You won’t believe this INSANE Gun Vault (PICTURES)


We spend a lot of time talking about serious issues like self-defense and self-reliance but every once in a while it’s good to have some fun.

I recently got to have some fun because I got to see one of the absolute best (if not the best) private collections of guns in the world this past weekend.

You won’t believe the pictures of this gun collection!

Do you have a gun safe?


Maybe you have two right?

If you’re like a lot of gun nuts, you probably have them stuffed full too.

But you won’t believe these pictures …

When you’re visiting a guy’s house and they say “let’s go take a look at the gun collection” you realize it’s going to be something pretty special when you go downstairs and there’s the equivelant of a bomb-proof vault and a huge bank safe vault door.


Then you open the doors and you see that this collection is going to be something special …


vault3How Would You Like To Have A Home Office Like This?

I think I could get a little (key word “little”) work done, if I had a desk with machine guns hanging over it.

One things for sure … you wouldn’t worry about home invasions!

vault4And by the way, all the M16’s and AR-15’s you see on that far wall (after you look past the huge anti-aircraft browning machine gun) are fully automatic.


And even more automatic machine guns — mostly from the WWI and WWII eras …

vault6One of my favorite, most iconic “machine guns” growing up was the Tommy Gun. Before the government decided to regulate them out of the hands of normal, law-abiding citizens with an average income by passing the NFA (making it so only the police and the gangsters could afford them) — you used to be able to buy these through mail order with no background check, no waiting periods, and get them delivered to your door.

Ah the good old days!


Sometimes having just one .50 caliber machine gun is not enough. Neither is having just 4 of them. You also want to add the serial number 1 .50 cal machine gun and have it chrome plated to your collection like the one on the far left of this picture┬á…


If you’re like me, you would forget what’s in those boxes underneath the open ones showing the rifles (I would need to make a treasure map to know where I put stuff):

vault9More pictures of the full-auto M16’s — a couple of these are very, very rare as you can see with the wood furniture and .308 variants (early Stoner designs I’m sure):

vault10Probably the best part of a collection like this, is when you’re arguing with a liberal and they think they’re making a good point by saying that you shouldn’t have access to military grade weaponry … and then you show them your anti-aircraft armaments …

vault11This was actually picked up off the battlefield (along with the Nazi flag) during WWII …

vault12And it’s my understanding that this is one of only 3 prototypes of this kind of rifle ever made (STG-45). This was one of Hitler’s first attempts at designing an intermediate cartridge weapon (much like the current AK-47 and AR-15 rifles that dominate the war landscape today).

Until this time, you had sub-machine guns (pistol caliber machine guns) and battle rifle’s (like the M1, etc firing .30 caliber true rifle cartridges) — the race was on to develop an intermediate cartridge (between those two extremes) rifle for soldiers on both sides.


How Does Your Gun Collection Compare?

I must say that I was inspired by this Gun Vault.

It is truly a one-of-a-kind private collection that you won’t see anywhere else.

How does your gun collection compare?

Would you have this many guns? Have you considered or do you already invest in rare firearms like this?



    • This brings to mind that a rich man with a lot of guns is considered to be as Respected Collector, But a poor man with ten guns is a terrorist suspect !

        • Oh you might be right Johnny. I thought he meant “The owner probably just collects these guns, and doesn’t shoot them” — but that’s true. I would bet that the owner of this collection has never shot anyone.

    • Didn’t you know? It’s the gun, I saw mine jump up and run after a gang of liberals the other day… really!

  1. Um sorry, but federal law says you have to pay a $200 fee for EACH of these automatic weapons and go through a background check from the local police-local county sheriff-state police-state version of the BATF-Federal BATF and the FBI. Anyone of which could say “no” and its all over. So while the pictures look nice, not very many average joes or janes have a couple thousand dollars to pay out each year for a license to keep these automatic weapons.

    And before anyone says anything about me being wrong, I used to have a FFL license and run my own gun store, before I turned it back in because I was spending more time filling out paper work then I was selling guns.

    • You are correct. Many of these guns are worth much, much more than $200 — so the $200 tax stamp is just an added expense.

    • Isn’t the $200 fee a one time charge for each class 3 firearm? It is not an annual payment to my understanding.

    • If you have an NFA trust(cost about $500 for a good lawyer to set up)you cut the State and local yokels out of the loop. I know, I used to be an FFL dealer and manufacturer myself.

    • Well, I will tell all of you, this is AWESOME. And, if I could afford all these weapons, I doubt paying the license fees and other expenses would be a problem.

  2. This is incredible! Wish I had HALF of these. I agree this would b in my bedroom but it would have to be expanded just a little bit.

  3. When I was a kid, I was allowed to look through the Monkey Ward Catalog at Christmas Time and pick out a Christmas present from Santa Clause. I was told not to make it too expensive because Santa had to feed his reindeer and we were not the wealthiest family. Looking at these photos makes my heart beat a little faster knowing that someone great either made or used these guns in defending or fighting for your country and way of life.
    Thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to look and drool at the same time.

  4. In this collection is there a M16 manufactured by the Mattel corporation???? My first M16 in the Air Force was one of those. After my snide comment my DI showed me what it was like to run every where for a day and to shout out about making rude comments about US supplied weapons issued to troops.

    • LOL! I should have looked! I remember my dad telling those mattel stories from Vietnam era …

  5. I’m showing this to my wife.
    She thinks that I have a lot of guns, because the new 24 gun safe we bought last year is already full, and I told her we need a 48 gun safe!
    Then the fight began!…….
    Nice collection!

    • Good luck and God Speed sir!

      You might mention that full-auto machine guns are typically good investments (do some research to really impress her)

      And that even “normal” guns rarely lose their value. As long as you’re not buying during the top of the bubble (like say 2011-2012 AR-15 scare)

  6. This has to be one of the most extensive collections I have ever seen. It makes my little collection look like it came out of a bubblegum machine. Thanks for sharing, Caleb. I envy you the opportunity to see this.

  7. Very nice collection. Not sure which one this is, as I didn’t see the handgun collection. I’m not sure who has the largest “personal” collection any more, but two twin brothers ( I’ll leave unnamed ), who were former Special Forces, has what the Government considers the “largest and finest” personal collection.

    • Nice! I know this is “one of” the largest, I don’t ever know if it’s “The” finest ­čÖé

  8. This collection isn’t in CA! The Gun Grabbing Brady Gang would love to get they’re hands on this collection!

  9. This gun collection is fabulous and a dream for most of us, but one question – where does he have his ammo for this lot? He’d need an almost equally large and humidity/temperature controlled room/vault to hold it all. And at least a Deuce-and-a-Half to haul it to the range!

  10. The best private collection I ever heard of was donated to the people of Oklahoma to be enjoyed as a museum (free admittance) and has since been added to by various Oklahoma law enforcement, primarily Tulsa. Check out the Davis Gun Museum at Claremore, OK. There are also some very interresting firearms in the Frazier World History Museum in Louisville, KY. I heartily recommend visiting both, although the Davis Museum is hands down number one. I can’t fairly compare it to the NRA National Firearms Museum, but I hope to visit that one some day as well.

  11. To the man who wrote this article AR 15s are not military weapons and have never been used as such. The AR 15 was developed for civilian use.

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