The Insane Reason Police Took 1 Man’s Entire Armory


You have to be careful what you say these days. It seems like the First Amendment is more of a selectively enforced suggestion than anything else these days. Go against the establishment, and you’d better be prepared for them to come back at you hard.

That’s exactly what happened to this guy. Evidently believing in conspiracy theories is enough to get your guns taken away.

If they’re just conspiracy theories, why do you think the government go so nervous when they found out this guy was talking about them?


Here’s an excerpt from the story, courtesy of Off the Grid News:

Ralph Gilbertsen has no criminal record and he owns a state gun permit, yet police came to his home without a warrant and confiscated his three pistols.

Officers apparently took Gilbertsen’s weapons because he believes in UFOs, Bigfoot and conspiracy theories.

“I’m confident our officers seized the weapons with the best intention,” Lieutenant Mike Flaherty of the Richfield, Minnesota, police told The Minneapolis Star Tribune. “It was a mental health issue, and I think the cops responded appropriately. The process is being followed. If the court rules that we have to return his weapons, then we will return them.”

Police took Gilbertsen’s three handguns at the request of the Hennepin Community Outreach for Psychiatric Emergencies (COPE). The managers of Gilbertsen’s apartment building called COPE after he sent them a letter saying CIA agents were watching him.

So we can’t refuse the “official story” and still maintain our 2nd Amendment rights? That’s a frightening revelation.

What do you think the government would do if they found out what you believe? Give us your response in the comments.




  1. I feel like that we are now living under a tyrannical government. Our representatives have sold us out. The Second Amendment rights are not to be infringed upon. Our Constitutional rights are being taken from us at an alarming rate. Now we find out voting doesn’t work, if they don’t like our vote they just whip out the Super delegates and run roughshod over what we want. The Republicans just folded and relinquished their rights to obama. So we obviously can’t count on our so called representatives so they should lose their position. obama is bound to use his pen to take our guns. He signed an agreement with the United Nations to disarm us. We are screwed.

    • We are apparently living under a communist regime. What other authority would decide that you “don’t need” certain necessities because of what you believe or disbelieve. This falls under Tyranny and Totalitarianism. There is no other answer.
      Just because someone saw a new Government invention (ufo) does not mean they’re crazy or dangerous!

    • No doubt about it, at least partially. And certainly from the financial standpoint as well. There are different levels of tyranny. Putting future generations into massive, long term, unaffordable debt is certainly a form of slavery and tyranny. But how do we fight them on it, outside of an all out revolt? And I am NOT advocating violence, but simply asking the question; how do we as a people. go about holding those in power RESPONSIBLE for this, and how can we go after them in via the courts, and bring charges against them and prosecute them? That is the real question, especially when our so called Justice Department, is now full of corruption itself, and violating Constitutional law on many fronts!

      • I suggest voting for Donald J. Trump. He may just have some or all of the answers to our problems here in the good o’l U. S. A.

      • Thomas Jefferson did all the threatening we need. The Declaration of Independence is a threat against tyranny.

      • Donald Trump is one of them. He started his campaign as a joke but is now into it too deep.
        Tell me, one of you constitutional scholars, when two are already on the ballot and one resigns “for health reasons,” whatever, what happens?

    • The situation is more than just a feeling. Legally the United States is located at the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C.. the seat of government. Anyone who accepts the designation of U.S citizen (as the vast majority of people have, which is different from being a citizen of the country.), has accepted congressional jurisdiction. The Constitution itself grants to Congress exclusive legislative jurisdiction over that territory, and the definition of U.S. citizenship is anyone who is a resident in Washingon. D.C. , or was born there or naturalized there. Legally trickery, but it is the linchpin that gives the federal bueaucracy control over our lives and activities.

  2. Isn’t that the same kind of tactics that communist regimes use to disarm their subjects? Time for a class-action civil rights lawsuit, naming all involved as personally liable for violations of the 4th, 5th, and probably 5th Amendments.

      • Exactly. Having bad judges who should not be serving on the bench is a huge part of the problem, and just another reason to fight Owebama and any Supreme Court nominees right now.

    • Snuss,
      Not to mention the first and second amendments as well. They cannot seize anyone’s weapons unless they have been declared insane by the professionals. Having thoughts of little green men is something suspicious but taking weapons without a diagnosis by a professional has to come first. That professional has to declare that the man is dangerous also. I doubt that any professional is gong to find someone insane over a few green aliens.

