How to hide cash & other valuables in your home [checklist inside]


Earlier this week, I urged you to pay attention to what is happening right now in Greece …

Do you want to be caught in the next financial collapse, hungry, tired, stressed and wondering if the ATM at the front of the long line of other desperate people is going to go empty before you get to it?

turn on images to see the ATM lines


And even if you get to it, with the capital controls in place, could you really live off $67 per day in cash?

Even worse, in Argentina, when the banks opened back up they had converted their citizens USD dollar deposits into Argentina Pesos. In Cyprus, they just flat out took 48% of every savings account over 100,000.

In short, your money is not “safe” in a bank. Period.

Not only will we see another serious financial crisis in the United States soon … but also … just look into asset forfeiture laws and how the IRS can seize your bank account without ever charging you with a crime.

Even the liberal New York Times realizes how criminal this government behavior is, their front page story reads

The Internal Revenue Service agents did not accuse Ms. Hinders of money laundering or cheating on her taxes — in fact, she has not been charged with any crime. Instead, the money was seized solely because she had deposited less than $10,000 at a time, which they viewed as an attempt to avoid triggering a required government report.

“How can this happen?” Ms. Hinders said in a recent interview. “Who takes your money before they prove that you’ve done anything wrong with it?”

The federal government does.

Using a law designed to catch drug traffickers, racketeers and terrorists by tracking their cash, the government has gone after run-of-the-mill business owners and wage earners without so much as an allegation that they have committed serious crimes. The government can take the money without ever filing a criminal complaint, and the owners are left to prove they are innocent. Many give up.”

So what’s the answer?

Hide cash in your home. And hide it well. Let me help you with that today …


First things First …

Don’t laugh, but you need to not forget where you hide things.

That happens quite a bit more often than you think.

It’s important to keep some type of mental inventory of your list of hiding places, so you don’t confuse yourself.

With that said, the best advice I’ve heard on hiding things — unconventionally — in your own home is from JJ Luna, the privacy expert and the author of “How To Be Invisible” (I highly recommend his book by the way).

First break down your hidden things into sizes …

Here’s the size guide according to JJ Luna …

Small: Valuable stamps, bills, rare coins, diamonds, and other items up to the size of a miniature pistol.

Medium: Documents, books, stacks of letters, and guns up to the size of a rifle.

Large: From computers and file cabinets up to you yourself, your mate, your mother, or your mistress.

Second, Forget The Master Bedroom …

JJ Luna continues …

“In your home, with one exception (a secret alcove, which I’ll mention later), do not hide anything in the master bedroom. Burglars, sneaky visitors, police, private investigators, U.S. marshals, agents for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA),
and members of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) will look there first.

Instead, here are some places in your home or yard you can hide stuff:

• Interior of hollow doors, or inside rolled-up window shades.
• Inside a doghouse or a rabbit hutch, or in the crawl space under the house.
• Under the insulation in the attic (one of my favorites).
• Behind wall phones or cold air return vents.
• In the bottom of dog food or kitty litter bag.
• In the bottom half of double boiler, or a box of sanitary napkins.
• Inside zippered cushions, hollow canes, or umbrellas.
• Inside a guitar or other musical instrument, or in the empty case of an old portable radio.
• In file cabinets (with innocuous file names).
• Inside an old stereo or TV set in the garage.

Where to hide “Small” stuff …

Old JJ Luna is pretty crafty, he loves misdirection and disguises. And this advice is no different, “Save old junk-mail envelopes. Put a few hundred-dollar bills in each one, and hide them in such places as:

• Sheet music in a piano bench.
• In a hollowed-out section of an out-of-date computer manual.
• In the box of old tax receipts in a storage unit.
• In one of the hanging files in a file cabinet. Slip the envelopes into a file marked “Tax receipts” or some other uninteresting subject.
• Rolled up and inserted into a “foot powder” spray can with a removable bottom”

JJ Luna tells this story about how well the junk mail disguise works “When my car was stolen from SeaTac airport, the thieves broke open the glove compartment searching, I assume, for a gun. All they found were stacks of what appeared to be junk mail, so they tossed all those envelopes on the floor, and the envelopes were still there when the police recovered the car. The police didn’t notice, either, that two of those so-called junk mail envelopes each had five $50 bills in them.”

How to hide “Medium” size stuff …

JJ says this, ” My principal items in this category are reference books in the fields of scanning, hacking, vanishing, and doing business in the underground economy. Should my wife and I both die in an accident, I do not care to have these come to light. It’s a nuisance, but I keep these—plus tax records—off the premises in private storage. (In case of death, a friend of total confidence will clean out the unit and destroy all contents.)

How to hide “large” size stuff …

The basic idea here is to have a big enough room in your house for a large, three-drawer file cabinet that can also hold about two people. Preferably nobody knows about this room.

