Cop’s Quick Decisive Action Saves The Day At Ohio State


In what appears to be yet another radical Islamic terror attack, a knife wielding nutcase was slashing victims with a knife. Apparently, he didn’t care that it’s against the rules at Ohio State to slash people with a knife after you tried to run them over with your car. It turns out that rules in the student handbook about attacking people are just as effective as gun free zones at preventing violence.

Fortunately, the gun free zone around the university doesn’t apply to cops. A 28 year old officer saved the day when he shot the suspect dead at the scene of the crime.



The Right Scoop has more:



The brutal and nasty attack at Ohio State University today might have been a lot worse had it not been for the hero cop now being identified as Alan Horujko:

From Fox News:

Ohio State University’s public safety director praised the quick and responsible actions of the police officer who killed the suspect in Monday’s attack on campus.

“We all owe [him] a debt of gratitude,” Monica Moll said of OSU Police Officer Alan Horujko.

Horujko, 28, is a nearly two-year veteran of the campus police department, and Moll said he took action immediately after seeing Abdul Razak Ali Artan allegedly drive a vehicle into a number of pedestrians.

At 9:52 a.m. local time, Horujko radioed to his dispatcher that a car had hit “seven or eight” people.

A short time later, he radioed that the man had a knife, as Artan got out of the vehicle and began slashing bystanders with a butcher knife.

Moll praised Horujko for a “fabulous job” in “using deadly force to stop the threat”.


The Right Scoop also exposes people on the left who just had to find some dumb criticism of the shooting.

This is just pathetic:


But don’t applaud too much, or dumbass liberals will call you a racist:


I’m not sure what this idiot’s point is – the cop shot and killed the attacker because he was black, and not because he was hacking away at innocent people with a butcher knife? Thank God He didn’t make me with the brain disease known as liberalism.


Bravo to officer Horujko for answering the call of duty!



  1. Tariq Naasheed is a racist nutcase. He bases his viewpoint on race instead of a heinous
    criminal act. In this case the race of the perpetrator thug and that of the campus policeman have nothing to do with the issue. He, like His Eminence Al Sharpton and some others, is a racist. Suggestion: Naasheed if you don’t like the way we handle
    criminal behavior then leave the USA and do not return. You are a despicable excuse for
    a human being, if, by chance you are human. To me you are a demon.

  2. This is yet another case of law being useless when criminals have no respect for the law. It is also another very good backup for being able to defend ourselves from such people. Dead criminals are not second offenders.

  3. That hero cop just did his job and is very good at it. Luckily he was there and armed. A great excuse for our good Americans to be armed and ready to protect ourselves against the crooks and slime who walk our streets whatever color they are.

  4. Again we see the politically correct idiots coming out of the bushes screaming racism. The attacker’s family is saying he was mentally disturbed and should have been disarmed without injury. Tell that to his victims. A mental patient is actually more dangerous than a sane person, as they have more strength than normal, and they can’t be reasoned with. Should the officer have let him kill an innocent person, or persons, or have been killed or seriously injured himself rather than stop the attack. Where was the dipshit Nasheed when this was happening? Sitting on his ass waiting to trash a man that had the guts to put his life on the line to protect others.

  5. And if his sister was one hit by the car and was being slashed
    when the campus cop ventilated him-
    then what would he have said ~?

  6. OSU main campus, just like Temple U. main campus and a host of other schools has been under assault for many years by the surrounding predatory Dindus.
    Now it’s really bad when the predatory Dindu, like the Somali Muzzy freak on a Full Ride featured in this story, oozes out of the enrolled student body.
    I’m delighted that the OSU cop blew the critter away before more damage was done.
    Too bad that Concealed Carry by students is prohibited.
    I know a nurse at OSU Medical that has to walk through Dindu hunting grounds to get from parking lot to assignment and only has a handful of keys to use as a self defense weapon.
    That is NOT RIGHT according to any standard of reasonable policy.
    Things were, and likely still are, so bad with rampaging violent Dindus at Temple Medical in one of the worst BLAK ghettos in North America, that some ER Med Staff I knew carried Small, Light and Punchy under their lab coats (to HELL with Univ. rules) WHILE on duty in The ER because of BLAK gangbangers coming right into The ER to finish off those only wounded on the Killadelphia skreetz, and any body else that got in their vile, sub-human way.

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