from a cell phone camera, showing the Charlie Hebdo terrorists calmly and confidently walking around the streets of Paris after murdering a dozen people. The terrorist closest to the camera has his hand up and he’s shouting some type of battle cry or praise for his god or something …
turn on images to see the terrorists

In America, we have guns.

My hope is that instead of an American pulling out his cell phone and videotaping two terrorists … instead … he pulls out his handgun and he’s looking at these two terrorists, trying to line up his front sight so he can squeeze off accurate shots into his brain stem.

The police officer that was on the scene in Garland Texas was as ready and able to do that … are you?

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Caleb Lee is the #1 best-selling author of "Concealed Carry 101" and founder of He is a civilian (no law enforcement or military experience) who shares information about self-defense and becoming more self-reliant. He's a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo, NRA Certified Basic Pistol & Personal Protection Inside The Home Instructor, Concealed Carry Academy Instructor certified & also a graduate of the Rangermaster firearms instructor course. He's also the author of numerous online courses including the course.


  1. A large capacity glock with cast bullets and an ar in reach is the way to go.Arm up.the rag heads need killing.

    • We as lawful American citizens must be ready as Caleb says. The idea of protecting ourselves and killing trained Islamic terrorists is real, but it differs from state to state and whether or not an American has a CCW permit to carry what they (we) may consider to be sufficient and the correct fire-power to penetrate hard body-protection. How often do you practice to make a head shot when being fired upon and would you have the proper mindset, courage and ability to actually confront such obviously flat out killers with their God protecting them ? Huge questions to come to grips with. In other words, unless you had trained to move on such psychopaths and had a hard-hitting rifle and cover, what good will a standard semi-auto pistol do?
      Example: Back in the 1990’s, a Bank of America in N. Hollywood, CA was hit by two heavily body armored bad-guys armed with 2 full-automatic AK-47s. Their body-armor was head to toe and they fired over 1,800 rounds during their exit from the bank. ..bloodying some police and bystanders, but never killing anyone. I can’t verify the fact they may have been loaded on PCP or an animal tranquilizer which suppresses pain, but that’s what a LAPD officer later told me. The first LAPD responders were definitely out-gunned carrying 9mm pistols and shotguns. The final outcome was after the two bank robbers had separated one took his own life with a 9mm pistol as he was still walking and the other who was already shot numerous times was walking down a different residential street when 4 non-uniformed Vice-Cops stuffed in a civilian car caught up with him, vacated their car with AR-15’s, using their vehicle as cover immediately open fired on him as he took refuge from in front of a parked car at the curb with his back facing them. They were smart and began firing from under their car at his feet (perhaps one of the most vulnerable to get past full body-body armor) and it kept their bullets from hitting the nearby homes. Meanwhile, the perp never changed positions; he was more or less leaning on the parked car as the these brave officers split into to fire-teams and always moving on him blowing the class out of the front and rear windows of the car or truck the psycho was leaning against and killing him. I was at B&B Gun Sales on Oxnard Blvd. not far from this and had wondered what was going on with all the helicopters over the Hollywood Fwy. as I pulled into the parking lot. The stored was packed with patrons watching the entire event on TV. We weren’t there long before the sales people and owner began carrying a lot of AR-15’s and ammo out to the middle of Oxnard as the LAPD sped up and begin loading everything into their car-trunks. Later of course everyone I knew saw the news of the entire thing from the media HELOS. Being a decorated combat wounded ‘Nam vet and hindsight 20/20, I could see all the mistakes made. One poor cop was forced to hide behind a tree across from the bank armed only with his 9mm. Later an anti-gun documentary was made about this shoot-out and they picked this cop to tell his story supporting a need for more gun legislation–which surprised nobody as the term “Assault-Rifle” was confused with Assault-Weapon which eventually made it into the CA Penal Code thanks to an anti-gun media and American voters who didn’t know the difference between a squirt gun and a real gun. This same mentality found its way to similar thinking lawmakers…especially in Sacramento, CA. It persists today because most lawmakers still don’t know the difference between a semi-auto (assault-weapon) and a “spray and pray” full-auto” rifle which can be found in most armies around the world and by definition is considered a “machine-gun” which has been illegal town in the USA without special license since 1934. CA and NYC lead the way in this overwhelming lunacy. As far as I’m concerned our anti-2nd Amendment legislators are more dangerous that the ISIS here in America. One last point, having been tactically trained and actually moving on armed killers who are body-armored head to toe: Shoot their hands, fingers which are holding their weapon, the weapon and their feet. All these wounds are painful as hell and often easier targets vs. head-shots which can be much harder to make past 25 feet. The point being is to stop them from moving which gives a 2 or 4 man team time to “leap-frog” closer and kill them when the range and velocity of your weapon will be exponentially more effective.—Robert Duncan, Tehachapi, CA

