Could Gun Control End With Identity Politics?


Some liberal Democrats are begging their fellow progressive Democrats to give up on identity politics. Gun control was always an integral part of the left’s identity game, so, if the left gives up on identity politics they might shelve gun control right along with it.

The debate the left is having with itself right now is whether or not they should change tactics. Check out this article which highlights the intra-party identity politics fight by comparing essays by Mark Lilla and Alexander Fury: (by Kevin D. Williamson over at National Review )

[quote_box_center]Lilla’s understandably Europhilic column does not grapple with the demographic facts — that Switzerland is full of Swiss people and Mississippi isn’t — but his prescription for liberal reform is the right one, one that certainly would please conservatives even if it made no impression on the Left, which does not have very many liberals anymore. A liberal education system, Lilla writes, would acquaint students with the structures and dynamics of American government and prepare them for the duties of citizenship. A liberal press would take more than an “anthropological interest in the angry white male” and “would begin educating itself about parts of the country that have been ignored, and about what matters there, especially religion.” (Learning the elementary facts about firearms would be something, too.) The most interesting and insightful part of Lilla’s essay is his argument that the right-leaning rural and small-town Americans are not in fact revolting against the fact of American diversity but against the “omnipresent rhetoric of identity, which is what they mean by ‘political correctness.’” That is exactly right[/quote_box_center]


Wow, if only all liberals had Mark Lilla’s insight, they might stop with the political correctness and identity politics.

When you think about it, gun control propaganda usually targets two groups: women (who are less likely to own guns) and inner-city residents (who experience lot’s of gun violence but have little opportunity for recreational activities with guns). Gun control fits perfectly into the present day identity political dynamic for the left. But, what if the left heeds the advice of liberals like Mark Lilla?

I don’t think anyone is suggesting that Democrat’s will give up on gun control completely, but the type of gun policies and the rhetoric that surrounds gun issues will change drastically if liberals can convince the Cultural Marxism loving progressives that it’s time to give up on the identity politics game.

It’s a long shot that the left changes in any substantive way, but here’s to hoping!



  1. Give me a break! More dumbazzed leftist propoganda in an attempt to deny safety and self defense to law abiding citizens who actually know, respect, and handle firearms in a proper manner.

    If they actually educated themselves about firearms and the way criminals actually think and work, they MIGHT actually comprehend all situations and necessities.

    • Watched an old episode of Barney Miller last night. The girlfriend did not like her boyfriend wearing a gun. The White Dude,,,I don’t know his name. She felt like there was no need for a policeman to wear a gun. That is like going out in the jungle at night without protection. Some people are just a stupid ass.

  2. Around Hollywood, Silvester is known as an egotistical ass who when they are talking to him must never look him in the eye! This person is in love with his own persona and to expect him to work well with other is indeed delusional. He would do best to not leaving his Hollywood cronies because in the real world he would be found out to be the flake actually he is. And NO! I have never seen one of his films.

  3. I partially agree ( because one can’t believe a Democrat that says that they “get it” and are ready to follow the U S Constitution in both letter and spirit.) But to declare a party-wide moratorium an all mention of guns – might get us to consider their genuine issues on trade, domestic economy, foreign policy, etc. Likewise – the Republicans need to ditch their equally toxic fixation on abortion. Both block a significant percentage of the electorate against consideration of conservative and liberal policies that are of legitimate governmental oversight. Nobody has to have a gun – nor an abortion – unless they really want to.

  4. Nice thought – BUT – The NUMBER ONE PRIORITY of progressive socialist democrats is to achieve CITIZEN DISARMAMENT! In case there is one fool with his head in the sand who hasn’t noticed.

  5. The old hard core democrats will cling to their hate for guns, their love of muslims, and their lies about who is killing Social Security as long as they do not completely scrap their present DNC leadership. I don’t see that happening until the head muslim is ignored by the party. Maybe they are smart enough to do so, and if Trump can get enough support from his own party and start turning this nation around they will have to or become completely Irrelevant.

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