Will You Need A Permit Just To Buy Ammo? (Ammo-Control Is Happening In California)


The new year in California isn’t off to a happy start for golden state gun owners. A court battle is brewing over California’s pending ammunition-control laws.  The legalities are still being sorted out, but according to California’s prop 63 (which passed last November) anyone who wants to buy ammo will need a permit. This language contradicts another state ammo-control law that recently passed, the whole hot mess will almost certainly be decided by the courts. The new laws are set to take effect in phases from now until 2019.

From the Sacramento Bee



Under legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last summer, Californians buying ammunition would need to pass an in-store background check, which involves vendors running information through a Department of Justice database to see if they are prohibited from owning guns. The buyer would pay a fee of up to $1 with each transaction, an amount that can rise with inflation.

Proposition 63, the ballot initiative voters approved in November, sets out a different system. People interested in buying ammunition would have to purchase a four-year permit from the Department of Justice. The state could charge up to $50 for the ammo license. Retailers would be required to check with the department to ensure customers have a valid permit.

It’s not clear which of the provisions will win out. Typically, ballot measures override legislation, but the Legislature passed a bill prior to the November election that attempted to supersede Proposition 63’s licensing requirements.


They’re running out of ideas for gun-control laws. Why not switch to ammo-control? Did Chris Rock inspire this madness with his comedy routine about a bullet costing $5,000? Does anyone really think that gang-bangers in L.A. won’t be able to shoot each other because of the new ammo-control laws? The price of ammunition will go up, no doubt, but the crime rate isn’t going to be affected.

In the Sacramento Bee article above, the paper points out that anyone can import ammo from out-of-state. This is true, but criminals gangs won’t even need to do that. Any gangster who is 18 years old without a criminal record can get the permit and buy ammo for the entire crew or they can just buy/steal ammo from the same person who sold them their illegal gun. California’s insane gun-control has already failed to prevent criminals from obtaining federally regulated firearms, just imagine how effective state regulated ammo-control is going to be.

Whether or not the permit is required or the background check is required, the result is all the same: law-abiding gun owners are scapegoated and punished for the actions of criminals.



  1. This will eventually end up in the Supreme Court. Trump’s appointee should give ordinary citizens back their rights under the 2nd Amendment. Hopefully laws of this type throughout the country will be declared unconstitutional in the near future. Wacos like Gov. Brown should be removed from office.

  2. More do-gooder liberals trying to alibi their failure(s) as legislators to curb the rising crime rates in their state. These measures are going to have zero effect on crime, other than making former law-abiding tax payers criminals when they cross the complicated laws enacted. As goes California, so goes every other socialist society in history…..down the tubes.

    • No one ever said the idiot California Politicians were truly educated. The Damned fools just signed their death warrants, and the criminals WILL take advantage of it!

      Don’t call me to correct your stupidity!

  3. This is just another revenue generator for a cash strapped state. If these Califormia liberals want to limit gun violence, they had better look at their in state judicial system and the lack of enforcement. If the punishment fits the crime, there is no doubt gun violence will lessen. Maybe its time Callies politicians take a good look at their liberal approach to this and let some conservatives with balls start issuing punishments when gun violence happens. This is the start but as usual, lets punish the innocent and let the guilty run the state!!!!!!!

  4. Gun owners really need to stand up and be counted. The petition drive to counteract these draconian laws failed because the community failed to sign enough petitions and run enough petition locations.
    I guess they figured that someone else would do it. Well that didn’t work out very well now did it.
    Don’t make the same mistakes over again and write your reps and support pro-gun petitions.

  5. To counteract the People’s Demokratik Socialist Republik of Kalifornia’s Socialist actions, simply cut off all Federal funding to the state. Santa Ana, CA, declared itself a “Sanctuary City” and the following weekend, 6 residents were killed. Kill them all and let God sort them out!

  6. How stupid. Do these nuts think that all anyone has to do is go across a state line and purchase ammo with no requirements at all? Likely the ammo can be ordered from about any state outside of California? Go to Las Vegas. If ammo is not available there, go to St. George, Utah on a Saturday. It can be ordered from Idaho or Utah and get it delivered by express delivery. That bypasses US mail.

    • Ol dumbass brown he just upped the ante. Myself and one of my friends just purchased the remaining dies we needed for all calibers we own. We then purchased enough material to keep a well stocked ammo supply. Best thing is our hand loads are more accurate and consistent. Thanks brown, you pushed us to actually do what we’ve been needing to do for years.
      Aim small miss small..

