Where Is The Cheapest Ammo Online?


22 BulletsIf you live in a state that allows you to buy ammo online, where is the lowest price? Let’s help each other out on this one. The ammo shortage has pretty much ended so you can safely share your favorite website. We have a comments section for a reason, dontcha know?

This has been my experience buying online (before my communist governor shut it down):

1. You save a boatload of cash! Aside from extremely rare clearance deals at big box stores, it’s pretty much always cheaper to buy online in bulk.


2. There is no one website with the lowest price on everything, 9mm might be cheapest one place but .45 ACP will be cheaper elsewhere.

3. Websites often don’t disclose shipping cost upfront, it’s really annoying. Nothing is worse than being forced to create a user id and password only to find out that shipping is crazy expensive. Try calling the vendor to ask about shipping.

4. Once you start shopping for ammo online you will inevitably start buying new guns just because the ammo is cheap. Remember when tins of AK-74 ammo were like $120 for 1080 rounds?

5. Often times you have to be home to sign for it when it arrives via UPS. When I used to live in Pennsylvania near the New York border, UPS left me a note that said they missed me but I could pick up my package at their location across the border in New York. The problem was that the contents of the box were perfectly legal in P.A., but totally illegal in N.Y.! I made them come to Pennsylvania.

Two of my favorite places to buy online were:

1. Ammunitiontogo.com – Where you can find all kinds of crazy specialty rounds from incendiary rounds to less than lethal shot gun ammo.

2.  AmmunitionDepot.com – I have bought dirt cheap 9mm from them in the past.

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Let us know your favorite spot in the comments below!



  1. Where do you go or suggest for reloading supplies? Especially 7.62 x 39 brass, regular primer?

  2. Try using ammoseek.com

    They list stock from 135 retailers, covering ammo, guns, magazines and reloading components.

    They also show “relative” shipping costs on a scale of 1 to 4.

  3. Both excellent in price and what they have in stock.

    I’m from CT – you take a picture of your driver’s license and your carry permit and you are good to go until one or the other document is renewed!

  4. I’ve gotten some good deals on 9mm target rounds at cheaperthandirt.com. My last batch of 1000 rounds came out just under $200 including shipping.

  5. Cheaper than dirt AIN’T on anything I’ve looked for. Sportsman’s guid is good on military surplus but I usually chop Midway USA first. LOL don’t bother with Amazon or Craig’s List. PC BS if you ask me. Have 30-30 but sold my Winchester to my friend so want to sell this off. He had his own 🙁 But good for him to begin with. The little sweetie was for his sweetie or I wouldn’t have sold it!!

  6. I always buy from Ammoman. Excellent prices, with frequent sale price offerings via e-mail. Free shipping on all orders over $99, plus 2% credit on every $100 of purchase amount towards next purchase. Fast Fedex shipping, with an option for discreet over-packaging at a nominal price.


  7. I have had excellent results from LAX ammo. There reloaded ammo is excellent priced and I have had excellent results with both 9mm and 45acp. Cheaper than Dirt usuall has great prices on 9mm.

  8. The lowest cost ammo online is Freedom Munition (freedummutions.com 208-746-3668).
    I have purchased several calibers (9mm, 40 and 45APC). They are reloads but shoot great in my fussiest guns.

  9. I have found sportsman’s guide to be the cheapest. Lower then whale shit ( cheaper than dirt) won’t ship to the unconstitutional state of Connecticut. I’ve been buying ammo (as a member) from sportsman’s guide and have never found cheaper ammo, more selections, and free shipping coupons anywhere. Just my opinion based on fact.

  10. FreedomMunitions.com has the lowest prices and good to great shipping costs. They cut out the middleman and ship right from their plant. Try your fav caliber in small lots and decide for yourselves. Found their products to be good clean burning and consistent. One caveat: Don’t be in a hurry to get your products. Their prices have caused a backlog of up to three weeks with popular calibers. IMO worth the wait.

  11. Try going to http://ammoseek.com/. They compare all the sites and give you the straight dope on the best price per round. They even provide a comparison of shipping costs.

    I always go there first.

  12. I usually buy my ammo at Freedommunitions.com. They have free shipping specials throughout the year. I get their daily emails, and whenever one says that they’re having a free shipping, I pull the trigger (pun intended). Their remanufactured ammo is top notch and they always have great per round prices.

  13. Ammo Fast $9.99 up to 25 lbs flat rate FedEx. Natchez Shooters Supply but watch the freight charges.

  14. For reloading I use Extreme Bullets for loaded ammo I use Freedom Munitions. I like the Prices and a lot of times free shipping. Primers and Powder I buy local.

  15. I’ve had good luck with deals on sportman’sguide.com .223 bulk pack 120 rds. $47 plus shipping sometimes. And BudK.com Russian .223 steel case and projectile under $10/50rd.

  16. The steel cased ammo like Tula is good and cheep if you don’t plan on reloading. Maybe you are keeping it for WTSHF and don’t plan on sticking around after the fight to collect cases. When I was in the Army we did not pick up our brass when in a firefight but at the range we did pick it up so it all depends on you. When I go to the range and target practice I pick up my brass and reload. So far I have not joined a party that plans on staging a war within our own country so I don’t buy the non-reloadable rounds.

  17. All of the sites mentioned in the article and the comments are excellent sources for ammo but don’t waste your time. It is much faster to visit Wikiarms.com or slickguns.com and allow them to do your price shopping for you. In minutes you can identify the best deals anywhere on any given day and identify both ppr and shipping costs.

  18. Able Ammo is pretty good but only on some of the calibers. Most are okay and others not so much. Shop around because there is competition now more than ever.

  19. My first choice is SGAMMO.COM. Almost always cheapest, fast shipping and great service.
    To compare a lot of prices I use GUN-DEALS.COM

  20. there is one place I go. I’m not sure if you can purchase online or if they even have a website. New guns and ammunition just 10% over cost. brothers in arms. a couple vets own the store. their prices have beaten everyone I’ve checked against.

  21. Ammoseek is always my first stop when I’m ready to buy ammo, which is about every two weeks or so. They give you a comprehensive listing of pretty much every kind, size and brand of ammo you could want. Just hit the link, type in what you want, and they will guide you there.


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