1 Company Admits The UGLY Fallout For Turning Anti-2A


Here’s a fact that you’re not likely to see on any of the mainstream media “news” outlets: while being against the Second Amendment may make you popular on social media, it can cause all kinds of other problems in the real world.

Now, maybe that isn’t true on an individual level because anti-2A people tend to live in an opinion bubble. They only tend to hear the opinions that support their already set anti-gun viewpoints.

Businesses, on the other hand, see nasty results for taking a stand against the rights and freedoms of Americans. One company, for example, saw a huge hit to their bottom line by doing that. John Boch writes,


Long ago, in The Time Before, Dick’s Sporting Goods sold guns. Lots of guns. And then the son of the founder decided to get woke and stop selling guns at all but a handful of the chain’s stores. After being hailed as a progressive, forward-thinking responsible retailer, the company now admits that going woke and kicking guns to the curb cost it (and its shareholders) $250 million in revenue.

That’s probably an understatement. When the pandemic hit, gun stores saw lines of people waiting to buy firearms, ammo, and accessories. Meanwhile, over at No-Guns Dick’s, corporate was furloughing employees as fast as their printers could pump out the pink slips. They sent 40,000 employees home when sales fell off a cliff and gun retailers were doing land office business.

Rather than rolling in profits, Dick’s now touts its new “Public Lands” chain which it has created to replace many of its former Field & Stream stores. The new woke outlet sells premium-priced, socially-conscious outdoor apparel and gear (don’t tell their customers a lot of it is actually petroleum-based) representing the company’s latest new vision for a firm’s firearm-free sales strategy.

That’s right, Dick’s had a loss of over $250 million in revenue by turning anti-gun. What a rotten decision on their part.

But that’s what opposing Americans’s freedoms does to you, and, frankly, I think that Dick’s got what they deserved. Now, if they’d just grow up and get back to doing the right thing.



  1. I really hope they go Bankrupt and the Liberals that work there have to live on the Streets. hope they are out shopping for a new Refrigerator box soon.

    • I’ll second THAT. Dick’s has no idea..not a clue what and how to sell. Besides doing a disservice to their customers and Board members, their decision to drop guns, rifles and ammo will see a continued drop in income from a flood of customers to a trickle, and then an end like Sears. Compare the limited customers Dicks has now to Cabellas, and Big Bass shops that are always full and selling inventory at great turnover rates, with many frequent repeat customers weekly. They at Dicks may wake up, but given the liberal employees and poor decision makers, its more likely they will fade and close like Sears.

  2. I wish they had lost more money, maybe the shareholders will. Revolt such insane ideas, because people want to buy guns, if you won’t sell them, they will go down the street. How stupid can one complete be? I guess the answer is very stupid. This Woke and cancel culture nonsense has to stop. The people need to stand up and just say no! I’m still in disbelief that large corporations like Aunt Jemima would cave to a handful of nut cases and remove not only Aunt Jemima’s picture, but renamed the syrup. If I was the CEO, or CFO, I would have told the cancel culture wack jobs to go elsewhere!

    • I cut out an old picture of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben. I loved those trademarks. I still eat my pancakes and rice with their pictures on the table.

  3. A few corrections to my post above, it should read the shareholder’s should revolt against such an insane idea and his stupid can one Company be!

  4. This can also show what happens to businesses that support ALL THINGS WOKE over the protection and security of their customers and employees. When they post signs telling ALL that no guns or knives are allowed on their property. It also tells a robber that it is a SAFE place for them to ROB! Do you think that Lawfully armed citizens will go there? I know I don’t, and none of my friends and family shop there.

  5. Dick’s is a monument to stupidity. I still get a kick out of the article on the Web titled, “Springfield cuts off Dick’s!” Right after they turned anti-gun. They still haven’t learned anything. As Will Rogers once said. ” If you find yourself standing in a hole, stop digging.” Dick’s will probably never learn though.

  6. Love it!
    I used to go to Dick’s almost every week. Sometimes several times a week. Buying ammo, supplies, targets, hiking and camping equipment, workout products and clothes.
    When they announced they had become anti-2A I went in and spent my substancial frequent shopping points (spent all the points on ammo) and haven’t been in a Dick’s store since.

  7. I used to buy their Winter socks and their gloves. They were the best! I stopped even looking up their store when they banned guns, just like when Montgomery Wards, Sears, and K-Mart did the same in the seventies. I do not go to Walmart any longer, either, since they severely limit what they sell. I go to our local gun store and C.A.L. Ranch.

  8. Glad to hear they’re losing sales and I, too, hope they go bankrupt. 60,000 former employees must really love Dickheads,
    When they first did this, I wrote a scathing letter to the CEO. Doubt if he ever saw it, but I felt better,

  9. Did “Dicks “ actually stop selling guns totally, or was it because the gun companies refused to sell guns to Dicks anymore when they became woke stupid. Either I was one of the many that took my business along with my money elsewhere. Hope the other ceo of sporting good companies were paying attention!!

  10. Over the years I spent a lot of money at Dicks, they haven’t sold me one thing since they stopped selling guns and ammo.

  11. I have not stepped in a Dicks since then. The job of a CEO is to maximize shareholder value by keeping customers happy and employees who manage those sales. I often wondered why the investors did not fire these board and managers right off.

    Whether football coaches or CEO, go do your job and keep your ideology to yourself, there is no place for it in the real world.

  12. After finding about their anti-2A stance, I’ve cut up my Dick’s card and will NEVER again frequent their stores! I strongly urge all others to do the same! Drive these socialist-lovers out of business ASAP! When these fawning liberal sympathesizers finally QUIT supporting the disgusting socialists’ interests, maybe we finally can crush these scum! And hopefully, for DECADES, if not longer!

  13. Nearly every top office executive seat in the company is held by a female, and that is NOT saying that all females are woke, socialist, nutcases! It is saying that this bunch are woke, socialist, nutcases! There are several commercials where they are trying to convince everyone how great they are and how great the company is for standing up against…stuff! SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST IDIOTS!

  14. I used to purchase many things from Dicks several hundred dollars worth per year. However since they went anti gun I have not entered any of their stores and will not ever go in one again. They disgust me as I am a strong believer in the 2nd A

  15. Yes, I cut off Dick( heads ) too, and glad for it as well. I easily spent several hundred dollars a year there, but not any more. They might be woke, but not in the same reality. I’ll bet their board of directors voted for Hitlery and Old Flat Liner as well. Wait till they’re bankrupt and going out of business, and they will, just like so many other brick and mortar operations. Then you can swoop in and take advantage of the going out of business sales. Revenge is best served up cold. Hold the line and never say die.

  16. Dick’s hung themselves. I used to buy my fishing supplies, gun equipment, etc. I won’t ever shop with these traitors again. Wish you what you dopes deserve.

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