    • It seems like every week the government at all levels adopts the policies and tactics that some of us are old enough to remember as being those of a number of totalitarian regimes. What happened to Gilbertsen is a typical example of what’s been happening all over the Country. It started with Obama’s utter disregard for the Constitution, to say nothing of the will of the people, and has trickled down to the cities and villages.

    • But what good would that do since it would never make it to an honest, constitutional judge?
      Besides ALL politicians are scared to death that they will loose their cash cow should any one except a
      career politician should win the presidency.

  3. There once upon a time when every city had an asylum for the mentally afflicted and wouldn’t one guess that was unwholesome; so they turned the inmates loose to find their own refrigerator box etc to sleep under bridges, viaducts, and heat vents on former sidewalks in some cities and even junk cars or buses possibly. They then became victims of robbers and sexual perverts to name a few like murderers too…. When the left tries to outdo the right, it sure does show up like a broken leg!!

    Trying to see and to avoid the woods due to the fact the trees get in their way is perplexing!!

  4. I believe a lot of things too! and one is we do have a tyrant in charge and what used to once be for and by the people has gone bad. We are all former military and they really don’t want to come and take it here.

  5. After reading this I’d better not say I believe in little green people from outer space, or that our government is not acting in the best interest of the American people.

  6. Mental incompetence is an easy charge to prove. Just pick anyone’s voting record and see what has been happening. Republican, Democrat, Independent, Communist, libertarian — the results have been the same with only slight deviations. It is knowing the candidates but still voting for them proves you are mentally unstable and therefore the “never- wrong- government” whose minions really just want to protect you(insert maniacal laugh here), will come and take your weapons to protect YOU and other citizens (comrades). Ach Tung! ve haf vays to make you silent!


  8. Evidently if you live in an ultra liberal state like Minnesota, the cops are liberal idiots too. So just who, in this story was the one who determined to believing in Big Foot made a person a danger to society?
    Next these very same liberals will be declaring that if you believe in Jesus Christ you are mentally defective because they KNOW that the Bible is just fairy tales.
    God help us. And maybe the next time these SS troops go to a house to disarm a patriot, they may meet resistance to their illegal activity.
    By ;the way. Isn’t there something about search and seizure in the constitution? And didn’t they just break that.

    • A Minnesota police official told me 25 years ago that officers and officials don’t take an oath of office. I said to him that at least they were honest enough to admit that the decision facto government of Minnesota is an organized crime syndicate masquerading as legitimate constitutional government.
      Pirates on a pirate island have to have government to keep order or the system that feeds them will fall apart.
      North America, like the other islands, is a pirate island.

  9. This is pure B.S.! Mr. Gilbertsen should sue the pants of COPE and the Police. NO warrant, no entry!

  10. This is pure B.S. Mr. Gilbertsen should sue the pants off of COPE and the Police. NO WARRANT, NO ENTRY. That’s how our country works!

  11. The apartment manager called the mental health people and the mental health people did what they were suppose to do…call the police to take the weapons away from a person who may have difficulties. What has all the shootings had in common….mental health problems The police have stated that if they need to return the weapons they will…….just think maybe another tragedy has been avoided Please be real in your thoughts

    • Being hooked on “happy” pills; being avid gamers, especially first person shooter games; being liberal Democrats: also being young males are the most common traits of mass shooters other than muslims.

  12. I wonder if I said I would fight any such encroachment on me that they would seek me out. Then again, I do not live in such a state that is brain dead. If someone comes after my weapons they can have theme- after I run out of ammo. At my age they cannot do much to me anyway.

  13. 1984 is here we are no longer a democracy. We are a Nation of Sheep destined to follow the decrees of His/Her Excellency. We are no longer able to make our own choices and decisions. The Palace will now direct us the right way. Hail to the Emperor or Empress of the Peoples Republic. Hail

  14. I think Comrades Bukharin (& democrats) can effectively explain: “We asked for freedom of the press, thought, and civil liberties in the past because we were in the opposition and needed these liberties to conquer. Now that we have “conquered”, there is no longer any need for such civil liberties.” -Prominent Communist Party theoretician Nikolai Bukharin, executed by Stalin in 1937.

