It’s Outrageous that a self-proclaimed “Socialist” is running for President


I don’t pay as much attention to the presidential debates as I did in the past because, let’s face it, no matter who wins it’s just going to be more of the same.

It’s called the Welfare/Warfare state …

In fact, I’m going to stick my neck out and call it now, Bush vs Clinton 2016 (the sequel! Wait … the trilogy? how many are we on now?)



But I must admit that I simply can’t believe that a self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist” is running for president … and actually doing ok.

His name is Bernie Sanders if you haven’t heard, and yes, he’s definitely pushing socialist agendas.

Today, I’m going to let my friends at Laissez Faire weigh in on this monstrosity.

Take it away Chris …


If you use any form of social media, and have any friends or followers at all, you’ve undoubtedly come across the hashtag.

And you also undoubtedly feel the ‘bern’ of yet another fellow American falling… yet again… for the socialist trap.

And here are some scary numbers to chew on this fine Monday afternoon…

According to social media analytics firm RiteTag, #Feelthebern is tweeted 625 times per hour.

With that, it’s getting 2.11 million views and being shared 883 times…


Also according to RiteTag, some of the latest pictures shared are…




 Let’s face it. Bernie Sanders is ‘hot right now.’

And here’s the thing…

We don’t disagree with him on everything. In fact, here are just a few things we can say, from a 10,000 foot view, we agree with…

** Get big money out of politics.
** Create decent paying jobs.
** Care for our veterans.
** End the drug war.
** And on…

But how he plans to do most of these things, of course, is what we absolutely, unequivocally, without a single shred of doubt… completely… disagree with.

He’s a one-trick pony. His only solution is a bigger government to “better” redistribute wealth. Which, if history is any guide, doesn’t work.

Alas, some are doomed to repeat humanity’s mistakes. And they think that it makes perfect sense. Especially the majority of the millennials, who, caught in a trap of student debt, wish someone would wave a magic wand and make it all go away.

I know many of these people. And have heard many of them, on many different occasions, tell me that they don’t plan to ever pay off their debt. Their plan is to just let it fester until it’s absolved.


Apparently, enough millennials rubbed the lamp and… miraculously… out popped Uncle Bernie, here to soothe all their ills with free stuff.


Oh, wait. There he is now, on his white unicorn…


How will you do it, Bernie?

Raise the taxes.

But just on the rich, right?


Wait… what? 

What most bernwashed Americans don’t get is it’s not the super rich who are going to #feelthebern… it’s them.

Everyone… we repeat… everyone is going to get taxed to death so our government can waste more of our money on illegal things Big Governments love to do…

The end result, of course, is that this country falls to its knees and stays there.


In the meantime, all the services that Bern is offering for free might become free — but they will also continue to degrade. And they will quickly become completely irrelevant in our society. A big waste of resources and time.

We can already see it happening in regards to education.

Many think Sanders is somehow ‘new,’ and ‘edgy,’ and he’s on the fringe.

When, in reality, he’s just spouting the same old [expletive deleted] that governments have always promised when a charismatic leader steps up in a time of crisis.


Bigger government. Bigger government. Bigger government. 

If that mantra doesn’t keep you up at night, you need a little dose liberty in your life.

Or maybe a whole lot. But that’s up to you to figure out.

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  1. Don’t want any,ore socialist’s. Obama is far more than enough and has really done damage. God help us in Christ’s name,AMEN!!!

    • was FDR a socialist?…truman?…to some extent..even IKE….you’re obviously not old enough to know that there was a time when the middle class ruled…and times were better!…..

      • Yes, FDR was a horrible, horrible, socialist president in all but name (he started the major growth of the bloated big government). Horrible president that led to growth of the welfare state …

        Truman? Don’t know much about him, but the “Truman Doctrine” has been a justification for the growth of the warfare state …

        So yeah. Not a fan of either of them. Ike, I must confess I don’t know much about him.