  7. California’s politicians are assholes, like they think this new law is going to make a difference. It’s just like all the other laws they come up with and has no affect on the criminal or crime. It only affects law abiding citizens. Have you California politicians ever heard of the black market and illegal gun dealers? These are the people you need to focus on.

  8. we have idiots like governor brown and Gavin newsome in office, that take money from special interest groups, to further their, the groups agendas, gun grabbing, illegal aliens rights, not to mention that they have none because they are not us citizens, and the list go,s on and on, all the stupid gun laws that they come up with only hurts the law abiding person, they the gun laws dont work, criminals( DONT CARE about them, hence criminal) we have in California a bunch of left wing nuts here, brown, newesome, palosi , kamala harris, all left wing communist nuts, that needs to pull their heads out of their asses, coming from a law abiding citizen, i think i gust mite become a criminal, because here they are trying to make every law abiding person one…………………….

  9. Is it possible those who have been elected to”run”the business of the state of California,have “screwed” the general population for so long and so badly ,,the elected people are afraid the general population will rise up and turn against them…Surely the general population cannot/will not remain STUPID FOREVER !!!

    • You wouldn’t believe just how many of these liberal snowflakes are here in KALIFORNISTAN. Part of our problem is we have so many move here from other places whether it’s for the weather, jobs, gays to the magnet areas like San franfreako-west LA or the movie industry laden with nothing but a bunch of limp wristed libs. I’ve kept my service cut so I don’t rip my hair out.

  10. What happens in Communist Kali fornicate means exactly nothing to the other 49 states or at least it shouldn’t. They want to secede which isent a bad idea as that would be great money and water saver for the rest of us. They think there the leader in what Americans go but not anymore as we now all think on our own,except maybe the liberals who never think just follow the socialist party.

    • I know they (sh!t for brains liberals) would like to think they could, but many of us would use that as excuse to start our own little civil war. Most of these idiots abhor guns so I think they will be at a slight disadvantage. Oh and by the way you idiots that want to try and take the state and secede. Yeah the state that has been home to my family for what is now the 6th generation (my grandkids), there are way more of us out there that would love you to test us.

  11. these traitor liberals will hang from the trees in town square for their treason soon, because ALL traitors deserve only to be executed…

  12. WHY are we fighting these defensive battles? No wonder we now have to start worrying that we’re gonna lose our right to even buy ammunition. After all, we’ve already been reduced to expending untold time and money and effort just to protect our much restricted rights to have a gun on our person – despite a Constitutional provision which gives us the right to “keep AND BEAR arms”. “Bear arms”. That means the right to carry them around. All-the-f**king-time and everywhere we go (yes, even to “Chipotle” and “Starbuck”, well, except I’m boycotting them both). We’ve now got to fight to maintain our access to magazines with more than a 10 round capacity. We’ve got to fight to keep our right to buy a gun without having to wait for weeks while someone decides that we aren’t “worthy”. We keep getting pushed backward and count every minor delay we impose on the gun grabbers as a “victory” and I’m wondering “WHY?”

    Consider, when the NRA was founded in 1876, the same year the Indians (firing rapid fire Winchesters which held 8+ rounds) wiped out Custer and the 7th Cav (equipped with single shot Springfields), the average private individual (including hostile Indians) could buy weapons which far outclassed anything the military used – a circumstance which was true all the way back to the Revolutionary War, when American rifled weapons had double the range and 10X the accuracy of the Military’s smoothbores. During the Mexican-American War, private individuals were using 6 shot revolvers while the US Military was still using single shot “horse pistols”. Prior to 1942, there were more submachine guns in private hands (incl. criminals’ hands) than in the entire US Army. And now? Now we are scrambling just to have the right to keep a thumbhole grip on our rifle stock? WTF?