  15. Big Brother and the associated PC gang is out of control; a new govt is needed, and hopefully enough Americans will come to their senses and vote GOP in November. But I won’t hold my breath; the Entitled bunch votes only for the leftist criminals.

  16. Regarding Bigfoot, there are numerous reports on file in which active duty police officers have sworn to have made Bigfoot sightings, This is in addition to literally thousand of reported sighting by competent people dating back over 200 years. Concerning UFOs. Again there are official USAF reports of sightings on bases in Great Britain, as well as well as numerous videos of Unidentified Flying Objects worldwide, as well as sightings by Air Force pilots and commercial pilots from several nations. Finally, respected astronomers have recently said that there are more planets in the universe that there are grains of sand on all the World’s beaches! That being the case, it would be the height of human arrogance to believe that this relatively insignificant piece of cosmic material is the only one capable of developing lifeforms. In my humble opinion, those who, out of hand, reject even the possibility of a Big Foot , or extra terrestrials are the ones whose minds are so closed as to pose a threat. In my lifetime, people devoutly believed that supersonic flight was impossible, and space travel was strictly the province of comic books and Saturday matinee serials with Buck Rogers.

    • Hasn’t been all that long since “ex” “spurt” physicians declared that if a newfangled railroad train went over 15 mph that the passengers and crew would have their breath sucked away and would suffocate.
      Never mind that racehorses went over 40 mph!

  17. Strikes me that legal action against the local police department and it’s leadership would be most appropriate, especially in the form of a high dollar law suit.

  18. This COPE outfit and the apartment management should be included in a law suit also. In my view, all of the above have a number of questions to answer, especially the local PD.

  19. GET A CHL NOW while you can: Police911 will Not respond to calls from me/Caucasians? in Houston nor Beaumont TX. Nor have local authorities followed-through / Prosecuted crime against elderly. Admittedly I am Proud to be a member of what the WH/USDEd & the SPLC ascribe as an Extremist Racist Hate-mongering group called Christians, a sect of Judaism.
    Please Pray for our Nation.
    Two Chronicles 7:14, Joel 2:23… it works!!!
    /S/ Preston Wagner

  20. Seems like the fact that the “Law” could walk into this mans house and seize all of his weapons without a warrant or just cause, proves the man’s case of “Conspiracy Theory” in itself.

  21. Next it will be anyone who doesn’t believe in Global Warming must be mentally handicapped and therefore can’t own guns!

  22. Next it will be that anyone who doesn’t believe in Man Made Global Warming must be mentally handicapped and therefore can’t own guns!

  23. this is NOT the same country i grew up in the feds can tap ANYONES phone or computer anytime they want they can listen in what your saying on the phone anytime they want THIS IS NOW THE USSour freedom is being striped away little by little AND the LEFT DOESNT CARE if i had the money i would buy a little place out in the middle of no place and go totaly DARK I MEAN TOTALY OFF THE GRID

  24. Well, if the CIA was not watching him, they are now thanks to his med advisor and the local’s not what you say it’s how you say it…………….Be careful out there..

  25. This is why everybody should practice, practice, practice with their weapons until they can hold a 5 inch group at the extreme range of their weapons. They can’t armor their faces.

  26. There should be a court order “before” the guns are confiscated not “after”. Everyone is entitled to due process and that does not mean after the fact. If anyone comes to my home to collect my firearms without me committing a crime they are going to get shot, period.

  27. This isn’t very hard to figure out. Minnesota, come on. The guy should have registered his residence as a mosque
    and changed his name to AL. They would have never touch him then.

  28. Speaking of government over reach, I am a Vietnam veteran. The VA has me see a psychiatrist because I have Multiple Sclerosis, they think because it is a chronic disease I could be depressed. The last time I saw the psychiatrists, she asked me if I had guns and how many. When I told her I did not think the question was appropriate, she stated she was required in case I was suicidal. Now the funny part , not really, I see the psychiatrist every four months., if I were suicidal, wouldn’t you think I would be seeing her on a much more often basis, if not hospitalized? By the way, I have been seeing her for a couple of years, and this was the first time she ever asked me about my guns. Now I am always wondering when there will be a knock on my door demanding I turn over my guns.

    • And Comrade იოსებ ბესარიონის ძე სტალინი (“latrine-digger”) had no further need for Comrade Bukharin.
      No wonder the good Comrade Stalin (Russian “stal” = steel + “in” < Lenin) was so paranoid, with a name like that!