  2. Listen up muslims. This is not Paris and it is not Copenhagen this is America. We carry guns here and we know how to use them. If terrorist begin killing people here like they have done other places. And if they overwhelm law enforcement or if law enforcement cannot control the violence the citizens will. Make no mistake about that. The muslims will lose because they will begin to be killed themselves. We will not stand by and allow them to run roughshod over our nation. Innocent muslims (if there is such a thing) may parish and that is regrettable but necessary.

    Do not come to America and try to change her. If that is your goal go home! While you still can!

    • “And if they overwhelm law enforcement or if law enforcement cannot control the violence the citizens will.”

      Do not come to America and try to change her. If that is your goal go home! While you still can!

  3. The area that all articles make reference for shooting is the head. None about the genitals or lower going area? I would assume that most males would have a very sensitive feeling to that area shot. I would appreciate comments on that thought

    • @Gene: that’s known as the “pelvic” shot. And while it’s a hotly-debated target zone — “hips and heads” are two areas that someone wearing body armor is not protected.

      If the right part of the structure there is hit, it can immobilize the target and a followup shot to the head can end the fight. Again there’s well respected people on both sides that love it or hate it as a target zone.

  4. Caleb, to answer a few of the points that you have made, I can say this; I have a 6 shot revolver (a GP 100, .357 Magnum, Ruger). I am retired 10 SFG (Airborne). I am an accurate marksman. I do cavity shots. I don’t hesitate, nor do I miss. I also carry a quick load. I am highly proficient with my weapon. My .357 is extremely accurate. It is “sufficient.”

  5. Judicial Watch mentioned that there was an Islamic camp within 8 miles of the Texan boarder, but the government came out to say that this report was false, Now we see that it is true and they came across our southern boarder. Which is wide open due to the policies of this traitorous administration

    • @Allen: according to the news reports I’ve read (I’m not an expert by any means) these two gunmen lived and worked in Garland TX for a while … in fact, I think the one gunman even owned a pizza shop. In other words, theres no proof they came across the border recently and it appears they were a part of the local community.

      • They didn’t enter Garland from Mexico. They have both lived in Phoenix for several years. One owned a pizza place, and the other drove a cab. I’ve been watching the FBI Remove possessions from their apartment not far from where I live ( and that is scary, jihadists as neighbors!!!). Yeah, they are here and we better be able to deal with them.

  6. My only advise to the readers here is to demand “Constitutional Carry” in your state. If it’s not already within the law now to do so, then petition your state govt. to recognize this right guaranteed to us by OUR Constitution. Then go to the range and train. If your state govt. denies you your right to self defense, you’ll have to decide whether you’d rather be judged by 12, or carried by 6.

  7. It is absolutely necessary for everyone to maintain their proficiency with firearms by constant practice. However, given the mindset of our present government, it is foolish to publish information as to whether you have any type of weapon or your expertise in it’s use. Good hunting America. Watch you backs because our government is not going to.

