Is This The Worst Concealed Carry Mistake That You’ve Ever Seen?


Concealed carry weapons are one of the cornerstones of gun rights and of the Second Amendment here in the United States. After all, one of the points of having a firearm is to defend yourself, not to advertise that you have a weapon. Thus, the term “concealed.”

Of course, like anything else involving firearms, it’s good to have real world, practical information before doing something. For example, if you don’t know basic firearm safety (like “keep your finger off of the trigger until you are ready to fire” or “only point the firearm at something that you are willing to destroy”), then you have no business carrying a firearm around.

Similarly, if you don’t know the basics of concealed carry weapons, then you need to get some training before trying to carry concealed. John Falkenberg writes about one such person who had no business carrying:


In a social media post that has deservedly gone viral, a woman photographed open carrying highlights just how little she knows about what she’s doing by carrying a firearm… upside-down.

The only thing that makes any sense to me is if she woefully misunderstood how the holster attached to her belt. I mean, take a look:

What in the hell?

Posted by Amerigun 1791 on Wednesday, May 15, 2019

There is so much wrong with this picture. Pretty much all of it is screamingly obvious, but let’s break it down anyway:

1. This woman isn’t pointing her firearm in a safe direction. Obviously. I can’t quite tell the angle, but it looks like if the firearm was discharged at the angle it’s currently sitting at, her armpit would be with Jesus with the quickness.

2. The firearm is freaking upside-down. There is no situation in which she’s going to have some tactical advantage in drawing from an inverted holster. It boggles the mind.

3. She’s posting a photo of her open carrying on social media. As we’ve discussed many times here, there are numerous advantages to carrying concealed, and, you know, not publishing the fact that you’re armed all over social media.

4. Less obviously, things like this make our entire firearms community look about 5 I.Q. points dumber across the board. Seriously, this looks horrendous, and although it’s wildly unfair, it does reflect badly on all of us.

Don’t be afraid to help your community. Conversations calling folks out on egregious errors like this might be uncomfortable, but it’s decidedly less uncomfortable than a bullet in the armpit.

Falkenberg makes a number of great points, but the main takeaway that I want you to have from this is to be careful. Firearms aren’t toys, and everyone with a firearm needs to pay attention to what they are doing with that gun. The life that you save may be your own.



    • Did the editor ever think that this, obviously stupid, picture was planted by Kelly Burke, Leader of the Texas Chapter of Moms Demand Action? She’s an old broad who’s a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic lunch; however, she is, probably, smart enough to attempt to pull off a stunt like this!

  1. I may be wrong, but she appears to be a lefty and this is a right handed holster? Even dumber.

  2. Is it possible that this obvious woman is anti-gun and concealed carry? She may be carrying in this way to influence people negatively towards those of us who are responsible. Just a thought. If not, she’s foolish.

    • I think she’s done this on purpose. What a better way to make your argument against guns than to make your pro gun adversary look stupid. No one, I mean no one would possibly do this for real.
      1.) She never asked, nor was she asked, any questions about how to wear the holster and firearm?
      2.) She never saw a western or cops & robbers movie and how they wore their pistols?
      3.) She got no illustration with the holster, belt, or gun?
      4.) She had absolutely no idea or any common sense that the firearm was being worn up side down yet was so sure that it was being worn correctly that she put it on the internet and did not consider the criticism she would receive for looking so stupid.
      5.) She doesn’t show her face, no one can question her in person to set the record straight, and she has probably thrown out everything in the picture. It doesn’t change anything except to create an echo chamber for the anti gun community.
      6.) Is that U.S. flag for real or has anyone seen it before?

  3. Sure when this person kills herself or another, the LEFT will blame the GUN. And try to take yours!

  4. I wonder if anyone informed her of which end the bullet comes out when you fire. Odds are she is carrying a full load with one in the pipe to have the max level of safety if she needs her weapon. God help us all.

  5. Whoever it was that saw this…Did you speak to her?? Straighten her out?? or be as stupid as her and just walk on by and say nothing???

  6. Nobody is that stupid! This is a ridiculous gag, or perverted set up, maybe to demonstrate why retarded individuals and the mentally ill should not be allowed to own firearms. Give a five year old a toy gun and holster and see if they know how it goes.

  7. Mr. Falkenberg left something out of his article. That being that the firearm could possibly fall out of the holster onto the floor and accidentally fire off a round; if 1 is in the chamber. If the gun hits the floor and is leaning towards the owner’s leg, then she’ll get a bullet, the wrong way.

  8. Mr. Falkenberg left something out of his article. He failed to point out that the firearm could possibly fall out of the holster onto the floor. If so, it could accidentally fire the round waiting in the chamber; if there’s 1 in the chamber. If the firearm hits the ground, and is leaning toward its owner; then she would probably take the round in her leg. She would get a bullet the wrong way. She probably failed to read the safety instructions that come with the firearm.

    • Is there a “right way” to take a bullet?! I think it’s an anti-gun-ner trying to make ppl think she’s a legitimate pro-defense Concealed Carry owner, who is just stupid. This is an editorial statement, it’s too stupid to be real.

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