    I say “SCREW THAT”! Time to go on the offensive. The “Federalist Papers” and all the debates surrounding the 2nd Amendment make it clear that the Amendment’s purpose is to allow the citizenry to fight the military effectively, in case the government should become, once again, tyrannical. Moreover, in 1938, the US Supreme Court held that the 2nd Amendment guaranteed the right of ANY citizen to own “any weapon commonly used by the military forces”. ANY WEAPON (that decision has NEVER been limited or overturned). So why are we reduced to begging to retain our semi-auto rifles? Remember, the 2nd Amendment doesn’t say “guns” – or knives. It says “ARMS”. Pretty damn broad language. And the ONLY limitation imposed on those “arms” is that they be something that is commonly used by the military forces. Which would mean that “ARMS” include things like RPG’s and LAW’s (commonly used by military forces). “ARMS” includes mortars (commonly used by military forces). “ARMS” include howitzers and tanks and cruise missiles and supersonic attack-fighters armed with smart bombs and electronic gatling guns and cannons and guided missiles and… and BY GOD I WANT SOME OF THAT STUFF TOO! Why should I fight over my right to have a 30 round magazine when I should be fighting over my right to own a mother**king Leopard II Main Battle Tank, with fully functional Rheinmetal 120mm smoothbore cannon and a variety of machine guns from .50 cal. M2’s to .223 and .308 weapons? Quit trying to hold the line and PUSH BACK! Oh, sure, I can’t afford an F35 or F22, but I’ve got enough to buy myself an F5, which is used by our own military and a large number of other militaries. Oh, and I want some Godd**n missiles with that sucker. Maybe if Lizzie Lefty has to worry about my F5 strafing her in her Prius, she won’t have time to worry about why I need to have a rifle with a grip underneath the barrel… So fight back. The issue isn’t why should I have a semi-auto AR-15, the issue is why shouldn’t I have a thermonuclear weapon. Once we demand THAT kind of “arms”, maybe this BS about “bayonet lugs” won’t seem so critical to Hillary and her supporters.

  13. Look guys, most of us are not picking up on the below radar attack. Everybody knows, including the Kalifuckya totalitarians trying to pass this anti-2nd/A badlaw.

    They also know that no crime is prevented by this ammo background check and any gun control at all is virtually useless and a complete waste of taxpayer money that could be better spent on educating ALL citizens on self responsibility and other social mental health and criminal justice issues badly in need of repair which could Really solve pervasive some violence problems.

    So why do they continue to make more and more absurdly illegal laws? Because the whole idea NEVER was to Prevent or ‘Control’ gun violence.

    It’s about domination and subjugation of the masses for a Totalitarian social paradigm. You first have to ‘de-fang’ the animals so they can’t bite. Then you can easily take away their privacy, and then their ‘cash’ so the Big G computers know every single private transaction you do, and then you comfortably control every Motherfucking move everybody makes! You own them.

    Our thoughts on this are cleverly ‘redirected’ into things like, well, we can buy it in a ‘free state’ or figure out some way to ‘beat’ the system in silly little acts of defiance, while ‘They’ incrementally set up a juggernaut of overpowering ‘gun control’ that will sweep through the country like a massive forest fire once the Marxist Left gets back in power after the next election.

    Which is why we should be using this lucky Trump break in their social engineering plans to REPEAL all gun control laws, make it illegal to make more, and once and for all stop them, DEAD, in their tracks. NOT be fucking around-like they want, by the way–with trying ‘outsmart them with bullshit sidetracks.


    We can do it if we get focused.

    Be aware that the Billionaire Soros Cartel has already spent and pledged more money on picking up sycophant anti-gun state legislators and financing political prospects throughout the country, than the Trump campaign spent for the election, and Trump isn’t even sworn in yet!

    What good is it when most, if not all, of the states have Fascist gun control/bans/laws, that could effectively pragmatically disarm all the potential ‘opposition’ now deemed domestic terrorists?

    California and New York are merely the first two ‘dominoes’ in the fall sequence. It’ll get easier with each successive state, And they will never stop and could easily win unless we repeal ALL current Federal gun laws, while we now have this godsend chance, and start over.

  14. liberty and justice for all.
    We need Supreme Court decisions against laws regarding all rights of the people. We need to secure rights for all. Firearms, free speech, rights to speedy trial, reasonable bail, warrants needed for searches and seizure. Many of these have been tweaked to fight organized cartels, but have been used to take lands away for the federal government, to stop landowners from fighting zoning laws and many other misuses.
    Taking a mans’ property and/or his freedom is a big deal, that is what our constitution was all about, fighting the unjust laws that were imposed by crazy George was why we are a country and not members of the British Commonwealth.
    Too many of you are focussed only on firearms, or even a specific type and could care less about other rights. If we don’t stand together in all rights, we will get swept away and then the other rights will disappear.

  15. There is a less expensive way to have ammo – reload. .22 rimfire is NOT an option and most stores have 9mm cheaper than reloading, but most ammo is way less if you reload AFTER you get the right equipment. AND, you have the “option” to find the “pet load” that works best for you and that particular firearm. I load a lighter handgun charge for target use than I do for hunting and home defense. The rifle gets round nosed bullets for brush/woodland hunting and spritzer bullets for hunting open range. Options are based on your use and “flavor”.

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