  8. I don’t go anywhere without my 40 S&W and 2 extra full mags on me any more, I can keep everything inside of 3″ at 17 yards, and I practice at least once a month. Most of the time it is once a week. I have been shooting since I was 7 years old and I am 70 now. Besides the fore mention hand gun I carry in my vehicle a 14″ barrel 458 SOCOM at all times. I can keep everything inside of 2″ @ 75 yards off hand on the move. I will not let some raghead take my life or my fellow Americans out as long as I am alive and have a drop of blood or a breath of air in my body!!!!
    “God bless this land and I will defend it with my life”
    I take offence to your opening comment above… “a controversial Muhammad Art contest was taking place in Garland, Texas” This is not controversial it is called freedom of speech, when are we going to learn that!! This sounds like something the the progressive liberals would say. That one word changed the meaning of the whole sentences. That is why we have the second amendment!

  9. I live in upper MI, on the border, kind of like being in Bumfuk, Egypt. There isn’t a whole lot of reason to carry a sidearm here but I do own a Rem 700 heavy barre w/ a Springfield Arm 2nd gen autoranging scopel on a Choate tactical stock(floating barrel). I use 168 Gr, HPBT and FMJ, consistently drive roofing nails at a 100 yards. If the Muzzies in Dearbornistan decide to come up across the Mackinac bridge, there are a lot of us Yoopers ready to drive them back into the Great Lakes with lead anchors inserted.
    3 tour Vietnam combat vet

    • I too am a Viet Nam Vet, but I live in the land of Andrew Socialist Coumo. He has basically disarmed those of us who love the AR and AK platforms (we are allowed 7 rounds in the mag outside of our property and are supposed to have the registered and modified). Most I believe have not registered in protest it is my favorite gun though do have a few high power large cal as well. I practice head shots all the time and regularly take deer with neck shots. Molon Labe my fellowPatriots

      • @Bob – Thank you for your service, my brother. As a ‘Nam Vet myself, allow me to give you what I’ve recently been given, after too many decades: WELCOME HOME!

        De Oppresso Liber

  10. WE must be prepare to repel any attack that the enemies want to perpetrate against our homeland(U.S.) It is a shame that the politicians in certain states of the country tie the hands of the decent citizens to carry a weapon no only for self defense, but in case like the Texas incident!

  11. I am sorry about the last sentences in my above comment. It should have read ” that is why we have the first amendment” We were talking about fire arms and that is where I slipped up.

  12. We must be prepared to defend our homeland(U,S,) against any enemies that dare to perpetrate or do harm to us.It is a shame that the politicians of certain States tie the hands of decent citizens to obtain a carry permit, no only for self defense ,but repel and attack, like the incident in Texas, fortunately, the officer handled the situation valiantly!

  13. If they are carrying a weapon AND they have their head covered so as to limit visual identification, as far as I am concerned, that’s a head target.

  14. It’s been reported the last few years that JIHADI PAMPHLETS were being found in the desert on the trails. With a MUSLIM TERRORIST TRAINING CAMP 8 miles from the Texas Border and a MUSLIM TERRORIST TRAINING CAMP in Texas that is a very profound statement that ISIS TERRORIST are already here. If I had my guess I’d say there are more than the Government knows and they know not where they are.

  15. With admitting that they are responsible for the actions of these two imbisils, ‘isis’ has taken on the legal responsibility to answer for the actions of these two. Charge them with a HATE CRIME and then judiciously prosecute with extreme prejudice.

  16. I live in Michigan and if they come to the FLINT area,they will wonder who got here before them.I say that only because it;s mostly true but Flint is getting better a little bit at a time.There are a lot of people here who do carry concealed and them Ragheads better watch out.I am a Former Marine and my Oath didn’t end when i was discharged.I myself carry a Ruger SR45 and also carry one or two extra mags with me.

  17. Lived and worked in Texas. They take care of business, “Git’r Down!” Wand to take care of REAL Business? Call the Texas Rangers. I worked with them. They make the FBI look like little school girls. People LOVE to bash Teaxs on the Internet until something like this happens. Then all shut up.
    “One Ranger, One Riot.”

  18. thank you for this information. it is good to know and be aware of isis in the states that are near us.
    M. V. B. (Frontline Defender, member)

  19. Caleb, I really appreciate what you do, and thanks for sharing another well written post.

    I do, however, have one (strong) suggestion: all of us need to stop falling into the common logical trap of using language which undermines or eviscerates our position, either logically or morally.

