Here’s An Interesting Way To Fight Back Against Anti-Gun “Journalists”


Anti-gunners can be a frustrating lot. They are uninformed about the facts and make crazy, baseless assumptions about how the world works and about how people work. Especially about how law-breaking individuals will react to things (like laws).

Anti-gunner journalists are even more frustrating that your normal, everyday anti-gunners. Anti-gunner journalists can spew their ludicrous thinking all over the airwaves and in print and influence the thinking of uninformed people in the world. It should be a crime.

Apparently, Indiana Republican Jim Lucas feels that way, too, because he drafted legislation (he is on the state level, not Federal) which would require journalists to go through the same licensing process as gun owners. Eli Rosenberg gives us details:


The measure would require journalists — defined as anyone writing or broadcasting news for a newspaper, magazine, website or television or radio station — to be registered and fingerprinted by the police and vetted for their “character and reputation.”

State Rep. Jim Lucas, a Republican from the southeastern part of Indiana and a vocal critic of his state’s gun restrictions, drafted the bill by copying language from a state law that requires a license to carry a handgun in public.

With these laws proposed for journalists, Lucas’s measure reads like satire.

Committing journalism without a license within 500 feet of school or on a school bus would bump the penalty up from a misdemeanor to a felony. Journalists with felony or domestic battery convictions would be prevented from getting licenses. And unlicensed people would still be able to engage in journalism on property they own or rent.

I will admit that this proposed bill made me laugh. A lot. I think that Representative Lucas is my kind of guy. He knows how ridiculous the anti-gun leanings of the mainstream media are, and he’s not afraid to point them out.

So, while Representative Lucas hasn’t submitted the bill for debate to the Indiana legislature, he says that he could do so in the future to point out the hypocrisy in the mainstream news media. I think that maybe he should.



  1. Perhaps some day, the anti gunners will understand that criminals will always have guns no matter how many anti gun laws are written. Criminals don’t obay laws. That is why they are called CRIMINALS and they will always be around.

  2. Amen to that,though I doubt they will ever understand anything the right way, caused, they do not want to understand; is like a cult thing for them,and that is all there is to it. they repeat what they hear, and continually follow the most vociferous ones.( which are of course mistaken too)Using their brain is too much to ask of this people….shame.

  3. Yeah this is a GREAT idea, And the floor debate would be even better and should be made into a video and distributed by the NRA so that some good use could come of our membership dues.

    It would illustrate the absurdity of proprietary interpretations of the Amendments. After all, crimes can and are committed by journalists’ writings. libel, slander, fake news, damaging lies, invading privacy, harassment of private individuals, etc So let me hear one good reason why the journalists should get a free power elite pass when gun owners must be regulated?

    I applaud Representative Lucas and hope this gains some ground.

    It’s time to fight fire, with fire!

  4. Like New York or DC, the person who wants a journalist license must state a reason for wanting a license to commit journalism. The registration fee would be $200 (in advance) and issuing the license would take about 8 – 9 months to complete.

  5. Magnificent! The first amendment right of free speech is protected by the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. If I must be vetted to exercise my 2A right, then they should be vetted the exact same way to exercise their 1A right.

    While we are at it, since I can be prosecuted for misusing my 2A rights, then they should be prosecuted for lying or creating fake news. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword! How many lives does fake news ruin?

  6. I love the idea, it’s like putting the shoe on the other foot but I’m thinking it won’t fly! Tell you what, I would support it in my state in a heartbeat!

  7. Definitely overdue to prevent our country from becoming like North Korea. I support this 100%.

  8. How many people, especially women, get killed after they get a protective order against someone? How many people run a red light or a stop sign and kill someone? Laws come into play after someone had done something illegal. That does not save the victims.

  9. Go for it. Great idea…and maybe…just maybe better journalism will result. Just remember that with today’s journalists…they don’t actually have to be present…they will report “their” truth anyway…which is normally what we’d get out of the southern end of a north bound dog…

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