  2. I have emigrate from a Socialist County and will not have that crap one more time.
    You Socialist devils can go to hell…..

  3. I do spend a fair amount of time on politics as I’m retired and disabled so time is something I do have. I’m a conservative firearms owner, and do have my CCW here in Texas as using a power wheelchair for mobility does make me a target to some lowlifes who think I’m an easy mark.

    How this country got mired in the current economic and political mess it’s in can be laid directly at the feet of the liberals who have been “leading” us down a slippery slope. The so called conservatives in the Republican Party who were elected to put on the breaks to this have openly refused to do what is necessary. In the House, pass the legislation (using the power of the purse if necessary) to stop the unconstitutional acts of a weak kneed leader. I know that the Democrats will filibuster the legislation in the Senate, and if it somehow gets through the Senate our fearless leader will veto it. So what, it will put the Democrats squarely in the public eye as the party that is hindering our country’s return to world leadership. Is it any wonder that the majority of Republicans feel betrayed by the party?

  4. Pardon me, Mr. Lee. But please send a round at the elephant in the room. Or is it really coming to fruition that putting an accomplice to murder in the White House your idea of another…a better choice??? And please don’t get me started on the Romper Room class.

    • Not sure what you’re asking or implying Charles?

      I’m not voting for any of the current candidates …

  5. Sanders, Carson, who’s next? I thought I read that Carson wants socialized healthcare also. Someone please enlighten me! I do not feel like people should be forced by Presidents to take out health coverage. I have a mentally challenged son, who can’t and has never worked. Spent his life in prison because he is Bipolar, Manic depression, anger issues, ect. Disability has turned him down. We are fighting it. ACA (Obamacare) has said he has to pay like $369.00 a month(With no job) for health Insurance because it is considered catastrophic.. Medicaid turned him down because Perry wouldn’t expand Medicaid in Texas, so I am supporting us both on a small disability check I get. I have 4 illnesses that could kill me at any moment. I am really tired of our Government, if you don’t work it is back to Parkland Hospital.
    I spent many years there until I was put on disability. It took me six years. After I got an attorney from Social Security I have COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Sever Arthritis, blood clots on the brain, nerve damage in hands and legs, have had a stroke, have calcium deposits in shoulders and hips. a bad back am in constant pain. And trying to take care of my son. Mental Health care in Texas is horrible. Been there, done that. So if they want to socialize it so bad, why are we going through this? It takes 2-3 months to get into Parkland. So if you don’t or can’t work you pay like $369.00 a month or you go without health care. I understand once you go to work that amount is lowered, what happens if you can’t work? I was able to get him on State aid only for Some medicine that does not help him and his manic episodes are tearing me down. I am really tired of blowhards. They talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Everyone was supposed to get Healthcare according to Obama, where is my son’s? Do you think Sanders or Carson would change anything? I doubt it.

  6. It is a well known fact that Bernie Sanders is also an Illuminati member (Nazi) so his being a socialist is not too hard to believe either. He’s just another “actor” pawn they get to run for president so that Americans will really think we can “elect” someone. We don’t need these politicians. What we need is to get rid of them all. We would be better off hiring individuals to perform things that “senators, congressmen, etc.” do and pay them as civil servants. They would be subject to critique and could be “fired” at any time. Politicians are supposed to monitor the laws the people put in place and pass new, good laws when needed to benefit citizens. These criminal “hive” cabal members only think of themselves and accumulating more of our money. They have brought us all down. They are Satanists and God knows what else pretending to do good. I bet they even have a private “Oscar” ceremony at the Grove to present trophies to whomever has acted and pretended to be a politician the best every year. They don’t pay taxes, are not held accountable when they break the law, etc. Why? Because they have money? Is that it? These people need to combine their holdings and fly off to another planet with their “aliens” to rule. Humans don’t need them and are ready to see them go. I’m all for giving them all a good, swift kick in their “elitist” asses!

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