  29. I feel Ralph Gilbertsen made a mistake discussing his beliefs about UFOs and conspiracy theories with people that (1) might potentially consider him crazy, AND (2) were in position of authority and able to create problems for him (people like his unfriendly neighbors, psychiatric & law enforcement). Don’t you agree it is “crazy” to share unpopular views about UFOs and conspiracy theories with your unfriendly neighbors and law enforcement authorities? Doing so can be asking for trouble. Moreover, I believe any prudent gun owner working with a psychiatrist for depression should be acutely aware the psychiatrist will contact law enforcement if they learn of the gun. Psychiatrists are required by law to report any patient suicide/depression suspicion whenever patient owns a gun. Society needs laws and rules to work, even if laws are not perfect. Prudent citizens always use discretion, self-control and prudency in the things they say and do to succeed and thrive in today’s society. Be happy, stay prudent!

  30. Government is force….you will believe what the government wants you to believe….or you will have your property taken, even your life if they want it….This is no longer a free republic….it is Mob rule no better than communism….period.

  31. Almost all the tragic shooting we are having has some mental illness attached to it. The police said that they would be giving the weapons back if everything checked out. Maybe a tragedy was averted by this and maybe not we won’t know that. If the people notice something isn’t right about a person they should say something, and hopefully help keep people safe. Is this the whole story or was it embellish upon

  32. Sounds to me like there could possibly be more back history to this story than the article lets on ,… Use your brain ppl. just believing in bigfoot doesn’t get the law at your door, at least not in my town. If this guy has been telling his building manager that the CIA is watching and spying on him, that UFO’s are flying around and visiting him on the weekend and bigfoot stole his lunch,… Id say he may very well have issues. When I was a little kid, 10 years old, I had a friend who’s uncle was an alcoholic and if you didn’t know that, you may think he was schizo too,.. and one night he did start shooting at us ,.. Yes ! he shot at us while we were camping at the family lake,… thinking we were a UFO. Im not kidding, we hid behind the truck till his dad got him to stop. So maybe ,. just maybe this manager actually saved a lot of trouble for the guy and someone from getting shot. To me we need less talk like this because it is aimed at getting people to not trust the government which WE elect, both local and federal. If the guy is sane,.. he’ll get them back I have no doubt.

  33. I would say there is likely more back history to this story than the author lets on. Use your brain people, just believing in bigfoot doesn’t get the law at your door, not in my town at least. If this guy was telling his building manager that the CIA spies on him, that UFO are stoppin by on the weekends and bigfoot done took off with his lunch, then maybe he does have some issues that should be looked into. When I was a kid, 10 years old, my friend had an uncle who was an alcoholic, if you didn’t know that you may think he was a bit schizo too. One night we went camping, he pulled into the field across the lake and he started shooting at us thinking that we were a UFO,.. Yes ! he shot at us thinking we were a ufo. We hid behind the truck till his dad got him to stop shooting. So maybe this manager saved someone the heartache of loosing a loved one, maybe not. But, I have no doubt that if he is sane , he will get them back. This kind of talk needs to stop,.. Its aimed at getting people to stop trusting the government that WE elect. Both federal and locally. The government isn’t some dark tyrannical boogieman like some ppl here are making it seem. Remember we do elect our government.

    • Hey, in most places the law enforcement professionals swear by some big guy in the sky. Maybe Darth Vader.

  34. We don’t have a 1st AMD OBAMA sees to that I believe HITLER WOULD CALL HIM A BROWN SHIRT I’m relly surprized we are not GOOSE STEPPIN DOWN PENNSYLVANIA AVE. GIVEN enough time and the 2nd AMD WILL BE
    GONE. The only thing standing in the way is the NRA AND WAYNE LAPERRIE . AND FOR MY OWN THOUGHTS

  35. Leaving the decision to some bureaucrat has ALWAYS been the scary part of it when it comes to mental health and guns. On one hand, nobody with any sense wants a mentally imbalanced person to possess a weapon. BUT! Who is to decide if a person is indeed’ Mentally imbalanced”? And when? A doctor? A judge? A jury? Or just some police officer? They ALL could have their own agenda, and without a strict set of guidelines and the protection of clearly written, properly debated legislation, ANYONE could be subject to confiscation of ANYTHING, not just guns. So be careful what you wish for. YOU might get it!

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