JJ says that you could build a room like this into your next home if it’s new construction but to hide it from the  architect, the contractor, and the workers (not to mention the city or county who would have the building plans) you would list the secret room as “storage” and leave it finished or unfinished (and as long as you’re building it, give some excuse for  at least one outlet in the room, along with an overhead light and a telephone connection).

In reading his advice, in my area of the country it’s very common for all the suburban homes that are built “cookie cutter” fashion to have partially finished or unfinished basements. You could finish a basement and leave one room hidden quite easily this way.

One Last Tip …

JJ Luna also offers a great tip to a reader concerned about having his home invaded and the criminals want him to give up the hiding locations. His advice is spot on …

“Hopefully this will never happen, because (a) you have never told a soul that you had anything hidden, and (b) you have serious layers of protection in your home. Nevertheless, some homeowners have two major hiding places, the first of which they are willing to give up. This could consist of a thousand or so in cash, plus some apparently rare coins and a few expensive-looking zircons that appear to be diamonds. Order the zircons on the Internet. Then go to a local jeweler and buy a luxurious, blue-velvet signature box in which to keep them.”

So don’t forget about the power of distraction.

Another easy way to pull this off is the common “trick” of having a safe in your master bedroom that contains a small amount of your savings and maybe fake jewelry like JJ Luna recommends …

As you know now, a thief will go to the master bedroom first, and hopefully he’ll find that safe, grab what’s in there and leave thinking he got it all … meanwhile you have the bulk of your money hidden in various other places throughout your home (including a much better hidden safe perhaps?).

The Bottom Line …

You can’t trust the Government. You Can’t trust banks.

It’s smart to have cold, hard cash on hand for practically ANY emergency … but … you need to be extra, extra smart about how you handle it and where you hide it to make sure it’s just as safe in your home as it would be in a bank vault when it comes to theft or fire risk.


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  1. Please everyone just get your money out of the bank in cash and if they will not give it to you get a cashier’s check or money order and then take it to a check cashing store and pay a small percentage to get cash.
    Change half of the cash into gold and silver coins (Coins because they will be easier to spend than small gold bars because average people can recognize them as being real)
    Then do an on line search under how to hide valuables and see a hundred ideas some good some not so good but pick the best that fits your situation.
    When banks soon put limits on your withdrawals and or just take 50% of your money you will be glad you did, After all banks are hardly paying any interest these days anyway.
    Also a fire proof small box for cash would be a good idea, Available on line or you could probably make one out of a small metal box and line it with asbestos.

  2. They sound like good ideas but unless the goons are on a timetable or just looking for quick cash they will literally tear your house apart to find things to steal.

    • Yup which is why you should plan to give them stuff to find, hopefully that satisfies them. You can always bury cash in the old back yard 🙂

  3. Why not put fake money in the safe? Why waste real cash? Some of the fake money looks real until you really study it, and a thief is not going to waste time checking for watermarks. Fake diamonds, fake cash. Fake Rolex, phoney collector items, fake anything, limited only by imagination.

  4. Good creative thinking, D.B. but if you start photocopying 20 dollar bills then when they come to confiscate your guns you didn’t register(they already know you have them if you purchased with paperwork) by law (like New York’s State laws) because we all had too much ‘normalcy bias’ that we never would really believe it would happen so we didn’t vote in Libertarian Constitutionalists to begin the repeal of ALL anti-2nd/A illegal laws—
    They’ll also charge you with the big time served crime of counterfeiting when they blow open your safe and find the ‘funny money’.

  5. I have read all the above and still do not understand. I was a cop, p.i., worked for city and state and other businesses. undercover, etc. You would need to cut into a big wall for long guns, and what about cross bows, tasers, walkie talkies, gold and silver and plenty of other items. Don’t you think they too know all about looking for things, they tear your place apart. Bookshelves toppled, beds tossed over, bedding cutup and pillows too. You are really asking a lot to go through these things. If anyone busted into my place and wanted things and you say don’t got nothin” they can slap the shit out of ya and who is going to say anything. They know you have some things or they wouldn’t be knocking down your door wanting it. These are people who have nothing to lose and that goes for cops too. Remember THE OATH. You make the decision right then and there to SHOT KILL. Remember, they broke into you place for no reason. In what state of mind are you willing to live in. This is now a time to fight for you and your family, if you have to take the bullet, so be, but I will NEVER live in a country controlled by anyone. I am a free man and will die a free man. I owe nobody nothing. Take my gun out of my dead hand, no B.S., This would not be the country I fought for, but I will die for it. Long Live Vets.

    • I am with you stuman65 , I would rather die fighting than give them anything especially my freedom . I just hope and pray that they don’t somehow catch me not knowing its time to fight or unable to . No matter what I will be defiant to the end

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