    This event did NOT happen at a “controversial” event–the “controversy” was manufactured by the aggressive and unfortunately all-too-effective Muslim PR machine in the US, aided and abetted by stupid, spineless or treasonous media hacks. It’s just another aspect of the politically ‘correct’ movement, the only goal of which is to stifle or eliminate opposition.

    Oh by the way, my 37 year old son and I train regularly–mostly with XD-Ms in 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP–and these days it’s all about 4″ diameter targets between 3 and 25 yards away.

    Appreciate you, sir!

  20. I to am a Vietnam Vet and my sons are Vets of both Iraq and Afganistan.
    In Vietnam my primary MOS was Intelligence& special Ops. Was a sniper in the central highlands so I lived my life at 1000 yds. Not worried about shooting someone or even where to shoot him. Have always fired expert with everything I’ve touched.
    As I see it we have a big foreign policy issue in this country. We are giving the farm away to countries like Iran with the Nucs now. Back in the 70’s Nixon promised the protect the oilfields over there from Iraq and also threats from Iran and now we are giving them Nuc ability. Our foreign policy is no longer trusted by Israel or any of the other Arab nations that are peaceful. Now the very same politicians are not protecting our borders to the south or to the north. To make matters worse we really don’t know how the Detroit Arabs here in Michigan think !! If the peaceful ones speak up in favor of this country they will be Killed by their own people. So they are in a losing situation for sure. For sure though many of them are here to cause us harm. It would be stupid to think any other way. This will end with the people in this country protecting themselve’s and of course the liberals will not be greatful to us when it happens. They just want to go home and smoke there drugs and be happy and they are clueless to what is really going on here. I am sorry but we are going to have to be bigger thugs then the ones that are trying do us harm. But our foreign policy is what got us where we are at today. You guys in Washington have to wake up right now. You must remember that we conservatives love this country too and we will be there to back you up all the way.

    Regards God Bless America !

    • @Rex Ames Sr. – As a fellow ‘Nam Vet, thank you for your service, my gratitude also extending to your sons. Though our generation of warriors was despised and denigrated by many of our countrymen whose bidding we did, we can be grateful that, for the most part, your sons’ generation was better treated for recognition of the sacrifices we suffered. Nevertheless, for yourself as well as your sons, WELCOME HOME!

      De Oppresso Liber

  21. My question is if the law knows these terrorists are here and where they are, why aren’t they doin anything about it. Sure, we as civilians need to be able to defend ourselves and our property but the law should act first if they know the threat and the locations. Don’t wait until citizens are slaughtered again.

  22. I are with all above writing. I open carry everywhere I go. I had some libtard from out of state call the cops on me because of this! She was & is ignorant of our state laws. Open carry is allowed in my state & CCW for the moment needs a permit. Their is a bill on the state legislature to allow CCW without a permit. Unfortunately. The moms demand action & the bloomyurn machine are against it quoting a rise in crime, murders etc WTF planet are they on? Just look st the stats on Constitutional carry States!! Their reasoning don’t hold water!! Ignorant fiils¡ what criminals follow laws?! NONE!! I whole heatedly agree & support constitutional CCW carry! Law abiding citizens are NOT the problem!! Why doesn’t these anti- gun but jobs go after criminals? & stop lying etc. Besides you look st the anti- gun nuts & 99.9% aren’t even from the state they are demonstrating at!!
    I feel any of these Bloomturd idiots should be checked for their home residence& the professional demonstrates should be not allowed to speak at the state houses they are picketing!!
    Enough is enough!! ISIS is in to many states & growing and I Want to protect myself & family!!
    If the Bloomturd activist want to be sheep then let them!!!! Not me!!

  23. All I can say is I live in southern Virginia, most around here where I live are vets like myself. 8yrs.
    10th mountain, light infantry, 2/22. Mogadishu, Haiti, Iraq. And just about everyone round here loves hunting. Just give give us some tags, hunting season just opened.

  24. There is NO need for all of us to start arming ourselves . You and I should be very comfortable knowing that when seconds count——————-the police will be there in just a couple of minutes.

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